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History of China

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Questions about Chinese people, events, customs and cultures, including the various Chinese dynasties in existence throughout nearly 5000 years of China's history.
Because Mao Tse Tung declared it to be, after WW II.
It is the longestwall all over the world. The total length of the Great Wall ofChina built in different dynasties is 21,196.18 kilometers. TheGreat Wall of China can't be seen from space by the human eyewithout aid. The wall is becoming shorter and shorter day by daydue to the natural erosion and...
They use mud bricks or else just normal stones that were  unusually big or just rocks put together with mud 
For thousands of years China was ruled by Emperors, but in the late 1920's the Emperor of China was over-thrown. This was called The Glorious Revolution and the man who became leader was Mao. He had the idea that there would be a world where everyone looked the same, and would follow his rules in...
During this time, much of Asia was under Mongol control. The Silk  Road was a major trade rote connecting Asia and East Europe.
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It's dangerous because because it's too long and their are burglars so they traveled in caravans. ( small groups )
Construction, as well as chopstics and baskets. Household articles  and weapons, as writing materials. Take your pic.
I'm not sure of all 4 but they use to use glass with flammable liquid to heal physical body wounds.
While searching for immortality in the west of his empire, Huang Di had alchemists brew him elixers, which were unfortunately full of mecury. He was slowly posioning himself as he searched for a way to live forever.
general Han Hsin of Han dynasty
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The first high speed printer was invented in 1938 and was invented by Chester Carlson. In 1455, Germany, Johannes Gutenberg printed the first book. It was a copy of the Bible, but the first ever made with movable type. in 1970- 1953
Confucius impacted the Han dynasty through his education beliefs. The methods of testing for power and the focus of Chinese education on memorization all came from Confucius. Han Wu Di, Liu Che, listened to him as he adopted the 'du zun ru xue' policy which meant that only Confucianism was learnt.
They suffer a lot. No autonomy, no freedom of speech and religionfor those Tibetians living in Tibet, China. Those are in exile inIndia (incld. Dalai Lama), they have no land of their own. Just arerefugees.
Generally Terracotta made by one type of clay.  The Terracotta Army or the "Terracotta Warriors and Horses" is a  collection of terracotta sculptures  depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang,  the first Emperor of China. It is a  form of art whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his ...
they used black power, composed of sulfur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate.
Famous Chinese Explorer . there were no chinese explorers zxcvvv
The Boxers wanted to expel imperialist forces (European and American) from China
Rice, beans, bamboo, boxes, knives, spoons,
Bronze items that symbolized authority and during the shang dynasty Silk cultivation was discovered there for silk items were also another main good that was traded
To entertain themselves.the lovely sound of the flute makes us want to get up and dace.Ancient china created the flute in the 900 b.c. Ancient china invented the flute first.the they invented the recorder.after they invented the tuba.
China invented gun powder, fireworks, kites, and ceramics.
Through the famous Silk Road, the Chinese traded externally: goods  from China could wind up in many countries, but the Chinese  specifically traded with people from India, providing them with  silk and getting coral, jade, pearls, etc. in exchange.
Because slavery is a efficient way of getting mass projects done for cheap. No pay for the slaves and if something happens to them they are easily replaced. They also can be rushed to fit the need of the pace without objection. (Or God help them if they do object)
The Boxers were a secret, intensely nationalistic Chinese society who tried to oust all foreigners from their country.
There are no letters in Chinese writing, but there are characters. Chinese characters number in the tens of thousands, though most ofthem are minor graphic variants encountered only in historicaltexts. Studies in China have shown that functional literacy inwritten Chinese requires a knowledge of...
== Who ended the Ming Dynasty? ==   From the middle of the 15th century, the Ming's power started to decline. The quality of the imperial leadership deteriorated and eunuchs started to exercise control over the emperors, causing great discontent among the bureaucrats and factionalism in the...
The Great Wall crosses about 32 province's. Becasue it is lobe it has to cross alot of provinces in order to keep on going.
  True. The Open Door Policy was founded in the 1900's when US was trying to have good trading with China. The Open Door Policy said that it wanted to perserve the integrity of China, and "asked" many other countries to trade equally with one another. The truth is: it's not 100% true. Even the...
Being a communist he probably liked it. He applied some of his thoughts to it to make a form of communism called Maoism.
