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Sports include physical recreational activities that have elements of competition/struggle and play. They often involve spherical objects of different types, but can involve a remote control, a couch and a bag of chips. Here you'll find questions and answers about popular sports in the world; including information on players, teams, results, statistics, records and related topics.


%DETAILS% Answer Go with the Baikal. The Daly is nice but for a day of skeet it's to light. It will kick hard and a lot.
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There are many varying stories on the origin of the wave - when sports fans stand and raise their arms, section by section, creating a wave like crest throughout an arena. Competing claims for inventing the wave come from hockey, baseball, American football, and soccer, and from Canada, the US, and…
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The most popular professional sports in the U.S. would be: 1. football 2. basketball 3.baseball . . But if you are talking about spec. Wise NASCAR is number 1.Relative Popularity of Pro Sports "Popularity" could be interpreted in a number of ways. It could be the number of fans. If so, what qualifie…
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Actually, the answer is Don Kelly. Makes $14 M
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Most Popular Sports in the 1920s depends upon country and even state of reference: Here are the sports that FAQ Farmers think were most popular in the 1920s: I studied this in school and the answer is 100% correct: baseball - at least, in the uSA.I think the most popular sport in the 1920's was base…
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Association football (called soccer in a few countries, simply football in most) is by far the most popular and most played sport in the world. This is verified by almost every independent study ever conducted in the past few decades. Various other sports have a claim to being the next-ranked sport…
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For the United States: There are actually professional sports being played on every day of the year. There are two days in which there are no popular men's professional sports being played, however (which many count as no professional sports being played), which are the day before and the day after …
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Baseball and Basketball are sports that are played in America a lot. The relative popularity of sports is often measured in terms of how many people watch the game and/ or are fans of it and of course, how many Americans play the various sports. (See the Related Question to the right for relative p…
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According to the US Census Bureau, among the general population, bowling is the most commonly played sport in America (43 million), followed by billiards (29 million), basketball (24 million), golf (23 million), and baseball/softball (24 million). According to the NCAA, for organized college sport…
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Notable Sporting Events of the 1920s Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: Babe Ruth hit 60 home runs in 1927, a record which stood until 1961. The White Sox scandal from 1919; they were accused during the 1920 World Series.
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UCLA has won the most for men and women, Stanford is second, and USC is third. However, in all of men's sports USC has the most titles. Stanford leads in women's titles. 1. UCLA (101 titles) 2. Stanford (94 titles) 3. USC (84 titles) 4. Oklahoma State (45 titles) 5 Arkansas (40 titles) 5. LSU (40 …
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No. As of August 2015, that has never happened. Detroit won three championships in 1935. The Lions (NFL), Red Wings (NHL) and Tigers (MLB) all won their respective championships. Technically, Detroit had a perfect year because the NBA did not come into existence until 1946.
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How far back in history do you want to go? The Native Americans in Canada played a game very much like lacrosse and the Mayan or Inca culture played a form of soccer. Both of these games often used a human skull for a ball. If you just mean since the settlement by Caucasians, some Pilgrim probably …
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For 2009 As of 2009, the top 5 most popular sports icons in the world are as follows: Tiger Woods Roger Federer Yao Ming Michael Phelps David Beckham The list is made from an average of many lists (basically, the average for most popular athlete in the world). Obviously, popularity changes very …
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your question has a double positive which means what sport get paid the lest... But the sport the makes the most money in the U.S. is football ...
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%REPLIES% Answer In the briefs Answer Cups are made to be worn in the jock they come with, put the cup in the jock pouch then that should be the first thing you wear, so against the skin...A few cups now have brief type supporters, I like these best. The Orignal Banana Cup comes in one and …
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Jim Thorpe starred in the NFL, played in the MLB and also had a short stint in the NBA. MLB: Jim Thorpe played for the New York Giants, the Cincinnati Reds and the Boston Braves. Thorpe scored 91 runs, had 82 RBI and hit .252 in his 289 games played. NFL: Jim Thorpe played for the Canton Bulld…
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On the ESPN website it states that Bo Jackson at 6'1", 230 lbs, ran a 4.12 40 yard dash. If I recall correctly, this was run at the NFL combine after his senior year of college. Reportedly this is the best 40 yard dash in the history of the combine and beating out Neon Deion Sanders who at 6'1", 180…
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This is a subjective question that cannot be answered definitively. Here are the two basic positions and some of the opinions offered by FAQ Farmers: Yes, Americans place too much emphasis on sports Yes, in some instances, because children who play sports have a much higher injury rate than others …
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The difference is that today's games are much more action packed. In addition, today's sports involve much more fan support andmoney..therefore there is a great deal more of media attention thanin the 1920's. You must remember that in the 1920's there was no televisionand radio had just come into us…
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Last Place Teams Here are some names: I'm a lifelong Cubs fan, and I've heard Cellar-Dwellers all too often. Wooden spooners or wooden spoonists In England: "relegated"
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Officially, Gary Crowton resigned/stepped down and was not fired.
