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A music video is a video that accommodates a song. Here you can ask questions about music videos and the songs used in them.
miley cyrus video for wrecking ball
for all the girls that love him (probably you!!! :)
In 'One Time' It Was Grey... And In 'One Les Lonley Girl' It Was Purple... :D
There are two ladies that appear in the music video . Lisa Pure ,  and  Katherine Ellis
I think about three 
If it's not a single, it won't come out, so since it's just a song on the album, I don't think they'll make the music video for it.
The hamsters in that video, is her single, Love Me or Hate Me (F*** You). The song comes in three versions. The normal (explicit) verison, the clean version, and the clean remix version (feat. Missy Elliot).
There were a few dancers in Young MC's Bust a Move music video.  Their names have not been released to the public.
Apparently its Stratford Central
He looks like a lady because of the shape of her chin and nose.
They played hockey together back in Canada.
Of themselves and their inner jokes.
"Those were the days" lol i was looking for this song too, I couldn't find it on youtube though :P I found it somewhere else though, here's the link: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2abv8_lady-sovereign-those-were-the-days_music
Yes it is. If you hear him in concert he sounds very different. They make his voice higher
It's possible, but it's hard to know for sure who Justin Bieber knows. He knows a lot of people, though, so he might know someone named Mishayla. But that's a more unique name, so he might not know anyone named Mishayla.
60 Ummm....she doesn't have 60. She only has 9 (Just Dance, LoveGame, Paparazzi, Poker Face, Eh,Eh , Beautiful,Dirty,Rich , Bad Romance, Alejandro and Telephone)
Erykah Badu is an actress and well known singer. As of June 2014,  Erykah Badu is dating singer Jay Electronica.
Justin Bieber as these tickets in his albums called "Golden Tickets." You have to buy his album, "My World", in order to be in his music video. Or you can audition, but I don't know too much about that.
we will never know this one:l 
'Eiffel 65 - Blue' has blue aliens in it.[EDIT]search one more time in youtube, daft punk has music with blue aliens in it in a movie called    Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem.
Justin Bieber's fave type of girl is a girl that has nice eye's great smile, a sense of humour and is honest.
This is a difficult one as there's not much info about him, he could be about 12/13 as Christian's older sister Caitlin did a u stream video and showed a picture of her mom holding 2 baby boys one of which was Christian who is now 14 soon to be 15 in November of this year. in the picture Caitlin...
The recorder, like all wind instruments, is a single-note instrument, meaning that you can play only one note at a time. A chord is defined as three or more notes played at the same time, so you would need three recorders playing different notes to effect a chord. Chords can be played on poyphonic ...
he had his first kiss at eleven on top of a hill
(btw this is only for show..) 1st *Get him alone somewhere... 2nd  say "hey justin.... um i was wondering if um you wanted to maybe go  out sometime?" But first, with a man.... or a woman, always try to  be friends before you take a HUGE step...
There is a hamster featured in the video for "Love Me or Hate Me".
No, he didn't. dude he won for this Bieber took home a Grammy for  Best Dance Recording with Skrillex and Diplo for "Where Are U Now,"
he would give you the sign if he has his hands in his pockets...
yes he does go to school right now.
Justin Bieber has four music videos; Baby, One Time, One Less Lonely Girl, and Eenie Meenie.
  She is an urban print and video model from Miami, FL. She does not have an official website yet and her myspace got deleted. The most recent pictures of her can be found on the ECM website. Here is the link below: http://www.eyecandymodeling.com/ecm/models/Chessika/index.php   List of...
he was doing his video and thn he fell down the ramp broke his foot and carried on till the end of the video
One timeone less lonely girlbabyu smilefavorite girllove mebiggerdown to earthfirst dancekiss and tellthat should be meeenie meeniespeaking in tongues (rap)somebody to lovecommon denominator
NxZero - Razões e EmoçõesThe video has nothing to do with the musicThe worst band is Banda Dejavú
maybe mcdonalds.... I really dont know
no caitlyn did not die she is stil living but there not dating
The one who dances on the stage is Criscilla Crossland. The other one everyone keeps saying is Kendra Wilkinson, but it's not. (Kendra Wilkinson IS in the video. She's on the side of the stage.)
people come and sing and the people who recored it they make itsound good tha bam
they didnt make a full movie all about "smooth criminal" but it was part of his movie "moonwalker" which features a huge part deticated to that song
If you are talking about the beginning his name is Ryan :)
yes Justin bieber can sing Alaska it doest matter what it is he can sing anywhere
  Johnny Depp starred as Johnny Rebel in the music video...Faye Dunaway was the landlord of the motel...
FOUND IT! The song is   style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);" name="Gavin_DeGraw_-_In_Love_With_A_Girl">Gavin DeGraw - In Love With A Girl
his daughter kelly.    No it's not. She was like 8 when this was made. Aimee would have  been 7 and Jessica would have been 6. It was released in 1991.   YES IT IS KELLY!!! Whoever posted this silliness about the  children's ages is uneducated. The girl the question asks about IS  Kelly...
Justin Bieber said on facebook that he is going to release the baby music video sometime this week......(February 14-20 2010).
roses, chocolate, anything else he can get
Conrad Cook wrote 'Is that the old ship of zion' that the Kingsmen performed.
The girl with Justin Bieber the whole time until the end is Kelsey Chow. She is from Pair Of Kings on Disney Channel.
    Rihanna is wearing a vintage dress!!!     Please check out The Fashion W's @ www.thefashionws.com
Yes and Lucas Till is in it as the popular football player
No...he dated 2 girls - rebecca and Caitlin ------------------------------------------------------- Yeah he dated a girl named Emily and a girl named Shay...and Caitlin Beadles
Louise Glover, an English model and photographer.
(As of February 16, 2010) Justin recently said on his Twitter account that since he got 1 million views in just 3 days, he will release the video this week! And just when you thought your Bieber Fever meter was running low!
Is is a deep red color, sometimes called a cherry red.
nope but i think shes in the 'she said' video
I think he will.Besides color don't matter but if he likes you than he likes you no be deal what color.
One TimeFavourite GirlDown To EarthBiggerOne Less Lonely GirlFirst Dance ft. UsherLove MeCommon Denominator
The third single is off Brand New Eyes is The Only Exception and Paramore are filming the music video for it.
yes that's how he got a really good voice.the best voice
It's suppose to be released on the 8th of March, but I'm not entirerly sure.
I think you are talking about Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats" but I'm not positive. Hope this helps! :D
Taylor swift has wrote all of her songs and has had a little help by Liz rose and other people too
princess pearl is the girl in all the Mario videos/games
Singer Miranda Lambert is 5' 4'' ( 1.63 m ).
They are known for being bad and being inmodest if you are too young I would not watch her music videos at a older age.
i guess he prefer black girls, because the girls in his vids are always black. i myself am white and i think he does not care about the color. i mean hey we are in 2010 who cares if you are black or white we are all humans :D
Taylor Swift - You Belong with me and other Taylor swift songs
I think your looking for The Memory Remains by Metallica.
Search 'Green Day videos' and a list should appear of what's available.
It is on YouTube. I don't believe it is on iTunes yet.
Lauren Ridealgh, Casey Batchelor and Lisa Shepley Lauren is the main dancer with the big lashes,casey is the one in pink with the massive boobsand Lauren is the last one whos not in it much
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