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Freshwater Fish

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Freshwater fish spends all or some of their lives in freshwater like lakes and rivers, with below 0.05% salinity. This fish needs various physiological adaptations to keep their bodies’ ion concentration balanced. Freshwater fishes comprise 41% of known fish species.
if they are being tended to they will need to eat ground up foodthat's made for there size,At four months they no longer need toeat that kind of food and require regular fish food.
they beat there abdomens on a tree or rock (beating there abdomens means they go back and forth in a humping motion)
one gallon is 4 cups of water u can do rest of the maths
It depends. How are you transporting it? If it's just in a fish bagwith oxygen, probably a couple of hours in conditions that are nottoo extreme or stressful. If it's in an open container, probably alittle bit longer, but you have to be a lot more careful. Remember,traveling can be extremely...
you cook it in the oven for 15-30 mins. then salt and addd garlicfor some taste.
Some goldfish, depending on the breed, may develop differentcoloration.
Yes, you can! It also depends on the accessories that you have inyour tank. Research the required items/temperature of water foreach fish. :) Hope I helped.
People eat trout. It is excelled broiled or fried.
Community Answer 1 Yes, a goldfish is actually a carp which is a bony fish. ______________________ Community Answer 2 Yes, since they are part of the phylum osteichthys, meaningbone-fish, they do indeed have bones. No matter how miniscule. Soyes this fish does have bones.
Walleye Pike ... not! . Sanders vitreus vitreus is a freshwater perciform. Although sometimes called a Pike, the walleye is not related to the pike.. The Walleye is native to Canada and the Northern US.. The Walleye is a freshwater fish in the Pike family. They get their name from the film over...
Its stomach will grow a little in size if you have multiple comparethem roughly
... if the guppies are big enough ;)
About 5 to 7 years in the wild.
people ship live creatures a cross countries it is cruel but yes
A betta can eat any betta food regardless of the manufacturer; they typically market it as Betta Bites.
Primarily it is not a Physical difference depending on what type offish but the common gold fish would need blood work to cheek thesexually orientation.
"The world record brookie weighed 14 pounds 8 ounces and was 33 incheslong caught in Ontario in 1915; the Maryland record is a fishweighing 6 pounds 2 ounces caught in the North Branch of the Potomac in 1999. Habitat: Brooktrout prefer clean, cold, rocky streams with plenty of shade, andwell-...
I'm not entirely sure what question you are asking, but 'hajimete anata wo mita' means 'first time [I] saw you.'
no (obviously)
yes.you can teach angelfish tricks like play dead,stand,ect.(and some more tricks)
If your baby has a rash or a runny nose, you might chalk it up toinfant acne or a cold. But these symptoms could also indicate anallergy. If either you or your spouse is allergic, it's a likelypossibility. Learning about common allergies and their symptomswill help You work with your doctor to get...
So weird i just ate salmon and you have yo see inside if it is likepink to orange and make sure it is still s little moist
keep in mind some fish change gender after matting so it would behard or rare
You should not worry if you are bitten by a catfish. it may hurt a little, but i have never seen one with sharp teeth. They have really small ones. However the dorsal fins on virtually all catfish have a very sharp spine, and some of them have poison glands at the base of the spine (mostly small...
wash your gear... then clean the washing machine, or hand wash itout with the hose and soap
From what I've heard, the more you feed your goldfish the bigger itwill get! This also depends on the size fish tank or bowl it is in.It probably won't get big enough to outgrow your tank.
No because it is too dry
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Kenny Chesney also sang this song.
Because they are still newborn
They can live anywhere from 2 days to 20 or 25 years. It alldepends on how the water is kept and how happy it is.
they are all water based
When they cant swim and they don't eat wait or is that a gubby
FIrst of all that is gross and second of all nothing really if youactually cook it if you dont it is like if yo ate worms
Only one pelet a day their stomach is as big as their eye so dontover feed them OR THEY WILL DIE
1 pelet a day if not they will die
almon are anadromous : they are born in fresh water , migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh waterto reproduce .However, populations of several species are restricted to freshwater through their lives. Folklore has it that the fish return to the exact spot wherethey were born to spawn ;...