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In the United States, the most popular sport in 1960s was baseball. Obviously, the answer would be different for each country; but it would make the answer unworkable to attempt to list each and create a great many disgruntled 'differing' people!
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Toccer The first sport known to be invented by a black person in America is the sport of "toccer." Toccer was invented by Ron Bronson in 2004. Toccer is one of the fastest-growing sports in the world and is the first racquet played on a field, rather than a court. It is the first field sport in t…
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In a June 2009 article, Forbes listed Tiger Woods as the world's highest paid athlete. From 2008 to 2009, he made $110 million and is the first athlete ever to earn $1 billion in his 13-year career. It should be noted that most of his money comes from endorsements. Here is the full list from For…
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without doubt a football team is the largest club i the world....begins with M and ends in R...it has to be a football team because such sports as all the American sports are only played in or around there own borders...where as us English invented the rules of football....every single country which…
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I received info from a good friend he said that a 1920's game of Hockey would be averaged around $8. Football would be around $10. And Basketball wasnt quite popular yet so it was around $5 per ticket.I hope I Helped
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Football is the highest watched and voted their national sport
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Boxing Floyd Mayweather earned 25 million for a fight.
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Volleyball Volleyball is the sport with the highest net.
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anchorIt is true that many people call this person the "anchor", yet it is also true that many call that person the "caboose".
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All pro sports except for football have guaranteed contracts.
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Rugby has now the higher injury rate per capitor due to the fact that more of the body is unguarded. When comparing many think only of the tackle area which does not provide accurate data. In rugby injuries are frequently seen from front row issues so neck, back and legs are effected. Hands and fing…
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FishingBadminton (uses a "birdie")DiscusIce Hockey (they use a puck)Boxing (if you count the ring as a net)Table Tennis (if you don't call the ping-pong a ball)Deck Tennis or 'Tennequoits' (uses quoits)Hammer Throw
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There are many sports which were popular during the 1920's. The following is a list, in no particular order, of various sports people engaged in at the time: BoxingBaseballFootballDodgeballBasketballHorse racingRacingPing pongWater poloTennisArcheryRunningBicyclingHunting The three most popular wer…
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yes and has made more women across America played sportsYes it has and in many schools womens sports are just as emphazized if not more than the boys sports like mine for example.
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Bobby Brown wears #5 for the great Sacramento Kings. The great Joe Dimaggio wore number 5 with the Yankees. Donovan McNabb currently wears number 5 with the Eagles. There have been a whole lot of jerseys with that number because 05, or just 5,is a very common jersey number in sports.
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No sports shouldn't be played under 25oC - which is around 80oF, give or take a few - if that is the only requirement. Most can be played at negative temperatures, and some actually almost require it (e.g. outdoor ice hockey, curling, and snowsports) to even be played.
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Athletics/track and field or snowsport events of some kind would be at the top of the list.
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Ice Hockey First a protective layer must be laid on the court; if the court is not smooth enough, this may also be dealt with. Next the cooling apparatus is put down, followed by the base and then the "ice". All up, this might be up to a week, given the complexity of the task and the need for it to …
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And bowling believe it or not. An archeologist discovered a bowling ball and pins in the grave of an Egyptian child dating back to 5200BC. (you're forgetting about fencing...) Lacrosse, wrestling, running. Canoe racing, Archery, Jai Lai, Swimming
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The American League came to be in 1900. It was formed by joining together several minor league teams (and not by splitting off from the National League). In 1900, Ban Johnson (president of the Western League, the strongest of the minor leagues) and Charles Comiskey (who owned the Chicago White Sox…
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Answer the yankees Was the question "what BASEBALL team", or just what team? If the latter, it is definitely NOT the Yankees: At a glance, the Boston Celtics (without actually looking at what games were played in 1979 and the first half of the 1989-90 season) had a winning percentage of .722 f…
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On August 1, 2009 Andrew McCutchen hit (3) home runs against the Nationals. He launched a solo home run to lead off the game, a two-run blast in the fourth, and a three-run homer in the sixth. He was a grand slam short for the homer cycle. That day, Andrew McCutchen went 4 for 5 with 4 runs and 6 R…
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Kansas Jayhawks. The coaches were Phog Allen and James Naismith. The first basketball teams were: 1891,Dec21 - 18 students play 1st college basketball game (Springfield College, Massachusetts). 1892, Jan20 - The first official basketball game was played by students at the Springfield, MA YMCA Trai…
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The man who started basketball was James Naismith and he started teaching basketball where ever he worked then basketball became popular and colleges started to adopt the sport. Eventually, the fad caught on and basketball was a hit everywhere. From an elementary and middle school game to a high…
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There is no significant job of the team captain other than to lead the team, especially in tense situations. Take LeBron James. When his team is down by a few points in the fourth quarter, he doesn't stress out or yell. He encourages his teammates and does not be rude. The team captain is the guy th…
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Basketball was a great new idea for a sport and was very easy to start. All you need is a ball, a court, and a hoop. The adoption of basketball was a big money maker for big market cities and even small market cities, so they would welcome the new sporting attraction. Also, people just wante…
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A sport is generally considered something that involves action and skill. Basketball involves running up and down the court while making crucial decisions on how to score, whether it be to pass the ball to a teammate for a good shot or to drive in for a layup.
