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Veterinary Medicine

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How do doctors help animals? How do we get help for our pets and animals who are sick? Get advice and help so you can help your animal here.


Check the internet yellow pages. Or do google search onveterinarians.
Yes, it might be. Preliminary studies suggest that the venom could  be useful in some rare cases. In one study in mice of a specific  malignant cancer, the venom reduced tumor growth and improved liver  function.
Intact male dogs are called dogs and if they are bred they are called sires.
  It's extremely unlikely. Even if a change in food made blood visible in the urine, it's pretty reliable that there's an underlying problem.   PLEASE consult your veterinarian. There could be internal bleeding, which could be bad in itself or a sign of other, more severe problems like kidney...
Scholarships can be in any amount. It depends on who is sponsoringthe scholarship.
It could be any number of things - infection, injured paw,  arthritis. If you think something may be wrong with your pet you  should go to the vet as they will be able to give a proper  diagnosis.
All vertebrates have rib cages.
Losing a lot of blood could lead to shock and possibly death.
For your dog you should fill the syringe to the 0.6 mark on the 1.0 mL syringe. For your cat, you should fill the syringe to halfway between the 0.1 and the 0.2 mark - there are probably smaller dashes between 0.1 and 0.2 to help you with this.If you aren't sure, you should ask your veterinarian to...
Research has been done to determine the amount of feed, on a dry matter basis, that an animal should consume per pound of body weight. Veterinarians simply measure the weight of the animal, apply factors to account for unusual metabolic processes (athlete, pregnant, lactating, growing) and then use...
Chocolate is poison to Dogs
A veterinary workplace always has an animal smell to. A veterinaryworkplace will also have constant barking. A veterinary workplaceis consistently busy but a fun environment.
yes it does because the lime is so sour the worms wont lay eggs  near nor will they go near it
Owners of pets and other animals today expect state-of-the-art veterinary care. To provide this service, Veterinarians use the skills of veterinary technologists and technicians, who perform many of the same duties for a veterinarian that a nurse would for a physician, including routine laboratory...
Unfortunately, no - most wildlife and exotic animal veterinarians are associated with zoos in developed countries. When veterinarians are involved in research or population conservation, it is usually through a research grant or an NGO on a part-time basis.
Yes, although part-time veterinarians are a small minority of all veterinarians.
  First of all, it would be best to determine what's causing it and whether there are other symptoms you may not have noticed, like dehydration. Is it seasonal allergies or could it be bordetella or distemper or flu? If you just treat the nasal symptoms, will that allow a serious illness to go...
Yes, biology is the foundational knowledge that informs almost every task that a veterinarian performs.
In high school, you should focus on taking as difficult of math and science courses as you can handle. In addition, after you turn 16, you can start volunteering or working as a kennel assistant at a vet clinic or a local animal shelter.In undergraduate you should work to get as much experience with...
Dogs have lymph nodes in various places all around their bodies.  Specifically, they have lymph nodes in their throat, chest, under  their arm, around the back of the flank, and at the top of the  thigh.
In the United States, the degree major for vet students is Veterinary Medicine. There is no separate degree for a veterinarian interested in wildlife medicine.
In the United States, the single Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or Veterinary Medical Doctor (VMD) degree allows a veterinarian holding the degree to practice medicine on all animals.
Homo sapiens, modern man, has 206 bones in the adult skeleton.
If a dog ingests silica gel beads it is unlikely to cause harm to  the dog. It may cause vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and loss of  appetite. If these symptoms occur after ingestion consult a vet.
It depends on your experience, your speciality and the company that hires you.
  It's possible if hes in a lot of pain. Contact your Vet for a painkillers.
Cats can easily be poisoned by over the counter medicines. A cat's  body temperature is higher then a humans. If you still feel your  pet has a fever seek emergency medical treatment.
In the United States, you must complete 3-4 years of college  prerequisite classes, go to 4 years of Veterinary school, pass  that, then take the National Board Exam and pass, then take the  appropriate State written and oral exams and pass, then apply for a  veterinary license in your state,...
Doing a vet degree means that you have to take in a lot of  information quite quickly. It is competitive to get on to the  degree course and the entry requirements are quite high. Generally,  the vet schools require A's and B's at GCSE and A level, especially  in science subjects.  ...
a veterinarian collage in pa. are Pittsburgh and some more in pa but also all over the country
The basic placement for four leads in dogs and cats is: Red - right front leg Yellow - left front leg Green - left hind leg Black - right hind leg A way to help remember is "Snow (yellow) over grass (green), smoke(red) over fire (black)". However, keep in mind that some ekg machines only use three...
You either feed them or take them outside so they can do theirbusiness.
you need maths and science most importantly chemistry but biology would be very useful
  Yes and it doesn't matter how much...you can't over does your horse on it; however, if you mix it with other supplements then I would read the serving content for those.
THey are like doctors but they don't have all those liquids that  kill you
WHen you are old and can not opperate on an animal anymore
Currently in the United States, dogs are the most common pet seen by a veterinarian.
  Paracetamol is poisonous to snakes, it is used in Guam to try and control the brown snake.
Yes, as hamsters can become dehydrated very quickly due to diarrhea; watery diarrhea can be fatal to a hamster within 48 hours. You should take your hamster to the vet as soon as possible.
Give your feet to the dog and the dog will say "spaghetty" then when he says it you say yesss i tooo then he kill you and thats the best answer mans
    they make height/weight tapes that you can wrap around the horses girth area and it approximates the weight. some vets have big scales too.
An infection should be checked by a veterinarian
== Answer ==   You can help sick animals by performing an operation.If you like animals it would be a great job.You can save an animals life and be really appreciated by people and most likely highly recommended.You get to see all types of animals you havent seen before.Its a good paying job and...
