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I have a ranger model 101.13 that my father bought new in 1946
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The English language is firmly rooted in its Nordic origins or Anglo Saxon. The language evolved through common useage by Angles (Danes), Saxons(Northern Germans) and Jutes (Danes)whose tribes were in close cultural and physical contact prior to their arrival in England in 449 as invaders. The basic…
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Some features of the grammar and much of the basic vocabulary in everyday use are derived from West Germanic, the common ancestor of English, Dutch, German and Frisian. Most of the rest of the vocabulary comes from Latin, in many cases by way of French.   My students ask this all the time, as…
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Your problem is that "Old English" is a generic term which really covers a variety of dialects. Although by,say, the time of the Battle of Hastings, there was probably a single recognisable language which would be fairly universally recognised as "Anglo Saxon" (i.e. Old English), the further one go…
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How many years ago are you talking about? Read the King James Bible or Shakespeare's plays to see what English was like around 1600. Read The Canterbury Tales (in their original form, not a modern translation) to see what it was like in the 1300s. If you can find it, look at a copy of Beowulf in its…
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Well, nothing particularly useful, there is a book out there called the 'Story of English' which is interesting simply as a speaker of English. The transformation from Old English to Modern English is shocking. I personally find it amazing that a language over the course of 1,000 years can change so…
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English is a West Germanic language that originated from the Anglo-Frisian dialects brought to Britain by Germanic settlers and auxiliary troops under Roman tutelage from various parts of what is now northwest Germany and the Northern Netherlands. Initially, Old English was a group of dialects refle…
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No, not at all. I care about my brother's happiness, my husband's happiness and friend's happiness. It sounds like you are a very caring person and just like to see people happy, but please, be careful .. don't forget about your own happiness. It is up to each of us to find our place in life and bri…
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Answer (K-6) stands for Kindergarten through 6th grades. Answer K6 is the designation of a mountain in Pakistan.
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100s of years of history, oppression, discrimination etc.  http://www.kavanaghfamily.com/articles/2003/20030618jfc.htmANSWERbecause they invaded our country and tried to prevent us from living.it was actually 800 hundred years and the reason irishmen have such harsh feeling because they wernt…
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Mono means one and theistic means god. Therefore, someone who is monotheistic follows monotheism, which is the belief that there is only one God. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all proponents of monotheism.
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An opinion only:England was at one time ruler of a large portion of the world. In these areas you had to speak some English to be able to have any dealings with the government. There was no allowance for mother tongues and indigenous languages in those days. This gave a large number of English speak…
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Short and sweet answer : Both are correct but the first version is far more commonly heard. Slightly longer but correspondingly sweeter: At least in American English, you would never hear "He would like a fruit," but only "...some fruit" or "...a piece of fruit". The only time you would ever hear…
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William Shakespeare made up new words to add to the English Language
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Answer Think for a sec... the only 'history-books' that existed before paper were stories. Eventually, paper was invented, and of course, these stories were written onto paper. After the books had been read so much, parts of it slowly became part of literature, and when traders from these countries …
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Answer 1 The phrase laissez-faire is French and literally means "let [them] do," but it broadly implies "let it be," "let them do as they will," or "leave it alone." Origins of "Laissez-Faire" The earliest recorded use of the term "Laissez-faire" in the context of government may have been by Fre…
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Beating a Red-Headed Step-ChildInput from contributors:"Beating you like a red-headed stepchild" refers to a terrible beating. It is a variation of "beating you like a rented mule."Etymology (the origin of words and phrases) is notoriously hard to pin down. The etymology of this one obviously has so…
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I believe the expression 'to get your goat' has it's origins in horse racing. Race horses are very high-strung animals. Goats are often used as companion animals, to keep a horse calm. Someone wanting to fix a race would slip into the barn the night before the race, steal the goat, then an upset, di…
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I assume you mean the English Language. As far as I know most of the English language stems from Latin --- Most of the words in everyday use in English are of Anglo-Saxon origin, which in turn is derived from West Germanic. --- German is known as the cousin of English, however, the German tribes ke…
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The Purpose of LanguageSix major functions of the human language are:A means of conveying information example, "The Kyneton train is now approaching on platform 4." This example is conveying to those waiting for the Kyneton train that it has now arrived.An instrument of action example, "Don't forget…
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A computer runs many applications at once, each instance of an application is known as a process. Each process is made of 1 or more threads, each thread is a sequence of code, this code is often responsible for one aspect of the program, or one task a program has been given. For instance a program d…
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i believe that smith and Wesson then called volcanic arms had the first 22, now that would have been around 1860-1870,,not sure if I'm Evan close to being right but it is someplace to start lookingi went online and found this for you22 Long RifleThe .22 Long Rifle is an old cartridge that first appe…
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An Irish American is someone who has immigrated to America from Ireland, and families of those that immigrated here. We Americans are rather fond of those Irish, though, so on St. Patrick's Day, just about all of us wear green! We have parades in several of our cities to celebrate that special day, …
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Shakespeare invented nearly 1,700 common English words.
