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Pizza is an oven-baked, round, flat bread topped with tomato sauce, cheese and a variety of different toppings. Pizza was first invented in Naples, Italy before becoming popular across the world. The most famous kind of pizza - the margherita - was named after Queen Margherita of Italy who was served a pizza resembling the colors of the Italian flag whilst visiting Naples.
If I eat any pizza within four hours of going to bed, I am awake all night long. I wish I knew what was in pizza that would cause insomnia.
you can or you could make a tomato sauce from scratch
I assume he was in Ogerville or Hamsterdam
In 1889, The King Umberto and Queen Margherita had theprivilege of getting the first known pizza delivered by RaffaeleEsposito , the most famous Pizzaaiolo in Naples, Italy.
Of course you can. But in Italian obviously. You can have pizza delivered anywhere in the world.
sauce . stake . spinach . salami . sausage
Dinner or lunch. Pianoplayers
i would say pizza
Believe it or not, pizza we developed in the United States, not Italy. I'm sure that it had many inventers seeing how it consists of simple ingredients.
By wrapping it up in tin foil and putting it in your freezer.Itstays fresh!Just re-bake it after.
There is one in Sandusky, OH and one in Lansing, MI. It would bebest to contact the establishment's owners directly.
That depends upon your own tastes. A lot of people like to eatidli. A lot of people like to eat pizza. Some people might likeboth. I am not very familiar with food from India, but idli appearsis more of a bread made from rice and beans and is eaten with ameal. Pizza is a bread dough topped with...
No, pizza was invented in Italy.
well that question does not give enough info. if it was one person eating a 12in pizza it might take about 5 to 8min
\nMore than 180 countries
The pizza chain "Happy Joe's Pizza & Ice Cream Parlor" wasfounded in Iowa in 1972 by Lawrence "Happy Joe" Whitty.
Yes, all pizzas are part of the pizza homegeneous series:- P1-Z4 (pizza base) P2-Z6 (cheese + tomato) P3-Z8 (pepperoni) And so on.
The amount of slices in a Casey's pizza will depend on the size ofthe pizza. A large pizza from the store has 8 slices, a medium has6, and a small has 4.
First observed in the United States during 1984 , October wasdesignated as National Pizza Month by Gerry Durnell, the founder ofPizza Today magazine, who chose that month because the first issueof his magazine debuted in October of that year
It really depends on the family, and their appetite. I only eat it about once or twice a month, but I do have a friend that eats it every day. I think we should all come on here and post how much people eat pizza. Post below me.
pizza hut best pizza is chicken tikka. It depends on first what doe you like: thin and crispy pan hand toss stuffed crust Than what ever topping(s) you like: meats: peperoni ham seasoned beef pork italian sausage white grilled chicken strips bacon peaces veggies: green peppers red onion...
Yes, but be careful nothing drips on it to taint the pizza you want to make later.
Yes, because my little cousin can eat a whole pizza.
Pizza is Italian for pie, so pizza pie means "pie pie".
No. Modern pizza originated in Italy as the Neapolitan pie with tomato and cheese in 1889
No it is not fattening, it is anything but fattening because vegetarians are people that eat healthy and meat is not healthy. Depends on what the toppings are and how much. Vegan pizza is low in calories.
Homemade pizza is way better and usually better 4 u. And you can make it according to what kind of taste it is :)
Because if not frozen pizza will ruin.
any where in the usa in il it is sold in round lake, beach park,zion it is so good you should try it lol
go on google and figure it out youself.... not to be mean or anything, but you should be able to know if you know how to look online or in an encyclopedia...
well you see... its starts when you call the pizza store and ask for a pizza, then they go and make the pizza with your specific reqests. Then they deliver the pizza to your house(which is not stalkerish at all) and then in return you pay them with money and you tip them with extra money if they are...
Assuming you are talking about your garden variety 16" large with three or so toppings, weighing roughly 3 lbs. and having been cut 8 ways, your slice would come out to about 3/8 lb.
A place that cooks pizza is a pizzeria.
when the man put the tomato sauce on the round piece of bread and put the cheese on top for the first time
Nothing, but it depends. What would you want on the pizza? But a starter pizza with just cheese and tomato sauce is basically a margarita pizza.
