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Kingdom of Kush

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Now the Republic of Sudan, the Kingdom of Kush was a kingdom in ancient Africa located on the River Atbara, Blue Nile, and White Nile. It was dissolved by the sixth century A.D.
Common jobs in ancient Nubia reflected the culture at the time.Some people were farmers and hunters. Others sold merchandise atbazaars and mercantile. Still others were livestock owners.
It is not clear when Kushite control of Upper Egypt began. Kashta, a Kushite king is mentioned in Elephantine. Kashta's daughter Amenirdis was installed as God's Wife of Amun near this time, c. 760 BC
because of nubia's location between Egypt and Central Africa it was a center for trade.
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Nubia is a region, partly in Egypt, partly in Sudan. It was one of the first black civilisations in Africa, and the inhabitants were known in Egyptian time, for their very black skin. If you are interested read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nubia
Women were very important in Kush society. Kush had a lot of queens. Women could also become priestesses, a very important job in Kush. Sorry, this is all i have so far, Hope it helps! :)
Some of the same things about Egypt and Nubia is that they both traded with each other and both mummified their people and put them in coffins. They both also had pyramids. And some of the religion was the same. Good Luck
i don't know a lot about this but i do know that ancient Egyptians called ancient Nubia "the land of the bow" for its archers.
Kush was a country in what is now mostly Egypt and Sudan, about 1000 BC. Some of the ancient Egyptian ideas can be traced to this culture.
The Nubian Desert is in Africa.
the same clothes that the egyptians wear
The style of dress of Egyptian and Nubian were very similar with really no major differences. You have to remember that they are very geographically close and prior to the Arab invasion and takeover of Egypt, Nubians ruled both areas and the style of dress that was prominent at the time was...
They became rivals because Egypt was benefiting from Nubia and theygot better and more goods from lower Nubia. is the other answerwhich i understand doesent help but the best answer is that nubiaand egypt were fighting because nubia wanted land. :)
The nubians were not as dependant on the flooding of the Nile, so they had no need to trade by water.
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it was called the land of gold because Nubia was filled with gold that was there natural resource.
maybe by religion and Egypt was bigger in size and power
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Settled farming communities began to develop in Egypt and Nubia around 5000 B.C.
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They became rivals because Egypt was benefiting from Nubia and they got better and more goods from lower Nubia.
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Actually this is a very intresting questions. No one really knew how they protected themseves, or how the built all those pyramids. But just recently the archeolologist ound an underground pyramid in wich the found a wall wich is filled with Egyptian history. It said that they had reat help from the...
No Kush and Nubia are not exactly the same though some people write as though they were. Nubia is the geographical area south of Egypt (1st cataract / Aswan area) Kush was a mighty kingdom which arose there in very ancient times (sometimes people say Ancient Nubia instead of 'the Kingdom of Kush')....
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yes, Kush was the biblical name for Nubia
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Nubia was conquered by Egypt circa 1500 B.C. and was incorporatedinto its provinces, helping to make up the "New Kingdom" of Egypt.Nubia would eventually rebel under Piye and rule Egypt in part orin whole during the 25th dynasty (760 B.C.-656 B.C.).
Egypt. it really was sort of an Egyptian colony or governed province.
They became wealthy like most ancient civilizations - through trade people began to lose
Well, they both buried their people as mummies.
The Nubian desert does not border along the Pacific Ocean, it borders the Red Sea and the Nile River. It only receives about 5 inches of rain a year.
**the people of Kush mastered ironworking** i think so
Iron smelting took place in Meroe during the period 800 to 350 BC, and iron was exported throughout Africa and as far as India and China.
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If the Kushites had imposed their own culture on Egypt they might have been able to unify Egypt, creating a superpower that would have dominated the region.
i don't know when Nubia existed and i need to know for a class project and i dont know where to find it so if anyone could tell me that would be great. thanks.
An ancient civilization, for a long time the enemy of their power neighbour - Egypt - which finally conquered them. Present-day Sudan.
They supported each other through trade/ transporting goods.
The Assyrians from Mesopotamia invaded Egypt
Kush is a "city " located at the south of Egypt.
The difference is that Meroitic believed that there is more than one god. And the earlier Kushite culture believed that there was 1 god that would rule everything that there ever was and that he had power over every human but their leaders.
The ancient Nubians lived in Egypt. They lived along the Nile river near the Red sea in upper Egypt. right by st.louis missouri!! y would answer .com let u change it?? Adnan malkoc was here!!
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the kingdom of Kush declined because of the rise of a new power in the region known as Axum
from hunting, farming but most of all using iron weapons
There are Pyramids, there are 223 of them which is twice as much as Egypt. The under ground graves are apparently richly decorated.