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Why wouldn't you participate in basketball? In elementary school, basketball is one of the few sports available to be played. In pick up games, especially at schools, as many as 25 people can play. Also, gender is not an issue.
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The two types of guards are the point guard and the shooting guard, and the two different types of forwards are small forwards and power forwards.
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Contrary to what everyone believes, there is no "correct" way to shoot a basketball. This goes for left handed and right handed people. Whatever way works for you is the correct way. First, put your left foot slightly forward (ahead of your right) and make sure your feet are shoulder width apart. T…
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Answer In Gridiron, that would be end of season competition! From regional high school championships to college conference and national championships to the Super Bowl! And now, even the European and German versions of these games. Also, some people wait all year just for the competition between…
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Football Positions Offense Quarterback, Running back, Fullback, Wide Receiver, Tight end, Offensive Tackle, Offensive Guard, Center Place kicker, Holder, Punter, Long snapper Defense Defensive Tackle, Defensive End, Inside Linebacker, Outside Linebacker, Free Safety, Strong Safety, Corner back …
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%DETAILS% Answer Why not? Football is fast, violent, and exciting. While most American sports fans *watch* football, not nearly as many *play* football, because you need at least a dozen or so people and a fairly open area to play it (unless you count the fun but highly dangerous hallway-fo…
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A redshirt freshman is a player who sits out their first year of attendance at a college. In NCAA rules you can only play four years. So if a team has a position already filled a player will redshirt for a year in order to maintain the full four years of eligibility for when the position opens up. W…
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The football has undergone several major changes in size and shape in its fascinating history. The earliest footballs were called Watermelon footballs because the shape of the ball was more Melon shape then football shape. This largeand wide football was from the 1870 thru the 1905 era. It had a wid…
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Always - Same as any other professional sport, about 10% talent and 90% sheer effort in most cases.This depends on what you mean with your question. Do you mean getting to the top in professional soccer or? I think to become a really good soccer player you will need to have a recent amount of talent…
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In England, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, and many more Europe, Austria, most of South America, and China
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Soccer is no harder than any other sport, and a lot easier than most, to get the basics of - many start playing soccer before they are 10. After that it just takes practise.
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I think his the real THING just look how good he was in u-17 WC when he was only 14 and he was the tournaments best player   I've seen him a lot and he is a brilliant player, but just like Beckham, the hype exceeds the talent.   i think freddy's head looks like a cantelope.
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Carole, I believe the half circle you are asking about is an area that when the referee is speaking to off-ice officials or where a goalie warms up
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The countries that show such pride are typically the stronger teams, and often those with long histories in the sport. Canada and the northern European countries are normally quite fierce in competition ice hockey, where the central European, south/middle Asian and Australasian countries are very su…
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The ice in most NHL arenas is about 1" thick, some may do 3/4" but that is rare. The Ice Technician's goal is to create the best playing surface possible for the conditions in which they are given. Since most NHL arenas are multi-use facilities a thicker surface is desired. Also, many rinks use an R…
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Some professional golfers do, and others let their club face and swing path do it. When players want to hit a fade, if they are right handed, they will usually move their right thumb further left, and for a draw they would move their right thumb further right.
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At the top of your backswing, try "uncoiling" your hips by turning your left front pocket counterclockwise so that at the end of your swing your belt buckle is facing your target.Well, that's a nice answer but unfortunately this is a wrong one. If you have reached the top of your backswing and are p…
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Olympic sportsIn order to be considered as an Olympic sport, a sport must first be practiced by men in at least 75 countries and four continents, and by women in at least 40 countries and three continents.However in order to become a full olympic sport, the sport in question must have a governing In…
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Depends on the individual or the sport in question:Eddie "the Eagle" Edwards came last in his event at the Ski jumping in the late 1980's and become something of a national hero (Great Britain does very poorly at Alpine events - but then we have very little snow in the right places), and benefited f…
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Sports promoted fitness and stamina and a desire to achieve greatness, and so were of social benefit. They were held in Greek cities as a part of religious festivals to honour the gods. Some were much more widely attended than others, gaining inter-city repute throughout the Greek world, and came to…
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Track & Field events have the most participants. Track and field has the largest venue and the most viewers. The 100 meter sprint is the most prestigious event in the sport. Football (aka soccer) is the worlds most popular sport but Olympic football is limited to players under age 25 in effort …
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The sport must be practiced by men in at least 75 countries and four continents, and by women in at least 40 countries and three continents. The sport in question must have a governing International Federation in order for the IOC to officially recognize them as a sport. The governing body has to…
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Golf, tennis, softball, swimming, pretty much anything. You just gotta know your limitations and realize the body at 40+ can't do the things the body at 25 could ... at least mine can't.