Try to get the fish to eat a pea.
They may eat some small goldfish, but not very many other types ofmeat.
Like the vast majority of predatory fishes this species of fish should not be fed mammalian or avian meat likebeef heart or chicken, and similarly there is no benefit in thelong-term use of 'feeder' fish such as livebearers or smallgoldfish which carry with them the risk of parasite or disease...
From 1 to over 150, depending on the size and age of the female.
Some fish have only a few offspring, some lay tens of thousands of eggs each time.
Not necessarily. I have had a few guppies with nipped fins before.As long as you let them heal, your guppy should live! What I use tolet my injured fish heal is a basic plastic container. I cut offthe edge (where the lid clips on to), puncture small holes in itfor water circulation, and secure it to...
The babies were too large and they got stuck at delivery time?
How long does what last? The tank lasts as long as it isn'tcracked, The filter lasts as long as it is cleaned, and you must doefficient research on the specific fish you have in mind for itslifespan. And by the way, this site doesn't count as efficientresearch.
Goldfish change color as they grow but that may not be the case. Ifthe fin tips are turning black he might be injured. Maybe fromanother fish nipping his fins. Add the proper dose of aquarium saltto your tank. It will help heal wounds and improve gill function ofall your fish. Also, melafix by API...
They really shouldn't be swimming like that. This could be a problem with their swim bladder, which often happens with fish, especially goldfish. Also, Orandas are more sensitive because of the bubble-like protrusions on the tops of their heads. When feeding, I would suggest mixing the flakes in...
It is Pennsylvania's state fish and is recognized so because of itbeing the only trout native to the state of Pennsylvania. Fact: it was titled the state fish in 1970 and is known to onlylike clear, clean, brook water.
A salmon gets its food by capturing it with the sharp little teeththat are all around the edge of its mouth.
when they get scared they move fast.
Other goldfish, bottom feeding fish (minus the Chinese algae eater)and some live-bearers. There are some others too so do some goodresearch to find them. :)
They get along quite well in a community tank. Beware of mixing barbs with tetras though.
\n. It is a kind of tropical fish.
Well you can only tell the difference when the fish has reachedadulthood (and then it is pretty hard), One obvious signs is themale will be more confident and also will be chasing the femalewhen it is time for mating. The male will have white spots near hiseyes, also underneath the goldfish they...
No a bream is a freshwater fish, that lives in lakes and rivers. Although, to confuse you the term Sea Bream is applied to some saltwater fish, but those are not of the same family as bream.
First of all, dory fish is not a kind of fish. Dory is a hippo tang. They are a salt water fish just like in finding nemo.
what species of fish? every one is different. some are very easy like guppies, some are a little more challenging like tetras, and some are completely impossible such as oscars. if its a goldfish, you can't sex them until they're over a year old and only during the spawning season in spring,...
No. Only by the protruding vent. You can also tell by white dotsnear the head, especially at the gill, and pectoral fins.
In most cases, no. I cannot name any exceptions myself. However Ido know that the Molly fish is a freshwater fish that can live insaltwater.
The fry inside the eggs will likely die and if they do hatch, theywill probably die in the first few days or weeks.
No, I wouldn't recommend it. Bettas can be very aggressive, hencethe name Siamese fighting fish.
By Fertilization....... next: lays egg or hatch egg that right.......
There are a number of meanings - Yin-Yang, Male/Female, Day/Night, Water/Fire, Sun/Moon. It all stems from philosophy of taoism.
The functions of parts of a tilapia fish are mouth (to eat), eyes(to see), nares (nostrils to detect odors), gills (for breathing)and fins (to move, steer and stop). Also, there is the vent(external opening to digestive, urinary and reproductive tracts)and scales (external protection).
Gouramis are beautiful! Their color depends on the type, but theyare all pretty similar looking otherwise. They are tall and thinand have wide dorsal and pelvic fins but a relatively small caudalfin. They have a superior mouth and two long feeler-like rays atthe front of their bodies.