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That is average, but a low average, just below 50%, which is likely due to the language used. The Raven Progressive Matrices Exam is wordless (it does not have words - just pictures and patterns). If you take it, you may get a higher score. If you're "normal" on an English-based test, then you are p…
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Answer Means asking a question or wanting to know about something. Example, You put an ad up, and I enquired about it. ( I asked you for some more information.) dictionary.com works best Answer Note that enquiry is the British spelling. . . in the US it's normally spelled inquiry. Answer …
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It can be a term for a poem that is unfamiliar or that you've never studied before. This term is used specifically in an examination for poetry (British General Certificate of Education). _____ The term is also used as an alternative word for "found" poems... this is a type of poetry that can be f…
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Yogi Berra, a New York Yankee, said that.
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This is what some of our Wiki Contributors have to say:Success means an event that accomplishes its intended purpose, such as "We achieved success in the election." It can mean a state of prosperity or fame, such as "He is enjoying his success." Success can also mean a person who achieves, such as "…
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The notion of coining words (as if they were money) seems to have started with an Elizabethan writer by the name of Puttenham. In 1589 his hot new title, "English Poesie" hit the streets and in volume 3, on page 259 (yawn) he moans about "Young schollers not halfe well studied..." who "seeme to coig…
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Answer No one actually knows who invented the exclamation mark, although we can be certain that it was not the person above. This site says that it may have developed from some latin characters, and estimates the timeframe in which it was popularized: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exclamation_mark
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Kiss :-* is email/sms shorthand for "kiss." eyes : nose - lips *
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It is a corruption of "By Jesus," and is a mild epithet used to express disbelief or amazement. I believe " Jesus ! " without the " By " expresses shock, etc. as above, but is not an epithet [ a disparaging name ]. However, the older slang usage, " He beat the livin' B'Jesus out of him " indicated…
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Here are some ways to improve your ability to learn. Browse through the Learning Tips section for more specific hints and tips that will help you learn. Think of life as a learning experience - every problem you encounter, from schoolwork to situations at home, will teach you ways of solving that…
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English is an Anglo-Frisian language brought to Britain in the 5th Century AD by Germanic settlers from various parts of northwest Germany. The original Old English language was subsequently influenced by two successive waves of invasion. The first was by speakers of languages in the Scandinavian br…
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Answer I used to watch these as a child. They work well and children tend to respond to them. This product is a series of connected stories over which multiple languages have been dubbed. My experience has been with Chinese and a multi-lingual child age 5-years. She responded marginally as her…
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The Viking contribution to the language we speak today is astonishing. Many place-names (mostly ending in -by, such as Selby) are from Old Norse in origin. Also, most words beginning with the sk- combination are Norse in origin. For example: ScuffleScantScowlSkirtScare
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Hello in English is pronounced (hell-OH). It rhymes with Jello and yellow. A common version of hello is "hi." (*for hello in other languages, see the questions "how do you say hello in __")
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Answer If you believe in creation, as I do, then the first language would have come in the very beginning with the creation of Adam. If God spoke with Adam, and he in turn, spoke with Eve, then reasonably, they needed a verbal language. If you don't believe in creation, then I have read where histo…
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The United States does not have an "official" or "national" language.MrVThe de facto language of the US is English.
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The Founding Fathers all spoke English so it's reasonable to think that they assumed this would be the dominant language. Otherwise, they'd all have had to learn another language.
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she is the wife of Shawn michaels
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Take it to a qualified mechanic for a diagnostic Salt Corrosion on the terminals (only if you are near the sea) (unlikely in any case though) Water can sometimes cause the spark to short to ground rather than making it to the spark plugs. This often happens if the spark cables are old, dirty, or …
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An alien is someone who comes to America not planning on staying there (ex. living there). But an immigrant is someone who comes to America planning on, or in the process of staying there (ex. living there).   Legal Classifications Immigrants and Aliens. The legal terminologies are important …
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Until the Fat Lady Sings...A reference to Kate Smith, the proverbial "fat lady" who hailed the rise of the Philadelphia Flyers "Broadstreet Bullies" during the 1970s with her rousing renditions of "God Bless America."  More Information:There are three basic possibilities for the origin of thi…
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1. You mustn't be afraid of making mistakes but once you make them you have to rectify them with the help of a grammar book or a dictionary 2. The best way to improve your fluency is to not just speak in English, but think in English, because if you are thinking in your mother-tongue and you try to…
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The origin of the term 'hot dog' lies in the suggestion that sausages, because of their anonymous nature - finely-minced ingredients which could be anything - did indeed contain dog meat, as well as meat from any other stray, pet, wild, or feral creature sausage-makers could get hold of. Sausage ma…
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1: The simplest language to learn is probably Visual Basic. However it can be limiting depending on what you want to do. You can write web based applications with it. C++ is not the easiest language to learn from scratch, in fact it is probably the hardest. Seems to me that you need to learn about …
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Pull tabs, pop tops, stay tabs (also called ecology tabs).