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Athletic Drug TestingThe most common method of testing is chemical analysis using a urine sample. An athlete at the Olympics is required to give two urine samples (commonly refered to in the media as the A and B samples - which are kept in separate places). The A sample is tested chemically for subs…
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There were about 300 events.
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Synchronized swimming and rhythmic gymnastics are for women only. Softball was another - it has been dropped but a campaign is mounting to reinstate it at the 2012 London games.Some other events have a slightly different male and female version. For example, in speed swimming only women compete at 8…
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Everyone is good at something. Some people are athletic, others are creative, others are scientific, etc. It's just your particular make-up that makes the difference.
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To find the exact height requirements for starting blocks contact state swimming officials they have set standards for pools of different depths. If the pool is not deep enough you are not allowed to conduct starts off blocks. Hope this helps.
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Kansas has 32 titles, Kansas State has 14 titles. This includes Missouri Valley, Big 6, Big 7 and Big 8 titles. This information can be reviewed on the Big 12 Mens basketball page, in the media guide.
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To get the names of players from the inception of the team to present, you can go to www.chargers.com and click on "History". There you will see "All Time Roster". That will give you ALL of the players that have ever played on the San Diego Chargers teams of any year. To find photos of them, you …
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 In 1904, the Athletics won the AL pennant and the Giants won the NL pennant. Giants' manager John McGraw refused to participate in what would have been the 2nd World Series (the AL Boston Pilgrims defeated the NL Pittsburgh Pirates the year before). His feeble excuse was that the A's were a bu…
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if you are talking about a full size scooter you would have to get a CDI that has no rev limiter and remove restrictions in the variator and exhaust. that is how you do it cheaply, of course there are mods available to improve performance.
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After playing the game informally, the counselor, named Ron Bronson, Jr., wrote the sport's rules and the game spread. Toccer is the first known field sport to be invented by an African-American. The sport later spawned the development of a new sport called Viperball.The game was first played at Cam…
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Answer The story that I heard is that he got the name from a minor league teammate named LeRoy Irby in Fargo, ND in 1954. No explaination as to why Irby called Grant 'Mudcat', just that he did. hey my friend you are exactly right can you get n touch with me @ bartowdaman@yahoo.com plz very impor…
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Answer He was getting older and was not playing very well anymore.
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football is played the most in Britain
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Tracy McGrady - Basketball Eli Manning - Football Alex Rodriguez - Baseball Usain Bolt - Track and Field Alex Ovechkin - Hockey David Beckham - Soccer Michael Phelps - Swimming Tiger Woods - Golf/Overall
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1969 Mets, Jets and Knicks from New York City.I believe the very first was Detroit. They had Football, Hockey, and Baseball in the 1935-36 season.
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The Atlanta Braves have been in Boston and Milwaukee.   I can name one: The New Jersey Devils (NHL) were formerly the Colorado Rockies and previous to that the Kansas City Scouts. Of course, there's nothing in the question about how successful they were (Kansas City and Colorado not so much…
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As a people become more wealthy, they don't need to work as much to sustain themselves, and can choose to spend more time either to play sports or enjoy leisure. Some people will continue to work more than necessary, so the correlation is imperfect.
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baseball ... perhaps, in UK The NBA makes more money worldwide
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Answer James Naismith invented basketball in 1891 in the Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts.
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At the millennium stadium in Cardiff both Rugby and football are played. in fact all manner of events have been held there.
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Soccer is played year round in many different countries but most have an off season in the summer and some also have a short break in the winter. In England the 'football season', as it became known, was created around cricket. Cricket is traditionally played in the summer. When summer ended footba…
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Some notable players who wore #6...BASEBALL - Stan Musial (Cardinals), Al Kaline (Tigers), Tony Oliva (Twins)BASKETBALL - Julius Erving (76ers), Bill Russell (Celtics)  charlie whitehurst - quarterback of the clemson tigersTony Adams - legendary centerback for the English football side, Arsena…
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there are many: hockey-a puck is used rather than a ball, there's also gymnastics, swimming, diving, wrestling,riding, etc.  horse riding bike racing car racingboat racingmotor racing bull racing
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The world wrestling entertainment as in pro wrestling  It's American Football. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. And the theatrics company known as the WWE shouldn't even be considered a sporting league. UFC? Yes. WWE? No.        
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