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This category covers questions about the Netherlands, also known as Holland, and its 12 provinces. The word "Dutch" is used to refer to the people, language, and anything related to the Netherlands. The country itself operates under a parliamentary democratic constitutional monarchy.
Before the war, Nazism was not generally seen in Holland as an  'evil' movement and a Dutch fascist party gained quite a large  following and several seats in the Dutch Parliament.   After the invasion of Holland by Nazi Germany feelings towards  Hitler understandably changed for the worse....
About 3 hours and 30 minutes. On a plane it would take 2 hours less
It would take around 13 hours.
The wanglo is Aruba's national flower. Aruba is an autonomous part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The tulip is the natonal flower of the Netherlands. But it isn't easy to grow in Aruba.
One hour, little less or a little more, depens on the time and which train you get.
Curacao was under the protection of the United States during World  War II
Omdat slangen giftig kunnen zijn.
The Netherlands has a large gas field in the North in slochteren, one of the biggest in the world.
There are no deserts in the Netherlands/Holland
That the word for the people in Aruba is 'Aruban' is something that's a source of agreement. That the name has clearly identifiable origins is a source of disagreement. For example, some say that the word 'Aruba' comes from the Spanish phrase 'Oro hubo', which means 'There was gold' or '[The island...
Aruba has four main hotel/resort districts . One, Palm Beach high rise hotel district: Most of Aruba's largest resorts are located in the Palm Beach high rise hotel district. They're multi-storied with hundreds of rooms. Palm Beach is lined with water sport vendors [diving, snorkeling, windsurfing...
It takes around 8 hours to fly from Seattle, Washington to Aruba's capital city at Oranjestad. It's 3,858 miles [6,208 kilometers; 3,352 nautical miles] from Seattle to Oranjestad. They aren't in the same time zone. Seattle is four hours behind Aruba.
Aruba's perimeter is 69 kilometers [43 miles] of coastline . The coastline on the east side of Aruba is jagged and rocky with crashing waves and strong currents. The coastline on Aruba's west side is dotted with powder thin white sand beaches and gently lapping, calm water.
Holland (North and South Holland, to be precise) are two of the countries' twelve provinces, so technically you shouldn't refer to The Netherlands as 'Holland'.
The Aruban Whiptail Lizard (Cnemidophorus Arubensis)
Let me guess you are american ? No its a country made its indipendints from the spanish and Then became Large traders and Had 1 of the best Navies from 1400-1700
Thursday in Dutch is "Donderdag"
All of the Netherlands lies beneath sea level
I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "enlarge their borders" so I'll give answers to the 3 contexts i am at this point able to interpret it on :D 1. in the sense of our actual growth geological measure: we don't go anywhere further than this, confined by all other countries, unless one counts the...
She died in March ( exact dates vary, maybe it happened over a weekend or minor holiday) of 2004.
Answer Every person is different, and I personally think that you shouldn't tar everyone with the same brush. It is always wise to consider a persons culture before judging what you see and may not understand. But, to answer your question in general. They can be, but most of the time people are...
Holland has a queen named Beatrix.
  No. There are three trains daily with one change (at Osnabruck)   And more than a dozen with two or three changes.
If you walk along the beaches of Aruba for a mile or so, you may or may not see women sunbathing topless. The number varies with the beach, and from week to week on the same beach. More women are topless in the afternoon.One or two of the hotels ask women not to be topless in front of their...
the best time to visit the Netherlands is between may and September. if you want to find places to visit, you can check out the Netherlands wikivoyage page http://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Netherlands
Curacao is located off the coast of Venezuela.
It's about twelve hours; there's a morning option leaving at about 11 am and then an overnight one if that suits you better. You usually take the train after to Liverpool street station, but that doesn't add a whole lot of time.
A flight from London to Amsterdam takes about an hour.
Anne Franks life in Holland was very normal until the Natzis invaded. Just like any other typical teenager that lives. She would get moody with her mum sometimes but deep down she was a very kind girl who today is very famous across the world.She felt differently about certain people and always...
We do have a sea, it's called the 'Wadden-Zee' (Wadden-Sea). This sea lies beneath our 'Wadden-Eilanden' (Wadden-Islands).
Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao are known as the ABC Islands . They're the three westernmost islands of the Leeward Antilles in the Caribbean Sea. Aruba is the smallest of the three at 74.5 square miles [193 square kilometers]. Curaçao is the largest at 171.4 square miles [444 square kilometers]. ...
About 1.2 million.about 1.8 million.
