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Poland is a country in Central Europe bordered by Belarus, Lithuania and Ukraine to the east and Germany to the west. It has a total area of 120,696.41 sq mi and an estimated population of 38.19 million as of 2010.
The three longest rivers of Poland are: . Vistula (pl. Wisła ) - 1047 km, entirely within Poland;flows through the capital city Warsaw, among many others; thelongest river emptying into the Baltic Sea; . Oder (pl. Odra ) - 854.3 km, of which 742 km in Poland,the rest in the Czech Republic and...
Russia was capturing it from the Germans.
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In 1956 Warsaw was Polish capital .
Since the XVI century until today Warsaw is the Polish capital.
Poland was destroyed by mechanized warfare and air attacks within amonth. It was not prepared for such a mobile war.
Yes, and it still exists.
Poland is mostly Roman Catholic and they are proud of John Paul II.
Yes, Lithuania is one the eastern shore of the Baltic Sea and is north of Poland.
No. they are all extinct. The extinct volcanoes are: Ostrzyca,Grodczyn, and Wilcza Góra.
The location is latitude 52 degrees 12' 31.60"N longitude 20degrees 59' 20.68" E.
The major industry in Poland is glass products, machine building,coal mining, chemicals, ship building, and food processing.
It's a traditional meal made from sauer-kraut with sausage and/or mushrooms, onion and so on. It's being boiled for one hour, then you add sausage and stuff (prepared earlier), you cook it again and so on. (It's just a brief instruction how-to, and very inaccurate). Bigos is tastier when you're...
There are 16 provinces in Poland.
Poland no longer has a monarchy. They have elected officials.
100 in polish is sto.
There's no special name for girls birthday in Poland. However, 18 birthday are celebrated by girls and boys as becoming more mature.
Hitler made a deal with Stalin to divide Poland. The Germansinvaded in September of 1939. Hitler wanted to expand Germany tobecome as large as possible.
Portugal on the west of Spain. Poland is located in Central Europeon the east of Germany. Both are European countries.
At the start of World War II, when being invaded by Germany,Poland's reaction was vigorous and confident. Trusting alike in itsarmed forces and in the pledge of the Western Allies to come to itsaid, Poland engaged aggressively with the German invaders -- onlyto suffer a number of decisive defeats...
The Polish fought for themselves. The UK and France entered the warbecause they made an agreement that they would not tolerate Hitlertaking Germany. However no one expected Germany to be able tototally take Poland in a month so it took a while for the UK andFrance to respond.
Hitler used tanks to take Poland quickly. His style of warfare wascalled blitzkrieg. He attacked with with more than 2,000 tanks andover 1,000 planes.
John Paul II (Jan Paweł II) was born in Poland.
Yes, Poland is a part of the EU.
No its in the eastern Europe but still the western hemisphere.
Polska   or Rzeczpospolita Polska   no its dameomatatidos
Only Baltic Sea is on Poland's coast line. Poland borders no oceansdirectly.
Flight time from Frankfurt to Warsaw is about 1.5 - 2 hours.
In 1981 General Jaruzelski ( dictator and leader of Communist party) declered martial law ,Solidarity was banned and its leaders arrested.(Lech Walesa the head of a trade union called SOLIDARITY)
they ware the same clothes as Canada or U.S.A.
Poland became an indepepndent country after over 100 years of being partitioned.
The invasion of Poland by Germany in Europe in 1939 caused thestart of World War II. It was the line drawn in the sand.
All people, not only Polish, need monety to buy things they need.
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Finland is farther north.
A lot of products are available in Poland. Like in Germany, France and Italy etc.
their economics are bad because they don,t produce much, meaning they make very few exports, but pay lots ofr imports
The northern European Plain, Oder River, Vistula River, Carpathian Mountains, the Pannonian Basin, also known as the Carpathian Basin, etc.
  The Soviets wanted to eliminate the ethnic Poles, get revenge for the Soviet loss in the Polish-Soviet war in 1919-1920, and acquire Polish land.
They are referred to as Varsovians.
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Polish people are Pole's.