The Zhou (JOH) dynasty took over after the Shang Dynsty. They did  that by proclaiming that they had the Manidate of Heaven, which was  a divine right to rule China.
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For liberation war it was Mao Tse Tung (after his great Long March)
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Ancient Chinese cities that start with 'N' include: Nanjing.
He believed that moral leadership not laws, brought order to China. He wanted to rule China so there would be order and he would make everything all better just like that. He was wrong and write but was very cruel.
I'm pretty sure the Chinese used them as rockets
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The gunpowder tubes were filled with gunpowder, with one end closed  and the other end open. A small hole was left for the blasting  fuse. When ignited, the gunpowder would burn inside the tube,  producing a large amount of gas, which would produce enormous  forward propulsion.
Chinese new year is celebrated all over China.(中国) It can also be celebrated around the world.
Most Confucian officials thought China gained little from trade. They also thought that China benefited little from contact with foreigners. These officials were far more concerned with threats of invasion from Central Asia. So the Ming government ended the maritime voyages.
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the Chinese started using paper in the 9th century
== Answer ==   15 million (expected amount)
the great wall of china was use for barriors in the old times.it is also used for transportation when men in the army had to move to different sections.
The Qing dynasty.. The Montgolfier brothers from France are credited for inventing ballooning in the 18th century. The Qing dynasty spanned from 1644 until 1912.
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The Great Wall of China is approximately 4,160miles long True!
International trade was banned at that time. A little Governmental Foreign Trade were allowed .
The Spring Festival is the New Year's Day for the Chinese lunar calendar. For this reason, it is more commonly called Chinese New Year. It always falls between Jan. 21 and Feb. 20 in the Gregorian calendar.
there were several reasons. one reason is because many people moved north because there were more people so that made the cities up north larger and more populated. another reason is because there was more food so there were naturally more people.Hope This Answer Helps You Out! Thank Mr.Mills for it...
There were both of Pagan religions. They both had a head god; for Egypt (Ra) for Rome (Jupiter). Most of them were quite similar in control of similar aspects of life: harvesting, knowledge, sun, household.
Confucianism condemns public boasting, favoring humility instead.  It also condemns lying, cheating, deceiving others, and engaging in  immoral sexual relationships.
Basically, Confuscius advocated a polite, orderly society. The basic reference source for Confucianism is the I Ching. Even though that book is often used for the purpose of divination, it is actually a compilation of Confucian wisdom.   Edited:   MAIN TEACHINGS:   1. Proper social...
China is important because it made gunpowder.
They controlled the Yuan Dynasty it means "beginning". They came after the Tang Dynasty.
The famous Soldier and Horse funery status: The figures, dating from approximately the late third century BCEwere discovered in 1974 by local farmers in Lintong District,Xi'an, Shaanxi province. The figures vary in height according to their roles, with thetallest being the generals. The figures...
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No, the Chinese human workers built the Great Wall of China. They were ordered to work on the wall, but the conditions were poor, and many men died from rubble or falls. When a man died, his body was simply added to the wall's construction.
People's Republic of China became a communist nation because of its  previous weak democratic government. Chinese government wanted to  control the country by itself without having others to interfere.  The communist government wanted China to become a strong nation and  not to become under...
I don't know about ancient, but in the early 1400s the admiralCheng Ho, in a series of seven voyages, explored and madediplomatic contact with south east asia, India, the Persian Gulf,Africa and the islands of the Pacific. Michael Montagne There was adiplomatic mission carried out by Zhang Chen...
he was born in 369 BCE.
Yes. More than 20,000 people died, while the Great Wall of China was being built.
During the Ming? A combination of nonstop piracy from Japan which lead to the forced abandonment of the coasts, and the ascendancy of a new group of regressive Confucian scholars at the court. They believed that foreign influences were polluting, and so they decided that contact with the rest of the...
They are normally called characters.
Ancient Chinese lived just the same as the Chinese now.They are no different.They ate rice and cheese and what not.They are the same I think.I enjoy the Chinese lovley people!
he was born in china.
A series of rebellions finally drove out the Mongols.
The leader who ruled when the Great Wall was built was Shi Huangdi.
塔莉娅 [tǎ lì yǎ]
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The center of early Chinese society was the family.