Hitler attacked Holland (or, The Netherlands) in 1940 for two  reasons. First, his vision for Europe included total control of all  potential aggressor-nations by Germany. Second, moving into Holland  served as a key piece of the deception involved in the German  invasion of France. France, he...
Netherlands is the English translation of 'Nederland'. Nederland  literally means 'low lying land' ('Neder' is an older word with the  definition low and 'land' means land). The Netherlands are  partially located below sea level and that is the reason why it is  called The Netherlands.   In...
That is'nt known for now
Nevada is anywhere from 2 to 4 hours behind Aruba. West Wendover [near Utah] and Jackpot [near Idaho] are the only two towns in Nevada in the Mountain Time Zone. The rest of Nevada is in the Pacific Time Zone. Aruba doesn't observe daylight saving time [DST] when clocks are set one hour ahead...
Yes, the English language movie "Sabine" by Dutch Director Rene van Nie was filmed on Aruba and released in 1981. It starred American actors Ben Vereen and Mike Burstyn, principal actor was Dutchman Rijk de Gooyer
A distance of 1,132 miles to 1,658 miles separates Aruba from Florida, depending on the point of departure. The distances from three Florida cities follow. One, Miami is about 1,132 miles [1,821 kilometers; 983 nautical miles] from Aruba. Miami's on the southeast coast of Florida. It takes about...
The European nation that has had much land reclaimed from the sea  is the Netherlands. Much of the nation is below sea level and is  protected by a vast system of dikes that hold the water back.
Most tourists come to Curacao via Airplane. There is a daily flight to Miami. Twice a week to Newark. The regional airline, Insel Air, Is planning to make a flight to Charlotte. If you travel from Europe you can fly a seasonal flight from Milan. There a three different airlines who fly from the...
Because they rely on dikes for their local crops and marshlands
The total driving distance from Sassenheim, Netherlands to  Amsterdam, Netherlands is 24 miles or 39 kilometers.
Aruba is the island's official name. Specifically, the island is a constituent country within the European Kingdom of the Netherlands. Its government is considered a constitutional monarchy since the ultimate head is the Dutch monarch and because its executive, judiciary and legislative branches...
Hooibergite is a distinctive variety of quartz diorite that's found on Aruba. It's named for Hooiberg ['Haystack'], a volcanic formation almost in the center of Aruba. Hooiberg is made up of this distinctive rock.
Older limestone is best visible at Rooi Frances [Frenchman Pass]. Rooi Frances is in southwestern Aruba. Its geographic coordinates are 12 degrees 28 minutes North latitude and 69 degrees 58 degrees West longitude.
Rincon is where younger limestone is best visible. It's a cove in southeastern Aruba. Its geographic coordinates are 12 degrees 28 minutes North latitude and 69 degrees 52 minutes West latitude.
Wildlife, scenery and geological formations are what's interesting about Rooi Frances [Frenchman Pass]. Specifically, it's a scenic pass in southwestern Aruba. Some of the oldest limestone on Aruba is visible there. Hundreds of parakeets and egrets call Rooi Frances their home.
A constitutional monarchy with bicameral parliament, similar to that of the UK.
The last match was won by Holland 2:0
There were many failures in absolute government in both England and  the Netherlands. This caused both countries to switch to a  constitutional government.
Yes, at information points they've got free Amsterdam maps in several languages.
100,000The last census for Aruba was taken in 2010. According to the last census taken in 2010, the population of Aruba is 101,484 people but the population has either decreased or increased between now and 2013.
Three: Germany, Luxembourg and Belgium. There is even a tri-border point where the borders of Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands all come together. Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg althogehter are sometimes abbrevated to Benelux. This is mainly because of the language similarities ...
Some typical foods from Aruba are sanger yena and s cabechi ; giambo and sopi mondongo ; keri keri and keshi yena ; funchi ; and bolita di keshi , cocada , and soenchi . Sanger yena [Aruban sausage] and scabechi [marinated fish] are appetizers. Soups include giambo [Aruban...
Aruba was the location of the third Summer Jam Concert hosted by entertainer Sinbad [David Adkins, b. November 10, 1956], in 1997. Musicians in the show included the Isley Brothers and The Temptations. The concert originally aired on HBO.
Aruba was the location of the fourth Summer Jam Concert hosted by entertainer Sinbad [David Adkins, b. November 10, 1956], in 1998. Musicians in show included Earth Wind and Fire, Isaac Hayes, and KC & the Sunshine Band. The concert originally aired on HBO.
