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Puerto Rico

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This category covers questions about the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, commonly known as simply Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States. Originally a Spanish colony, the United States acquired Puerto Rico as a territory from the Kingdom of Spain on December 10, 1898. Since then, both the United States and Puerto Rico have maintained close, friendly ties, even once considering the admission of Puerto Rico as the 51st state, although this was eventually decided against.


The Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic to the North.
Evey thing is just as expensive as in the US. Except for tourismwhich for the most part is even more expensive.
Puerto Rico is an archipelago between the Atlantic Ocean andCaribbean sea. Costa Rica is a country in Central America
Merengue is a type of music and dance from the Dominican Republic & Eduardo Brito became the first to sing the Dominican national music..
A type of genetic mutation in which one or more base pairs arelost: (IS IT REPLACEMENT, SUBSTITUTION, DELETION, INSERTION).
It took time and effort to adapt to each other and relationships were often strained.
Consider Google or MapQuest.
No. California is right at the border with Mexico (distance = 0) while you have to travel some miles from Puerto Rico to Haiti (both are on different islands in the Caribbean).
Yes, you will find in Mayaguez various Troops, Venturing Crews and Cubbing. In addition, you will find the Troop 55, that in Puerto Rico is considered the oldest continuously active troop with 70 years.
Nothing. It was ceded to the US after the Spanish-American War. A token payment of $20 million was attached to the Paris Treaty to window dress the negotiations so that it would look less like a back alley heist.
It had very little political, strategic or economic value to the US beyond the fact that it was a Spanish Colony and the US was supporting the independence of Cuba. Spain was seen as a nuisance whose influence on North America and the Caribbean was at odds with the expansionist policy of the day.
the most popular sports is baseball and basketball
What is called football by most of the world is what we call soccer. Added : In my experience (although many countries have Soccer/football teams in international play) Puerto Rico is not all that enthusiastic with soccer (like their South & Central American Amigos) . They are very much into...
Just like how you spelled it. Puerto Rican.
Since the 1952 Constitution was established.
The Puerto Ricans are U.S citizens and not immigrants...they are born within the U.S territory therefore they are U.S citizens...in 1917 there was a law passed called Jones shafroth act that by law the Puerto Ricans are U.S Citizens.
Puerto Rican is NOT a language! You mean Spanish? ' Mi Femina en rojo' = 'My Lady in red'
It is subdivided into 78 municipalities.
Universities in Puerto Rico have been providing Doctors, Lawyers and other professionals for years.
No, Costa Rica is in no way apart of Puerto Rico.
If a Puerto Rican live in the states, YES! If the Puerto Rican live in Puerto Rico, NO!
To go to Puerto Rico is like to go to any other state. You'd need the same things you would need to go from Colorado to Utah.
Among others, there was Ponce de Leon.
There is always much confusion about travel between Puerto Ricoand the continental US. If you are legally in the US then nopassport is needed to between Puerto Rico and other parts o ftheUS. . As of June 1st, 2009 a passport is REQUIRED for U.S. citizenstraveling to non-U.S. countries in the...
It is larger than Delaware and Rhode Island combined.
How lonng does it take to fly from Dayton Ohio to Puerto Rico
20% because most of them live in u.s.a 5% are iN mexICo BeCausE tHey RaiSes
El Yunque National Forest, formerly known as the Caribbean National Forest is located in the rugged Sierra de Luquillo, 40 km southeast of San Juan (latitude 18º 19' N, longitude 65º 45'W). The forest covers lands of the municipalities of Canóvanas, Las Piedras, Luquillo, Fajardo, Ceiba,...
i am 99.999999999% sure its called "libreria nacional de puerto rico".
You will have to buy a plane ticket.
No it is a US Territory.
4 million people live in puerto rico
Yes, all major US telephone companies are use in Puerto Rico.
Yes I planted one last year and it lush and beautiful If you like I can send you pictures.
After 18 you can get emancipated in Puerto Rico.