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Hitler had previously managed to take over Austria and Czechoslovakia in the eighteen months leading up to his invasion of Poland. Realizing that the Allies' policy of appeasement was dead, the leaders of France and Britain signed the "Polish guarantee". This ensured Poland's security in the event...
According to a map located on the CIA World Fact Book, the only two major bodies of water located IN Poland are the Vistula and the Oder River. The Vistula runs from the SW corner near the border of the Czech Republic into central Poland, running through Warsaw, the capitol, and then emptying into...
France,Spain,and of course Italy
The Japanese did not invade Poland. The Nazis did.We were not in the war at that time.
They used Blitzkrieg (lightning strike) to destroy the Polish air force and military and demoralise the civilian population. It was all over in two days.
Hitler had no real excuse . He ordered a few of his S.S army to dress up in Polish army uniforms , to attack a German army station . He used this as an excuse.
Kopernik, Sklodowska-Curie, Chopin, Pope John Paul II, Walensa
Poland never hosted any summer or winter olympics.
Warsaw couldn't have invaded Poland. It's a city...IN POLAND!Germany, however, did invade Poland. In 1939. They did this because Hitler, along with his Nazi followers, wanted more "living space" - or "lebenstraum".
Poland was one of Europes racially diverse societys in the  beginging of the 20th century. With the population being 69% Polish  before WW2, with a nearly 9% size Jewish minority, however over 90%  were killed in the holocaust and brutal occupation by both the  Germans and Soviets. After the end...
    === ''After Poland was overrun, a government-in-exile, an armed forces, and an intelligence service were established outside of Poland. '' ===  
The Allied armies, coming from both the East (Russians) and the West (British Canadians Poles Americans) forced the Germans to stop fighting and surrender their armies. The camps were discovered, and the inmates were liberated. Most of them were too sick to go anywhere for a few months. They needed...
The Nazis forced the Jews in Poland (and in many other countries that they occupied) to live ghettos - that is, in specifically Jewish districts, which were then sealed off from the surrounding area with high wall, barbed wire and patrols. Non-Jews had to leave the area. The Warsaw Ghetto was sealed...
yes you can because Poland like all other countries have schools
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I think it is the Baltic sea
  There are no glaciers in Poland.
Thank You in Polish is DZIEKUJE (jen-kooh-yeh)
There are not oceans in poland, there are maybe seas, but no oceans.
Warsaw Ghetto: By 1943, the ghetto residents had organized an army of about 1,000 fighters, mostly unarmed and without equipment. They were joined by thousands of others, mostly the young and able-bodied, still needed for forced labor. By that time, the half-million original inhabitants had been...
Rugby is not a very popular sport in Poland, but it does have a Rugby team. Its called Poland national rugby union team (Polski Związek Rugby)
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There were 6 major death camps and a few forced labor camps.Death Camps: Auschwitz-Birkenau, Belzec, Treblinka, Sobibor, Chelmno (Kulmhof), and Majdanek (KL-Lublin)Forced Labor Camps: Krakow-Plaszow, Steineck, Furstengrubbe, Gleiwitz, Monowitz, and Warsaw
1924 Winter Games in Chamonix. Poland has participated in every Winter Olympics that has been held.
she went to France to study physics and chemistry and discovered radium with her husband who she met at university
No, Russia is (just the European portion of Russia is about 6.6 times larger than the Ukraine; the largest country wholly in Europe.) If you do not include Russia, and include intregal parts of the country not in Europe, then the answer is France.By population, the answer is still European Russia...
Dwanaście miesięcy spellt somewhat like: dva-na-shche mye-she-tsy
I visited Poland this year in the summer holidays.
When WWII broke out Poland had military treaties with France and Great Britain. In addition non-agression peace treaties with both the III Reich and Soviet Russia. None of these pacts were respected, however France and GB did declare war on the Germans.
  He killed many of them because of their participation in the Polish underground, one of the largest and most effective of the war. Otherwise, they were mostly left alone except for the residents of Warsaw during the Warsaw Uprising and anyone who was sent to the concentration camps.
Conflics over land and religion (:
Raj dla par is a Polish equivalent to the title of the movie 'Couples Retreat'.
1945 After WWII it wasn't they're choice ether they were forced upon it by the Soviets.