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A popular lunch dish, a sandwich consists of meat and cheese between two slices of bread.


The sandwich was named after the Earl of Sandwich who was so hungry on one occasion that he couldn't wait for his personal chef to cook him a meal, so he told him to bring a cut of cold meat which he put between two pieces of bread and ate - or so the story goes. But to answer your question, only a...
In general a good rule of thumb is to throw out any food that has  been in your fridge for more than a week.
Sammysandwiches London highstreet specializes in different country  sandwiches also has a website called SammySandwiches.co.uk/cuban
Yes, you can take a sandwich on a plane but All food must go  through the X-ray machine to make sure you do not have a banned  item hidden inside to make sure you don't have guns but don't bring  food to the security checkpoint unwrapped or it will be turned away  or thrown away, due to the...
bologna does not grow on trees.
Fried minced meat patties have been made for centuries or millenia.
through the inner parts of a chicken and a pigs intestines
Yes, I can, thanks! :D
A hamburger has potential energy because the energy of the hamburger is stored in the meat until the hamburger is eaten. The energy in the hamburger will be metabolized by the person who eats it.
The burgers namesake song|"Cheeseburger in paradise"was written by  jimmy buffet after a long boat journey in the Carribean.When he  arrives virgin islands he was surprised to find the food stand  serving American style Burgers and he found his cheese burger in  paradise, and the rest in history...
Yes you can. you need to braise your Pork (I would recommend Pork  belly) for a couple of hours in a moderate oven (160 degrees  centigrade). Just put the pork in a roasting tray, pour in some  apple cider (until its about halfway up the side of the pork  belly). if you can, put it on the stove...
Well, one can of tuna can make about 2 sandwiches. 50 divided by 2 equals 25, so it would take about 25 cans of tuna to feed 50 people.For that many people, you might want to consider purchasing a commercial sized can of tuna. Typically tuna is packed in 8 and 12 ounce cans, and as stated above,...
There are 840 calories in a Five Guys cheeseburger.
It can vary. One is probably the best option, but honestly itdepends on the burger. Something from McDonalds or another fastfood places tend to have things called trans fats in them, andtrans fats are the worst. Ever. But if it's something you make yourself and you know exactly what'sgoing into it,...
There are 13g of proteins in a hamburger from McDonalds.
flour, salt, oil and a baking stove
Simple.... Take your time, as your eating it make sure to press down the edges of your sloppy Joe sandwich to prevent escape of the precious materials inside, eating your way across the sandwich, making sure to slurp up anything that seems to be making a dash for the plate below.a nice technique is...
A McDonald's hamburger cost 15 cents in 1957.
An actual burger made with ham originated in Hamburg, Germany. But  the modern Hamburger Made today was originated in Seymour,  Wisconsin.
Not very long if it is in the freezer it last longer   in the fridge probably last 30 to 39 hours in the fridge.
Hogans Heroes (long time ago tv show). Hogan's Hoagies The Hobo Shop
You can have a cheeseburger and a hamburger you just need to take off the cheese on the cheeseburger
If you pack a sandwich for lunch in the morning, if it's not  refrigerated, it should still be good at lunch time. You shouldn't  keep it not refrigerated any longer than 3 to 4 hours at the most.  Refrigerated, it should be good all day if it's sealed in a  sandwich container or baggie. Any...
394 calories are present in 8 oz of 90 percent hamburger.
Calories. 420. Sodium. 830 mg. Total Fat. 19 g. Potassium. 0 mg. Saturated. 3 g. Total Carbs. 43 g. Polyunsaturated. 0 g. Dietary Fiber. 2 g. Monounsaturated. 0 g. Sugars. 7 g. Trans. 0 g. Protein. 21 g. Cholesterol. 45 mg. Vitamin A. 2%. Calcium. 10%. Vitamin C. 2%. Iron. 15%. *Percent Daily Values...
Following are the vitamins and minerals present in a cheese  sandwich such as:   1. protein-9.1g   2. carbohydrate- 27.6g   3. Fat - 12.67g   4. saturated fat- 5.378g   5. mono saturated fat- 5.211g   6. polyunsaturated fat- 2.109g   7. cholesterol - 22mg   8. fibre - 1.2g ...
well there are many McDonalds secrets but I'm assuming thatMcDonalds needs to have something good quality in their burgers.And it gives taste to the burgers as well.
Of course! They sometimes even add milk :)
To pick it up with your hands, and hold it up to your mouth, then you bite a piece off and chew it, after this swallow it.Repeat until your sandwitch is all eaten up:)lol
380 calories are present in a fish sandwich of McDonald's.
303 calories are present in a cheese burger.