D .. They should flip a coin to decide independently for each subject, to randomly assign the spicy or mild pizza in each experimental unit..
That really depends on the school. Most elementary and middle schools do not permit outside deliveries except for a special occasion like a party; these schools prefer that students stay within the building during the school day, and eat the food from the cafeteria, or the food they have brought...
At Thuisbezorgd.NL (www.thuisbezorgd.nl) people can order pizza online at restaurants. The website also offers payment options and is only available in the Netherlands. There are also sister companies present across other nations in Europe.
Ur not hungry no more.....lol
£3-£5 it vaires on the size and were you get it from
The same, pizza. Just like it is the same in English, even though it's an Italian word.
It tastes good! So does the food from the Indian and Thai tables.
Store hours vary based on the location and the franchise, call thelocal store for more specific delivery times.
Normally at 11pm. sometimes at 11:30pm
Prices vary from one location to another, but their small personalsized pizzas should be around $5.00 to $8.00.
It Greek or Greece it not Italy or Italian.
If they have 1 topping and no extras, each is $8 if you orderonline, so $24 total online
For flavour and to hold the topping down.
Go for whole wheat dough, spread thin and keep the tomato sauce. See source for more info.
\nThe first Pizza Hut restaurant began in Wichita, Kansas.
it opened in 1994 at boat baisn karachi. wow good old days!
All you need to do once you've bought it is cook it in the oven!!!! It's already made because you don't need make it
MAIN INGREDIENTS 1. Flour 2. water 3. olive oil 4. tomato paste 5. cheese EXTRA TOPPINGS 1. bell peppers, red, purple, green, orange, etc. 2. meats, hamburger, ham, Canadian bacon, bacon, sausage, turkey, pepparoni, chicken, anchovies, etc. 3. pineapple 4. olives, black or green with no pits 5....
In my knowledge they open up their store at 10. AM to 10.00 PM. It is different from place to place. For more information you can visit their website - pizzahut.co.in
honestly, every single country practically sells pizza
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20% with a reasonable rent and about 60 hrs of devoted labor from the owner .
I don't think so. . Because there is no pizza inn . Pizza Hut is owned by YUM Brands, Inc.. Pizza Inn is a separate entity... more detailed info found here: http://www.answers.com/topic/pizza-inn-inc
Certain outlets sell halal food; you'll have to check whichparticular store, but there are some (Alberta, Markham, etc) thathave halal food but you may need to ask when ordering.
Yes, I think that pie is better than pizza because of all its flavors.
The mission statement for Greenwich Pizza focuses on strengtheningthe relationship with their customers by providing great tastingfood. They also aim to keep their selling price reasonable so thatcustomers can afford the pizza.
it depends on how the pizza is made. Is it with alot of cheese or alot of sauce? Or its the brand.
Peasants ate flat bread with tomatoes on top which they called pizza. Queen Margherita saw this and ordered a cook to make one. He made one with italys colors; motzarella for white, tomatoes for red and basil for green. bon appatite!
Current record is 122 ft. 8 inches in diameter done in Norwood, South Africa on December 8, 1990. There ingredients were 9,920 lbs of flour, 198 lbs of salt, 3968 lbs of cheese and 1984 lbs of tomato puree. : )
For some sites which provide vegan pizza recipes, click on the related links below - You do not have to make the bases yourself, you can buy vegan pizza bases.
It is located in New York City on Prince Street on the northern edge of Little Italy, Manhattan.
Because if u spin the pizza dough in the air it will smell real good and make the dough more softened
It came from Italy. ----------------------------------------------- Actually this is questionable, as there is evidence that the Ancient Greeks first put toppings such as onions and garlic on flatbread called plakous. The first 'pizza' was referred to in Gaeta in Italy in the 16th century,...
its when people crunch pizza
Well cheese fist of course but if you mean like other topping then pepperoni.
Salad (with Italian dressing) and possibly spaghetti, go well with pizza.
you can freeze it, Pu tit in a ziplock freezer bag , remove as much air as you can . i would use it in 3 weeks after freezing for quality.
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I believe what makes pizza so convenient is that its fast and you don't have to dirty up a lot of dishes and most of all it takes great!
A pizza base is the dough created and shaped into a thin disc as the foundation of a pizza.