I'm pretty sure because it is colder they slow their breathing downor something.
I will tell you in a few steps how to take care of goldfish (I take care of them in a 5 gallon aquarium too!) below: How to Take Care of Goldfish: . First, get your 5 gallon tank. . Wash your tank thoroughly. Do not use soap! just clean it with running, clean, warm water. . Assemble your filter,...
Someone please answer this, I am having trouble with this question.Now it is 11:54!
Alot of times when a betat fish is happy you will see something like spit bubbles at the top if it's angry or upset you wont see these also you might see its side fins around the head go forward
Many reasons: 1) If you are just setting up a new tank the goldfish will die dueto unstable water conditions. This is a common way to start thegrowth of proper bacteria for the biological filtration of yourtank. The goldfish die (pull them imidiatly) and produce amoniawhich coverts to nitrites then...
Its not as important how big they are but they do need to reachadulthood and by then they will be at least 7-10cm long (notincluding the tail)
Scientific name: Esomus longimanus French name: Barbeau volant du Mékong English name: Mekong flying barb
Scientific name: Cyclocheilichthys furcatus French name: Barbeau sensoreil du M ékong English name: Mekong sensory barb
The female will become very round and swollen with eggs. The male will develop white spots called "tubercles" on his gills and pectoral fins.
Goldfish cannot live properly in a 5 gallon tank. Goldfish need 20 gallons for the first fish, and 10 gallons per additional fish after. It's not simply about their size potential, which is big, but the fact that they produce a lot of waste. Guppies and goldfish are not compatible as they have...
Yes. It's possible. But you must wait until the female is ready tomate once again for another season.
Scientific name: Puntioplites bulu , Russian name: Усач тe нгаланский , English name: Tengalan barb
Scientific name: Labeo dyocheilus , Labeo erythropterus , Russian name: Лабео толстогубый , English name: Thicklip labeo
Scientific name: Probarbus labeaminor , Russian name: Барбус тонкогубый , English name: Thinlip barb
Scientific name: Albulichthys albuloides , Russian name: Барбус бледный, English name: Paled barb
Scientific name: Probarbus labeamajor , Russian name: Барбус толстогубый , English name: Thicklip barb
Scientific name: Ichthyocampus carce , Russian name: Пресноводная иглa, English name: Freshwater pipefish
Scientific name: Parambassis apogonoides , Russian name: Прозрачный oкунь радужный , English name: Iridescent glassy perchlet
Scientific name: Labiobarbus siamensis, Labiobarbus spilopleura, Russian name: Барбус длинноплавниковый , English name: Longfin barb
Your guppy could be very old and is life is probably catching up tohim. His final days might be coming. I may be wrong too. Your guppycould also be sick. Have you been cleaning your fish tank? Have youbeen feeding him too much food? These are questions you could askyourself when questioning your...
kcal*. kjoules*. RDI%. Total Calories. 90 kcal. 377 kJ. 5%. from Carbs. 0 kcal. 0 kJ. from Fat. 26.3 kcal. 110.01 kJ. from Protein. 63.6 kcal. 266.19 kJ. from Alcohol. 0 kcal. 0 kJ. *The unit"kcal" or kilocalories are what most American's think of as 1Calorie. Other countries use the unit kilojoule ...
Scientific name: Barbodes gonionotus, Russian name: Барбус серебристый , English name: Tawes, French name: Barbeau argentée
While they are still smaller than 1 cm, they don't live on the bottom. They float around in the water. While at this stage they eat small plants and animals that are also suspended in the water. These are known as plankton. Shrimp grow very quickly and after a year they are usually about 4 cm long....
Scientific name: Dangila lineata, Labiobarbus lineatus , Russian name: Акулий барбус серебристый , English name: Silver-shark barb
just leave 2 mails and 1 female guppy in the tank with no other fish in the tank at all times. -Shocker . There should be 3 females to one male. If there are too many males, the females will get stressed out. I would recommend a larger fish tank than a half gallon. Maybe a 10 gallon tank. Remember...
They are trying to mate with her to make babies
Yes they do because they are livebearers meaning they give live birth.