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Sahara Desert

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The Sahara is the largest hot desert in the world. It covers the northern portion of the continent of Africa.
The sandy region of the western Sahara in Mauritanian is called theempty "quarter".
Certain cavys are found in the Sahara Desert like the desert rodentbut not all kinds of cavys as the scorching heat of the sun inSahara is too much for a cavy.
Any kind of insects they can find.
Snails, slugs,earthworms, bacteria, and mushrooms are some decomposers in theSahara desert..
The area of the Sahara had already long been a desert by 2000 BCE.Lack of precipitation and a rise in temperature had dried up thearea by 3400 BCE.
Yes, a section of the Sahara called the Libyan Desert covers muchof Libya.
Cacti are from the Americas and not native to the Sahara.
The Sahara is in Africa and you get there by plane. You take a plane ride to Cairo.
Very hot and humid. The winters are considered cool for desert conditions, with an average temperature of 55° F (13° C). The summers are very hot, with the highest ever recorded temperature at 13° F (58° C). The average rainfall in the subtropical region is approximately 3 inches (76 mm)...
Several different animals call it home including the cape hare, baboons, oryx, the wild ass, gerbils, sand fox, jackals,a variety of birds, scorpions and vipers.
The Sahara is as dry now as it was about 13000 years ago
Plants that survive with little rainfall in the Sahara Desertinclude acacia trees, palms, succulents, spiny shrubs, and grassesthat have adapted to the arid conditions. These plants grow lowerto the ground to prevent water loss by winds, store water in thickstems, and have long, horizontal roots...
The Sahara is very large, but very few people live there, since the conditions are so rough. There are several tribes of nomads such as Bedouins and Tuaregs in northern Africa.\n
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The Sahara desert is the world's hottest desert. It is located in Africa. :) It is very hot in the daytime and below freezing during the night. It is the second largest desert in the world, after Antarctica. The Berbers occupy two thirds of the Sahara.
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they learn technics to survive and they know where to find water and food like cutting cacti (cactus') and getting water from inside.
Estimates on the population of the Sahara Desert vary from between 2.5 million to 4 million people. Thousands of people live in the sahara but most are very poor and have diseases. they do not get much water or mendicine so they die
The Sahara Desert is so important to Africa because it is a major passing route and because it can
Yes, however, it can be penetrated. It forms a far more effective military barrier.
The ocotillo plays no role at all in the Sahara as it grows only inhot deserts of North America.
Date palms, tamarisks and acacia grow near the wadis and oases on the northern and southern edges of the Sahara Desert. In the centralarid areas, flowering plants sprout up quickly after a rain. Theyproduce seeds that will lay dormant until the next rain. In thedriest areas of the salt flats and...
cypress . it is also found in the other dezersts of AFRICA.
North Africa The Sahara is located in northern Africa and covers nearly a third of the continent. The Sahara occupies most of the northern third of the African continent. It is the largest hot desert in the world and second largest desert overall. Only the Antarctic Desert is larger.
The hottest Month is usually July, the average Temperature being 44'c.The coldest Month is usually January, The average Temperature being 7'c.(:
There are about 2,800 species of plant that can grow in the SaharaDesert. Among these is the date palm, a fruit-bearing tree ofMesopotamian origin.
Modern technology, in the form of the GPS navigating system, would lend itself very well to navigation in the Sahara. Failing that you might have to resort to astronomical observations with a sextant, like a mariner of an earlier historical time period.
deserts are not developed
The largest hot desert in the world, and the largest African desert, is the Sahara. It has an area of around 9,000,000 square kilometres (3,500,000 sq mi). The largest desert in the world is Antarctica. It is the Sahara Desert
The Sahara Desert covers 100 percent of the land it occupies.
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about 6000-9000 years ago
NO, because The sand is primarily derived from weathering of Cretaceous sandstones in North Africa. When these sandstones were deposited in the Cretaceous, the area where they are now was a shallow sea. The original source of the sand was the large mountain ranges that still exist in the central...
Lack of water Lack of food (the can't grow food easly and their isn't much grass to support livestock) Keeping cool
The Sahara is slightly smaller than the contiguous United States.
Check out the Dama Gazelle and the Addax Antelope.
Anything! Camel riding, Camping, swiming in an desert pool (:
Plants adapt to these harsh conditions in may ways, for instance: . Longer roots to reach the water . Some have the ability to only live during times of less aridity . They all have thick external 'skin' to prevent the suns rays from with drawing too much water. . They often have spikes (to stop...
They will face lots of danger and a much smaller population.
The Saharah Desert is located in Africa, which is the continent you are looking for.
drink of the River Nile and make money from irrigation
It is covering the Western Sahara.
In the world today, 1/6 of the population is being affected by desertification that is forcing people to relocate to other regions and change their lifestyles. For those unable to move away from deserts, such as residents of the Sahara and Sahel regions of northern Africa, the effects can be...
No, the Sahara is a desert in North Africa.
yes they do because the sand is to hot to walk barefooted
yes some species do live in th esahara desert
because if the sahara was not formed then the Africans wouldn't have anything to live off of such as water.
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the most common animal that carries baggage in the saharah desert is a camel.
The Sahel which receives a bit more rainfall that the Sahara and has more grass and shrubs.
Most of those who live in countries covered by the Sahara Desertlive in North Africa along or near the Mediterranean coastline Most people in the Sahara desert live near the Nile River because it is one of the only reliable water sources.
No, it covers much of North Africa and parts of the Arabianpenninsula, but not Jordan
Yes, there is, it is called ALGAE SHRIMP and it can survive to the hotness of the water in the desert.
The Sahara Desert is found north of Africa.
The Sahara used to be green now it is a Desert. I'm still looking for more. Does that help at least?
The boundaries of the Sahara are the Atlantic Ocean on the west, the Atlas Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea on the north, the Red Sea and Egypt on the east, and the Sudan and the valley of the Niger River on the south. The Sahara Desert is (very roughly) about 4800km (roughly East-West), by...
The largest hot desert in the world is the Sahara, and it is located in Africa.. The largest desert in the world is Antarctica.
No, they are found in north America
An oasis is a remote piece of fertile region of vegetation, commonly surrounding a spring or similar water source. Oases also provide habitat for humans and animals if the region or area is big enough.
yes there are there are camels 1.Camel 2.Addax antelope 3.Ostrich 4.Goats 5.Dorcas Gazelle 6.Deathstalker scorpion 7.Monitor lizard 8.Sand Vipers
The Sahara is smaller than Antarctica but larger than all the otherdeserts.
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African Welwitchsia African Peyote Cactus Eragrostis Date Palm Doum Palm
They are mainly NOMADS as they do not stay at the same place
The Sahara is actually the second largest desert in the world,surpassed only by Antarctica.
No the Sahara desert is in Africa.