For those vet schools that require a bachelors degree prior to  applying, the type of degree generally doesn't matter so long as  the required general education pre-requisite courses have been  taken. Because each vet school has it's own requirements for  application, students wishing to apply...
Taking care of animals and making sure they are strong and healthy
For an adequately hydrated dog with normal renal function, urine  specific gravity should be over 1.030. 
The vulva on a dog swells when they are in heat.
you need a bachelor of science (4 years) then you take veterinary  medicine (another four years)
You need to be a very intelligent person for starters, you would also need to have a very caring attitude towards helping animals regain their health, or cure/heal their injuries, whilst also alleviating the owners concerns regarding their pets well being.
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It will definitely give the veterinarian more experience when  working with animals. I know first hand that when I become a vet I  will be more prepared since I grew up on a farm and I have lots of  experience around animals. I think having at least a smaller pet  will better the chances of a...
Try switching to wet cat food. If that doesn't work, see another  veterinarian.
Physiotherapy, to regain strength and mobility.
Cardioid- a somewhat heart- shaped curve, being the path of a point  on a circle that rolls externally without slipping, on another  equal circle. Equation:r = a (1−cosA).
A vet uses science every time he treats an animal. The vet uses his  anatomy background to check the animal during a physical. He will  use microbiology to determine the bacteria present, them switch to  pharmacology to determine the proper antibiotics to treat the  infection. He will use...
None - aspirin (and all other human pain medications like Motrin, Aleve, Advil, Tylenol, ibuprofen, acetominophen, etc.) are toxic to dogs. You can cause a fatal stomach ulcer with these drugs. If you believe your dog may benefit from pain medication, you should make an appointment with your...
When the first modern school of veterinary medicine was founded in  the 1800s in Lyon, France, the primary reason for teaching a cadre  of veterinarians was to control diseases in livestock. As  veterinary medicine became established around the world, the  primary drive was to care for the...
Yes, the outer joint has to be flexible so that you can turn and move up and down.
No, all accredited schools of veterinary medicine are full-time on-site courses of study.
boiled chicken liver pepto bismo and lots of water. Not exactly. If they have an upset stomach feed them boiled chicken/hamburger and white rice. DO NOT give them pepto bismal. And a lot of water isn't a good idea in all cases. If you think your pet is very sick and cannot wait until your normal...
A preen gland is an organ in a bird near the tail, producing oil to help waterproof the bird's feathers. It is also called the Uropygial gland.
Yes, all birds spread bird flu
The placenta is the goo around the baby and the umbilical cord is how the baby gets nutrience.
The answer is yes.   It takes 3-14 after infection with the barcteria to start showing clinical signs of the infection
Colic can be treated in pigs using a combination of methods.  Specialist will usually provide the pig with anti-inflammatories,  fluids, and electrolytes.
1. Accidental needle sticks2. Bites/scratches3. Slips/falls
  Take it to the vet right away! Respiratory infections are very dangerous for rodents, because they're so tiny. A vet will prescribe antibiotics and answer any questions you might have. If your sick rat has trouble keeping warm, you can try putting a hot water bottle in with it, or put a...
  Parakeets do not become pregnant, they lay eggs. Females have a pink or tan color nostril band.
To have the magical initials D.V.M. written behind your name, you must graduate from veterinary school. There you learn many medical procedures like surgery, insertion of IV lines, injections, repairing wounds, oncology (cancer), etc.    For more, you may want to consult a certified vet.
The nature of a veterinarian's job is to take care of animals. They  give immunizations, perform checkups, prescribe medications, and  perform surgeries.
The Solojet 7 and 1 vaccine is an affordable way to offer  protection pet from 7 common canine diseases. This vaccine can be  overwhelming for small breeds or dogs who are sensitive to  vaccines. It is recommend in these individuals to space out  vaccines so that the immune system is not...
Veterinarians and human physicians use many of the same tools - stethoscopes, syringes, scalpels, X-ray machines, anesthetic gases, etc. There are some tools that are species-specific, but these are in the minority.
  Students basically  study animal physiology and anatomy, biology, zoology, animal  science, chemistry and microbiology.   
i cannot even believe anyone who ask this question better yet think of doing it...how about next time your sick you inject yourself with pesticide,omg some people should not have been born animals deserve proper medical care even more so than humans just for the fact they depend on us to help them.
A major in pre-veterinary studies is available through some, but  not all, schools. Alternatively, students can earn a bachelor's  degree in a broader subject, such as general science or biology,  while being certain to include the courses required by vet school.
  Things that are bad for dogs would be mostly chocolate and soda because chocolate shortens life and soda gives them hiccups that they cant swallow or the cant breathe cuz of the air bubble in their throat.
Dr. W Jean Dodds is a veterinarian who is active in research regarding the use of vaccines in companion animals.
  That depends on how bad the bite is.... if there is torn flesh or deep puncture wounds it would be advised. If bleeding is light and bite wounds are not too deep you may be able to treat the pup yourself. Apply peroxide to the wounds and keep an eye on them for infection.
In the US, completing an education in veterinary medicine commonly  costs around $150,000 or more. That is the average student loan  debt for graduating veterinary students.
  You can give your  dog Pepto Bismol 1 teaspoon for every 20 pounds of body weight to  help control the diarrhea. Pepto Bismol should not be used in cats.  If your pet begins to become lethargic or diarrhea persists for  more than 24 hours call your veterinarian.   
The average pay for a veterinarian is $70491 per year.
  Two semesters of general chemistry with lab (CHEM 110, 111, 112,  and 113)   Two semesters of organic chemistry with lab (CHEM 202 and 203; or  CHEM 210, 212, and 213)   One or two semesters of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with  laboratory (B M B 211, 212, and 221; or B M B 401...