Five Summer Jam Concerts hosted by entertainer Sinbad [David Adkins, b. November 10, 1956] were broadcast on HBO in the 1990s. The first concert was in 1995 on St. Maarten [St. Martin]. The second was in 1996 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The third was in 1997 on Aruba. The fourth was in 1998 on Aruba....
Aruba was the Caribbean island with the greatest number of Summer Jam Concerts hosted by entertainer Sinbad [David Adkins, b. November 10, 1956] in the 1990s. The third and fourth concerts were both broadcast on Aruba. The third concert was in 1997, and the fourth was in 1998.
Yes , Sinbad [David Adkins, b. November 10, 1956] received the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Variety Series or Special for his third Summer Jam Concert. That concert was held on Aruba in 1997. Musicians in the show included the Isley Brothers and the Temptations. The concert originally aired on...
Yes , Aruba once was a protectorate. A protectorate is a territory that's protected diplomatically or militarily against third parties by a stronger country. From May 11, 1940 to January 16, 1942 Aruba was a British protectorate. From January 16, 1942 until the end of World War II in 1945 Aruba was...
Yes , Allied troops were stationed on Aruba during the Second World War. Aruba was deemed strategically important to the Allies because of the Lago Oil Refinery at Sint Nicolaas [San Nicholas]. In the early morning hours of May 10, 1940, Germany launched the Battle of the Netherlands [Slam om...
Dutch and Papiamento are Aruba's official languages, and Dutch and English are Sint Maarten's official languages. Specifically, both islands are constituent countries of the European Kingdom of the Netherlands. For that reason, one of the official languages in each country is Dutch. But the...
As a Dutch girl i say Dutch people are nice. The younger ones are mostly open and helpfull, older ones a bit suspicious or cranky sometimes. But really that depends on where you live i guess, in general are most of them helpfull!
It should take you by plane, 4 hours and 10 minutes.
The areas of the Netherlands that were once under water and now are land are called "polders". These are protected from being flooded with seawater by a system of dikes, canals, and windmills.   There is a saying in the Netherlands that "God made the earth, but the Dutch made the Netherlands"....
Typically the train departing Brussels Midi at 1125 hours daily is scheduled to arrive at Amsterdam Central at 1406 on same day. All trains between the two cities stop at Antwerp, Rotterdam, The Hague and Schiphol en route.
There are Girl Guides in the Netherlands (Holland). Scouting Nederland (SN) is a combined organization for Girl Guides and Boy Scouts in the Netherlands.
Ethnic groups: Dutch 80.7%, EU 5%, Indonesian 2.4%, Turkish 2.2%, Surinamese 2%, Moroccan 2%, Netherlands Antilles & Aruba 0.8%, other 4.8%
Paulus van der Sloot died Wednesday evening, February 10, 2010 . He collapsed while playing tennis at the Tierra del Sol Resort & Country Club on the northwest tip of Aruba . He was 57 years old.
Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. However, The Hague is where the Dutch parliament and government resides and where all foreign countries have their embassies. The Hague is the 3rd largest city.
It is off the coast of Venezuela i.e in the southern Caribbean
Glenne Headly played Iris Holland (Mrs. Holland) in "Mr. Holland's Opus".
There neighbouring countries
  == Answer ==   Sammy Stewart, although Dunkin Donuts trivia game contest says that answer is wrong. Sammy Stewart did it pitching for the Orioles against Cleveland on September 1, 1978.
Some interesting facts about holland is that no one owns a gun unless u are part of a particular gun group and you can grow marijuana as long as you dont grow more than three plants of it. they sell marijuana in little cafes around the towns
The translation is "Echtbreker"
No , Aruba isn't in Jamaica. In fact, a distance of 591 miles [951 kilometers; 513 nautical miles] separates Jamaica's capital city at Kingston from Aruba's capital city at Oranjestad. It takes under 1.5 hours to fly from Kingston to Oranjestad. The two islands are in the Caribbean. Jamaica is an...
The sun will rise at 6:45 a.m. on Aruba on March 18, 2010. That day is National Anthem and Flag Day [Dia di Himno y Bandera]. Sunset will be at 6:51 p.m. The length of that day will be 12 hours 04 minutes 32 seconds.
The sun will rise at 6:20 a.m. on Aruba on April 30. That day is Queen's Day [Koninginnedag]. Sunset will be at 6:54 p.m. The length of that day will be 12 hours 34 minutes 01 second.
Aruba's capital at Oranjestad is about 1,959 miles from New York City [NYC]. That's 3,152 kilometers or 1,702 nautical miles. Oranjestad is south of NYC.