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Folk Music

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Folk music is considered as the heart-beat music of the lower classes popularly loved by one and all though most of its composers are unknown. Over ages, folklore has been the music transmitted by mouth. It represents the core culture and roots of a people of a particular region in contrast with commercial and classical styles.


There are many genres of folk music. One of the common ones used today is called "Thrash Folk", a mixture of 60's folk and Thrash Metal. Among the bands that played this genre include Kiss, Metallica, John Lee Hooker. Another popular genre is "Folk Rock" which combines folk music with rock music....
Region 9 is a political district located in the Philippines. Someof the folk songs from this region include the Zamboanga.
Just like Johann Sebastian Bach he was a flippin music genious.
Shoo Shoo Shoo Sha La La ... is a Wilf Carter song
1)sing aling long 2)bahay kubo 3)honey ko
Roughly 14 inches, when measured on the backside from the very bottom (tail piece) up to where the body meets the neck (including the neck joint if I recall correctly)
This site has extensive collections of free sheet music, videos, lyrics, MIDI files of Philippine folk songs. http://filipinofolksongsatbp.blogspot.com/
Warning: It's longggg. Alice's Restaurant by Arlo Guthrie: This song is called Alice's Restaurant, and it's about Alice, and the restaurant, but Alice's Restaurant is not the name of the restaurant, that's just the name of the song, and that's why I called the song Alice's Restaurant. ...
Presumably because they like it.
Father Adieu I am sorry for you My heart is filed with trouble So what can I do? If I never see you any more till that last trumpet shall sound, prepare to meet in heaven where parting is no more Mother adieu.... Sister adieu.... Brother adieu... Father adieu...
Trinidad and Tobago are not only known for it's great calypso music and chutney and soca, but we have out local rock bands (Orange Sky) and also play some reggae and classical music (Joey Lewis).
notes of leron leron with l
This statement is false. Ferraby Lionheart song contained a lot of Asian influence and had nothing to with the deterioraton of the environment or war.
No, not at all. And that, in itself, is kind of the point behind folk music. Unlike rock, or pop, or country, there are no conventions or rules to bind the music. Folk music is an expression of the individual, often narrative in form, never confined by or expected to conform to the social norms of...
Folk music is a commercial form of music inspired by traditional music.
That song is the Camp Fire Processional Song. It is a trademark song of Camp Fire Girls aka Camp Fire USA and is sung as campers process into the Ceremonial Council Fire. The lyrics are: We Come we come to our Council Fire With measure, tread and slow To light the fire of our desire To...
what is the meaning of the song NATTMUN TOWN
i have 1 folksong of singapore : majulah singapura "Onward Singapore"
The song She'll be coming 'round the mountain is derived from a Negro Spiritual song When the Chariot comes. It refers to the Second coming of Christ and the "she" is Christ's chariot.
The son is trying to tell the dad how he feels but he cant seem toexplain it. The father is not listening, he had his life carved outfor him and he's been happy that way. He is stuck in that mindsetand wants his son to obey, however the latter has his own dreamsand wants to do his own things.
You might give the Grand Ole Opry's site a look over, or you may also want to try the Country Music Hall Of Fame site too.
Mallow is a place in Ireland:presumably,from there. It was a famous spa in the eighteenth century
folk music is only created by descendants of English, scottish, and Irish settlers.(APEX!!!) your welcomme and thank you for shopping with answers.com=) folk music was invented in the 1930s by Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger. APEX :)
atin cupung sing sing
i know only 5 basic song These are: 1.Ang bayan kong Pilipinas 2.Pilpinas Kong Hirang 3. Philippines My Philippines 4.Ako ay Pilipino 5. Heaven Watch The Philippines
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It is in most music stores I would assume, but you can always look on Amazon or eBay or something like that.
There are a lot of folk songs in Luzon and i will give you some -Sarung Bangui Sarong bangui Sa higdaan Nacadangog aco Hinuni nin sarong gamgam. Sa luba co Katurugan Baco cundi, simong tingog iyo palan. Dagos aco bangon si sacuyang mata iminuklat Sa...
Since the Ukranian Bell Carol was performed in the US prior to 1923, it should be in the public domain. However, certain arrangements of it may still be protected, for example the common English SATB setting by Peter Wilhousky, or David Foster's recent "new age" version, among many others. Sound...
Teacher Teacher by Dragonette.
Folk music and classical music is analogous to fables and written history. Folk music can be passed down through generations aurally, but never written down. Classical music, much like written history, has been formally published.
Kumbaya, for sure. An old camp favorite and "Put you hand in the hand" [ of the Man from Galilee ." Michael, Row the Boat Ashore ", " He's Got The Whole World " [ in His hands] . And " Jesus Christ, Superstar!" and " I Don't Know How to Love him " from the musical, " Hair " .
Folk music concerts are usually completely acoustic. They take pride in the fact that no synthesizer or electronic reproductions of "beats" are being used.