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A lot of Irish and Swedish people have blond hair too.
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Old Englishwoman Englisc-woman Simple enough. It is pronounced exactly the same, except the E would be said the same as the e in bet.
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Stress is the reaction of your body to potentially threatening, challenging, or disturbing events. Answer 2: Stress means different things to different people. The term conveys to many the thought of tension or pressure but that is only part of the picture. Human stress is some physical or emotiona…
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Auto ChangesWikiAnswers' software automatically converts some words and phrases into other words and phrases in the first stage of the question-asking process. This allows us to correct common spelling mistakes and makes certain questions easier to find by using common forms of words and phrases.For…
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I'm not too sure, but to be honest, it's pretty obvious. I'm not exactly sure you would need statistics for that, umless you want to be precise.
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He was born in 1902 to John Steinbeck Sr. and Olive.
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Previous Answer Old English, or Anglo-Saxon, was a Germanic/Teutonic tongue, related to other tongues like Frisian and other Scandinavian languages. As such, the letter "w" would actually be pronounced as a "v", and a "v" often pronounced as an "f". "F" was a lighter, breathier version of the "f" we…
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I am doing this in year seven English at the moment so this question should be easy peasy. It has origins in Latin, Celtic, French, Irish, German, Welsh and Scottish. Over the ages the languages have merged. There are also word made from a mixture, slang origins, words originating from names, and wo…
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Two words, the combination does the trick. Purportedly posed by allied troops to Germans, camouflageing to be allied troops: 'Please say: several months' With the intent to pronounce correctly this is supposed to become a stumblesome effort...Well, this is just not true, "several months" is very eas…
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Claimed longest English word: The longest word in English is claimed to be a scientific term of 189,819 letters; it describes a protein, or a family of proteins, and doesn't appear in standard dictionaries. Researchers who need to speak of it call it 'titin' for short, which just leaves 189,814 let…
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The weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.
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No, there is not a word for the "fear of running".There is however; Potamophobia- Fear of rivers or running water.
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Maxi is actually a root word some other words are:Maximal,Maximize, and Maxipad.
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Answer Why don't you check a thesaurus like thesaurus.com Answer Look, stare, Observe, see envigil
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No person sat down and thought, OK, today I'll invent a language! After all, doing so would require that they already knew a language with which to express their thoughts, and you quickly get into a circular discussion. Most animals have cries or sounds that mean certain things to them. We primates*…
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A legend is similar to a myth but it has at least a little fact in it. But a myth is make believe which has no fact or no supporting information. We must not think that they are the same. Mythology: In the 21st Century, we often refer to ancient Mythology (Greek, Roman, Norse, etc.) as total fiction…
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English is the most widely spoken language in the world, but not with the most native speakers; Mandarin is. English has over 2 billion speakers, and only about 400 million native speakers. Answer: It is very difficult to establish the number of people in the world who can speak English. If Engli…
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The best way to learn English is to go to a country where the people speak native English or you may enroll in an online school. If you don't want to spend on travel, it's good to try Englishtutorials.net, a Skype online English School. On your own you can do several things. Most importantly, read …
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Present and Past Tense Chose is the past tense, like "You chose one yesterday, sir." Choose, however is present tense: "Choose one thing from the basket." It can also be future tense, as in "I will choose one as soon as I make up my mind."
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By repute, in 1837, when celebrating a successful fox hunt, Lord Waterford and his party found several tins of red paint which they daubed liberally on to the buildings of the High Street of Melton Mowbray so originating the phrase "painting the town red."
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Any online dictionary such as American Heritage Dictionary has the root and stem words on them. All dictionaries have the root words shown. Look up the word dictionary and you will discover the root word.