Peanut Butter & Jelly, Ham and Cheese, and Grilled Cheese
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16 ounces = 1 pound
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one is ham and the other is beef.This is a popular misconception. The truth is that they are both beef, beefburgers are fried and hamburgers are boiled. The hamburger is so called because it is said to have originated in Hamburg.
Depends on how you plan on shipping it. If you are just putting it in a box and sending it no. If you are putting it in a container with dried ice, as long as that dried ice is not completely melted, then yes.
5 cents... I remember hamburgers being 15¢, fries were 10¢ and shakes were 20¢. This was at the first McDonald's opened in Madison Wisconsin.
You use your nervous system to tell your muscular  system to pick up the burger and chew it in your mouth. Then  you use your skeletal system(teeth) to chew. Then  digestive system to break down the food. Finally, the  urinary system or (excretory) to expel the rest of the  hamburger from your...
well u take 2 slices of bread and you butter them then you get the ham and slap it in the middle tah dah a lovely ham sandwich :)
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There are 7 gm of Protein to each 1 oz. of cooked beef.
Home. Where you make one.
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452. Eat what you want.
After the two famous cities Hamburg and Frankfurt!
Vegemite is an Australian sandwich spread
It depends on the country and kind of establishment.I have seen them anywhere from 85 cents to 8 U.S. Dollars.
Two buns a crown and a bottom toasted in a q-toast, then put on a Mcd Hamburger wrapper, then the condiments are added. Unless the burger is speacial default is:   First musterd cause it's heavier than ketchup,   then ketchup,   then a pinch of dehydtrated onions,   one pickle slice  ...
Folding "hamburger style" is a term used in some classrooms as is "hotdog style" HAMBURGER STYLE: Take a sheet of any size but for explaining I will use 8 1/2 by 11, place it on a flat surface in the portrait position (the short end (8 1/2 side should be on the bottom). Take the bottom of the...
Who ever asked this, of course a burger will digest, why, it is meat, wich is digestable, bread, also digestable, and any other toppings are also digestable.   P.S. The trade-off for having an efficient digestive system like ours is that we have stanky gas exiting out of your lower east side.  ...
meatball sandwich marshmallow and peanut butter sandwich mozzarella and tomato sandwich mushroom and Swiss steak sandwich misquite turkey and mayo sandwich marble rye, ham and Swiss cheese sandwich
Well, this depends. How much ham and cheese is on the sandwich? And, are there two pieces of bread, or 4? Wheat, or Rye? Low-fat cheese?
one pound four ounces, or 1 and 1/4 pound.
Hamburgers originated in Germany in 1928 by a man named Yuillius W. Farge. A man named Gary L. Sandwich, years before, was rushing and didn't have time to sit down to a normal meal... Putting some bits of lettuce, tomatoes and ham on a piece of bread-- the first sandwich was made! Later, after the...
no, only keep cooked hamburger 3 days at the most or. freeze it
le jambon-beurre (buttered baguette, plus a slice of ham)
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i believe that barney ate the first cheeseburger except there was a kid in it and he was fat
Hamburger patties take about 10 to 12 minutes on a George foreman.
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First of all you can't spell and secondly it is the Denny's 100 lb plus burger it costs 349 dollars
Americans eat about 45 billion sandwiches per year
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School lunch is crap, no matter what it is. None of it is any good for you, because it's all fake pasteurized blah blah blah chemical junk that the gov. uses to save $$. So, why not?
The number of calories in Hodad's double bacon cheeseburger are not  listed. Menu items are listed for this popular restaurant, but  nutrition information is not.
McBLT Yes, but it was actually called the McDLT sandwich. It had a special packaging that kept the beef of the burger warm, while keeping the lettuce, tomatoes, and other veggies cold on the other side. If you do a search for the McDLT, you will find a commercial for it filmed back in the 80's,...
first get some ice creamthen get some cookies then put them togetherthen freeze themnow you wait an hour or two and there you goan ice cream sandwich
  it cooks and if left long enough in the oven it burns. only if the oven is on.
Actually the history of the sandwich is a bit amusing. It goes thus; One night John Montagu a thoroughly incompetent and immoral English lord was too busy gamboling to stop for dinner even though he was hungry. So he ordered a waiter to bring his a few slices of roast beef between slices of bread....
  Wendy's Texas Double Cheeseburger is $0.99.
Can you hide vegetables in meat loaf?How many times a week do you eat hamburger?How lean to you purchase hamburger?How often do you cook with hamburger?Can you prepare hamburger in advance?
the answer is.... you have to find out how many calories a fishy has. and then add 7 that is how many. :0
welll at burger king if you order a hamburger (not a whopper jr.) it is 95 cents with tax in connersville Indiana
It is not kosher to eat dairy with meat, so, putting cheese on a hamburger cannot be done.