Yes. Kansas City songwriter Ben Juneau was billed as "Crambark" on that LP from 1979. Ben went on to form Three Businessmen in the 80's with Ron Rooks a local music retailer and collector. "Laughing at the Face of Danger" by that band was released in 1988 and had a collection of quality songs...
Paul Bunyan Johnny Appleseed
Mary ann referes to a woman named Mary Anne Westenhouse who was a heiress around the 1920s the songs writer is unknown but it seems to be her which it is refering this information comes from Pete Seger the folk traditionalist.Some people think the song could also be about a Mary Ann Lagrate from...
It's hard to tell who wrote this song.
Not sure! Keep checking www.celticwoman.com for tour dates - the North American tour is starting in about two weeks.
he inspired the whole country with his nice folk music
The Charlie Daniels Band.
because seasonal songs are sing during a very important occasion like Christmas season or flower festival.. while folk song are song that we already know and familiar of because we already heard it when we are still small ones until this time
Stompin' Tom Connors was 77 years old when he died on March 6, 2013 (birthdate: February 9, 1936).
The song dates back to the 1930's and has been recorded by many. Depending on the version, the song speaks of a woman whose life is led into degradation or, as in another version, takes the point of view of a man whose father has become a gambler and drunkard. The "house" may refer to a brothel as...
\nMot filipino folk songs are sentimental love songs -- serenades, songs about unrequited love, or lost love. They tend to begin in a minor key and shift to a major key . \n. \nMany Filipino folk songs too are about nature , e.g. Sa kabukiran , ang Maya\n. \nThere are also lots of lullabies,...
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Yes it is since it is from a typical dance
Folk music is another word for world music. World music/folk musicgenre is adaptations of the original traditional music of whichcountry you are talking about. For example Mozart was one of thefirst world musicians by using a piano (western music) and taking aharmonic minor scale (Arabian sound) and...
Yes, quite a few singers have been born in Germany.
As of February 2014, singer-songwriter Cat Stevens is still alive.
The song Cat's in the Cradle was written by Harry Chapin and hiswife Sandy Chapin. Harry Chapin is also the performer of the song.Cat Stevens never recorded the song, although whether or not he mayhave covered the song live or otherwise is unclear.
Scottish twin musicians Charlie and Craig Reid (of The Proclaimers)are 56 years old (birthdate: March 5, 1962).
Folk music comes from the expression folklore and the german word volk, meaning people. Folk music is literally music of the people, usually derived from one culture or nation and passed through oral tradition. Blues music can be traced back to slaves singing spiritual songs to pass the time while...
YES! No, you are not imagining things -- they really were on Captain Kangaroo. I saw this episode also and I've been trying to find someone else who remembers it too! YAY US!
He was famous for composing quite a few pieces.
Yes , Bella, Ciao ("Beautiful [female, one, woman],Goodbye") is an Italian folksong. It served as the song of theItalian partisans who opposed the fascist and rightist tendenciesof Italian politics during World War II. The pronunciation will be"BEL-la tchow" in Italian.
Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, is a Muslim.
osa albums: 120 real world albims: 8 sanchire,vigrin ,ocara, mil,nescand, and others: around 40 rgh & sonic: 100 + 100=200 appro( Pakistan releases , approx same osa content) EMI : 50 approx(including cassettes) other pirated releases : uncountable albums featuring live concerts: 100+
Generally folk tales are written to explain some natural phenomenon that seems too weird to understand through normal means, or to pass along some sort of wisdom or cultural values. Plus, they are just plain fun.
A Swiss alpine folk singer is called a yodeler .
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history of their country, their experiences in life. the different characteristics of African music are: polyrhythm, call and response, polyphonic, used of variety tone colors, use of percussion instruments, they are also using their body parts to produce sounds like; stomping, clapping.
The Highwaymen were famous for their country music, particularly the song, "Michael," which sold over a million copies. Starting in 1958, he group originally included Dave Fisher, Steve Trott, Bob Burnett, Steve Butts, and Chan Daniels. Later members were Gil Robbins and Johann Helton. It broke up...
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its good for our culture and are community. it helps bring peopletogether and tells people a message
The song title is spelled Kumbaya, Kumbayah, or as three words "Kum Ba Yah" or "Kum Bah Yah" -- it is a spiritual named for its chorus, spoken in a Creole patois (Gullah) from the Sea Islands off the Carolinas coast of the US. The phrase sounds like and means "come by here."
Originally they were usually uneducated (French) working people, generally unknown outside their own immediate district. Quite often a semi-professional musician, who played the violin, the hurdy gurdy, the bagpipes or the accordion would provide music for dancing at weddings, baptisms or public...
John Denver and Annie Martell married when they were in their early20s in the mid 1960s after a brief courtship. Annie admittedherself that they did not really know each other. John was a memberof the Mitchell trio at the time and toured constantly. After they married, money was very tight for a...
Peace Train. Morning has Broken, Wild World
Cremated and scattered in his beloved rocky mountains