This would definitely be a matter of preference. It would probably depend on what activities that you would want to participate in as well as the amenities that you are looking for. Jamaica has a large number of all inclusive resorts whereas Puerto Rico may have only one or two. Puerto Rico is a US...
If you are American you just need your airplane tickets. PR is part of US.
No, it is in the Caribbean.
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Puerto Ricans came to the USA because they came to search for better jobs, they, along with many other Americans, lost their jobs because the great depression affected them as well.
There are more than 1 billion people who reside in India. In 2013,the percentage of people employed in India was 40 percent. About 51percent of Indian workers are self-employed.
Half of Puerto Rico's population lives in the San Juan Municipal district.
They were partially restricted by the United States.
Puerto Rico is 110 miles in length and 40 miles in width. Theofficial languages of Puerto Rico are English and Spanish.
Puerto Rico will be 4 hours ahead of California when US is on Daylight savings Time. When DST is off, Puerto Rico is 3 hours ahead. This can be verified at http://www.timeanddate.com
Puerto Rico was ceded to the United States on 1898 as a result ofthe ratification of the Treaty of Paris.
yes there are several companies that rent limos in puerto rico
It is at: 65 de Infanteria Avenue Plaza Escorial Carolina, PR 00985 or: 2643 Ponce Byp Ponce Town Center Ponce, PR 00728
There are various instruments played in Puerto Rico. Some are "el cuatro" which is like a little guitar, another is "el guiro" and many more.
Puerto Rico is an island... Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island that is part of the US, however the Caribbean Islands are grouped together with the mainland of North America. So Puerto Rico is part of North America both physically and politically.
No, it is a Caribbean Island. Puerto Rico is both physically and politically a part of North America. It is a Caribbean Island, however, these islands are grouped with North America. It is also a part of the US, so it is politically a part of North America.
people in puerto rico mostly eat rice and beans
Both the Senate and the House meet at the El Caoitolio de Puerto Rico in the Puerta de Tierra sector just outside of the walls of Old San Juan.
They are both US Territories.
Puerto Rico gets 7-8 inches of rain.every month
Luis Fortuno is the current Governor.
The Age of American Imperialism begun by William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt left a black mark on American History every bit as wrong as was Slavery, the Indian Removal Act and the WWII Japanese Internment Camps. Fundamental decency it was not. The token payment of $20 million to Spain may have...
Same state-to-state prices apply. Puerto Rico use USPS for postal service.
Puerto Rico's religious scene is dominated by the Catholic Church.
El Yunque National Forest, formerly known as the Caribbean National Forest is located in the rugged Sierra de Luquillo, 40 km southeast of San Juan (latitude 18º 19' N, longitude 65º 45'W). The forest covers lands of the municipalities of Canóvanas, Las Piedras, Luquillo, Fajardo, Ceiba,...
Puerto Rico was ceded to the United States after the Spanish-American War.
No. The Virgin Islands are east of Puerto Rico.
35,000 Chinese people live on the island of Puerto Rico.
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by you. Example: Who was it made by?
If you are born in Puerto Rico you are an American Citizen.
To enjoy: disfrutar . Enjoyable - agradable. enjoyment - disfrute; gusto
two bodies of water sorrounds pr. these are the Atlantic ocean and the Caribbean sea.
Yes, Puerto Rico is unincorerated. Unincorporated organized territory
Yes, but it is only a territory of the U.S. . Yes, of the United States.
well are enimies are mostly dominicans and indians for some reason
The same, P.R. uses US coins.
On July 25, 1898, during the Spanish-American War , Puerto Rico was invaded by the United States with a landing at Guánica . As an outcome of the war, Spain ceded Puerto Rico, along with Cuba , the Philippines , and Guam to the U.S. under the Treaty of Paris
Puerto Rico , officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico ( Spanish : "Estado Libre Asociado de Puerto Rico" - literally Associated Free State of Puerto Rico ), is a self-governing unincorporated territory of the United States located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea , east of the ...
It is only an Interhational flight for an American Citizen when it is from another country.