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Here you'll find questions and answers pertaining to the people, battles, and historical events related to Italy and the Italian Army during World War 2, including the Italian military campaigns in Africa beginning in 1935.


He was a great soldier
Answer. Po Valley Campaign . The last campaign in Italy was the Po Valley campaign. US soldiers earned a campaign credit for participation in this campaign during April 1945. The Allies of the US 5th Army and 8th British Army attacked the German defenses south of Bologna and in 21 days they had...
He was the Italian dictator in world war 2 and lead the country from 1922-1943. He invented the idea of fascism which is commonly classed with ideas such as Nazism.
France, Switzerland and Austria don't have a common border, sothere is not one single mountain that runs through the three ofthem.
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Blackshirts or Black shirts, were the Italian fascists that brought Benito Mussolini to power.
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Answer. Mussolini rose to power in 1922 and remained in control of the country until he was forced to resign in July 1943.
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Yes the Italians did fight on the Germans side. Germany was in the war from the beginning in 1939 and did not surrender until 1945 Italy waited longer, entering the war in 1940, but surrendering earlier in 1943. Japan waited the longest, until the end of 1941, and surrendered in 1945 a few months...
Through Benito Mussolini's political campaign. This included the use of propaganda as well as many other political tactics.
Hitler, Hirohito, and Mussolini are normally given credit for it.
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Benito Mussoloni was a dictator and was in power before and during the world war 2.
Germany had approximately ten million men in uniform and Japan had about six million men under arms, during WWII.
mussolini was up in power of italy from 1922-1944 ya dig
To expand the Italian Empire
Answer . Italy was invaded when the Allies landed on Sicily on 10 July 1943 .. The invasion of mainland Italy occurred on 3 September 1943 , when British soldiers landed on the "heel" of Italy. Then on 9 September , American and British soldiers landed at Salerno , just south of Naples.....
i would consider it a second world country because its relatively high GDP and decent standards of living surely disqualify it from being a 3rd world country however apart from buenos aires the entire country lacks in modern technology, housing, and manufacturing. The reality is as a whole argentina...
A renewed Roman Empire.
Mussolini had a common law marriage. ___ Yes he was married. There is a bit of controversy over how many times he married. Officially his wife was Rachele Guidi, whom he married in 1915 in a civil ceremony. It was not a common law marriage, if this was his only wife. A civil marriage is as...
Italy was allies with germany already because they "both beloved in the same cause" or so said hitlar.
Listed below are the various sea vessels destroyed during the long Battle of Mediterranean. The information comes from Wikipedia under the heading of Battle of the Mediterranean. This list shows both allied and axis vessels. Battle of the Mediterranean Major naval actions of the campaign ....
Mussolini basically fooled the Italian people into accepting him has their leader. He misrepresented himself and his goals. He became a dictator and ruled with oppression and tyranny. Near the end of World War 2 the Italian populous executed him. The story of Mussolini's rise to power is on the link...
Some of Mussolini's policies were: Battle of the Births : He wanted to promote women givingbirth (10 to 13 children) in order for him to have a largerpopulation to conscript his soldiers. This was not very successful,since women were newly being incorporated into the workforce anddid not wish to...
It's Relations with the Allies were bad because Italy sided with Germany in the second world war. Mussolini wanted to take land from other countries for his new Italian empire but the allies wouldn't let him so he became an ally to Hitler
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because Mussolini thought the state was the most important thing ever and only the state. and people agreed.
In 1924, socialist leader Giacomo Matteotti was assassinated afterdenouncing the elections of that year. Later that year, the fascistparamilitary MVSN (also known as the Blackshirts) gave an ultimatumto Mussolini Ð he could crush the opposition or they would do itwithout him. This caused...
Benito Mussolini didn't have a good record when it came to thetreatment of women and minorities. One example is that he expectedwomen to stay at home and remain barefoot and pregnant. Anotherexample was when he sent at least 20 percent of the Jewish peoplein Italy to Nazi concentration camps in...
The discovery that some of the people he had accused were innocent.
From what I found I think his assassin was communist.
A total of 14 destroyed all of these around the British naval air base at Gibraltar or near the portugeese and spanish coast, an even larger number damanged-most of these put totaly out of action.
Italy surrendered to combined British and American forces in September of 1943.
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Benito Mussolini was supposed to be the Prime minister of Italy but he really was their dictator and Oppressor. He led his country to fight the Allies. The Italians wanted him and the Nazis gone. They welcomed the Allies.
He definatly was.
he got supporters by telling everyone that he could make Italy better
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Yes , early in his life ; he worked alongside his father who was a blacksmith .
Their politics were so screwed up they wanted to steal ours.
Adolf Hitler, Winston Churchill, Mussolloni, etc.
He was head of the Italian government from 1922-1943.
In Britain, Germans had a very difficult time in World War 1. Edit: they also had a hard time in australia and where considered aliens
Because it formed allaiance and gave enlightenment thinkers more ofa challenge to people who still believed in absolute monarchy.
he was a through and through fascist seeking economic and political power and stability after the chaos of ww1
Answer . Northern and Central Italy have become very prosperous and the appalling poverty in the South (and in Sicily) has become much less. On the whole, income is more evenly distributed now. Italy has a much better education system now, and for most Italian kids there are now worthwhile...
The Axis Powers was a military alliance during WW2 (1939-1945) consisting of Germany, Italy, Japan, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria. The three major Axis powers were Germany, Japan, and Italy, which signed a Tripartite Pact on September 27, 1939. The entire Axis Powers alliance was disolved in 1945...
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Yes. Adolf Hitler was the leader and dictator running Germany and started WW2 by ordering the German army to invade Poland.
It lets the little nations know what they cannot get away with, and it slows down the larger nations who know they'll have to go through the trouble of justifying their violations of it.
Yes, but opposed to 'The Allies'.
Canada's Role was to help the british Eight Army fight it's way up the Adriatic coast, in hopes of beating the US to Rome. Canada played a major Part in breaking many of the German defenses. Canadians broke the Moro River line thatpaved the way to Ortona. The Loyal Edmonton Regiment and The Seaforth...
Answer . glory and power. . true but it was mostly because his country was a new one and he wanted his people to faith in the government and be very encouraged to join the army, and fight well, when the inevitable WWII started.
He considered himself to be the new Roman Ceasar and needed to establish a presence in Africa .. Answer . Italy held some territory in Africa as their colonies. Italy was one of the last nations who started settling colonies in Africa. The Brits, Dutch, French and other countries had settled...
well according to my text book the where defeated by Ethiopia and they where the only country at the time to be defeated by a African country. after they took the great defeat they invaded Turkish lands.
China Chiang Kai-shek UK Churchill Germany Hitler US FDR Italy Mussolini Japan Hiirohito and Tojo USSR Stalin
Dad's name was Marcelino Juarez Mom's name was Brigida Garcia Brother's name was Juan Juarez Benito Juarez's niece, Juan's granddaughter, her name is Olivia Velasco, she is still alive, born on Cinco De Mayo 1909, she just turned 102.
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Benito Mussolini boldly promised to rescue Italy by reviving its economy and rebuilding its armed forces. He vowed to give ITaly strong leadership. Mussolini had founded the Fascist Party in 1919. At first, he failed to win widespread. Finally, Mussolini oublicly criticized Italy's government.