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Art would seem to be the major form of non verbal communication. Cultural values are very easily seen in art work. For example, Religious periods will have a huge number of religious paintings- obviously showing the value of religion in that culture. In some Asian cultures, paintings and sculptures …
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According to Donna McAvoy, "Heterogeneous or nongraded education is the practice of teaching children of different ages and ability levels together in the same classroom, without dividing them or the curriculum into steps labelled by 'grade' designations."
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Questions on the English Language All the questions - answered as well as unanswered - can be found in the category called English Language at this link: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/FAQ/2158 Below the main category is the list of subcategories. A click on each little green arrow opens even more subc…
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Answer No one person. It evolved over thousands of years from many sources. Look under ALPHABET in the Brittanica or any other good encyclopedia for a full history. Answer There is no such thing as a purely "US" English alphabet, other than perhaps the US pronunciation of the last letter, Z, …
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ANSWER I think it is because it is easy to learn it and many british and Americans set sail to other countries and helped them in improving their country, agriculture and etc. ANSWER At the height of British power, it was literally true that the sun never set on their Empire - they had significan…
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Nobody is really sure which is Shakespeare's first play. The only thing we can say for sure is that it was written at some time before his second play was written. Candidates include The Comedy of Errors (which has a form and plot borrowed from classical sources which he never used again), the first…
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The term 'first taste of empowerment' means a person's first experience being in a position of power. It implies that the person was previously in a subordinate or subservient position.
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When you "hit the dirt," you slap it with your hands as you dive to the ground. You generally "hit the dirt" when there is something dangerous flying around (like bullets) and the safest place to be is lying flat on your face. Soldiers use this expression a lot during a battle, as do the police if t…
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lol. it isn't rocket science. plan out some sentences for multiple situations and memorize them if you are way too nervous. It is a lot easier though if you listen to the other person and let the conversation flow naturally from what they say.
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It's as simple as this: what seems fair is actually foul, and what seems foul is actually fair.
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Opinion People who speak more than one language with any fluency will generally answer yes, but among linguists opinion varies on this question. Some people believe that the thoughts remain constant and only the words -- the translations -- change. Others argue that language represents culture and t…
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Here are some sites with free online etymology: Online Etymology Dictionary - a unique source of over 26 thousand detailed and distinct etymology entriesWiktionary, The Free Dictionary - a collaboratively produced dictionary with over 2.3 million English definitions from over 400 languages -- not a…
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Answer I don't think that the phrase is limited to either Canadians or Americans. Language use often crosses National boundaries, especially when there is so much media crossover between the countries. I haven't seen it used often, but I have seen it in the US. I would say that it is more of a re…
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Dog my cats Well, I swanSho 'nuffLand o' Goshen  That's about as useful as a trap door on a canoe!You look about as happy as a tick on a fat dog.I'm finer than frog hair split four ways.He�s busier than a one-legged man at a butt kickin contest!She was so tall if she fell down she would be h…
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talk with a native speaker. use time to practice your pronunciation skills
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KIDS AND PROPER ENGLISHTHE BEST WAY TO ENCOUAGE proper English and word usage is to speak properly, as adults, in front of him. If your make sure you use proper English at home, just correct him when he doesn't. Role modelig is the most effective tools to use. If you don't speak proper English and u…
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It takes time to learn the English language! You can learn English by taking classes or studying online. There are many websites that offer free lessons, articles, worksheets, and tips to help you learn English. To learn the English language, you need to study English grammar and vocabulary. Take t…
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Empower means to give power to. In the sentence "After facing down her boss, she felt empowered," it means she felt like she was infused with power. There doesn't have to be a specific person giving you the power in order to feel empowered.
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The exact number of people who speak English worldwide is not known. It is estimated to be in the billions.
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Business English is the English spoken in Business realtionships. There are frequently offered classes in "Business English" for those who are not native speakers and/or are unable to speak English at the desired level to do business.
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English developed as a language in the 17th Century among the Anglo-Saxons of England and Southwestern Scotland.
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According to the rest of the world, Russian and English are just about the hardest languages to speak. Although most people who speak those think it is easy, it is because it comes first nature to them. The answer to the hardest language to learn in the world is largely subjective -opinion- and de…
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Study English the same as you study any other subject! Languages are especially good subjects to study using Study Decks - see the link below - and to practice with your friends. You can also easily find DVDs and online courses to help you with your pronunciation and comprehension.
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Freeonlinedictionary will meet this criteria
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Uber is another word for 'very' or 'cool', i.e: "That is uber sweet" or "You are so uber!"
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Usually, when one refers to the teachings of Satanism, they are referring to LaVeyan Satanism, affiliated with the Church of Satanism, the First Satanic Church or the offshoot Temple of Set based (more or less) on Anton LaVey's written works, including *The Satanic Bible*, published in 1969. I don'…
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