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Chris Brown

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Christopher Maurice "Chris" Brown (born May 5, 1989) is an American recording artist and actor. Brown has been compared to renowned R&B artists such as Usher and Michael Jackson, citing both as large influences on his music.
scooter dancing? Do you mean dancing on scooters? cause then itwould probably just be called scooter dancing.
Throwed, kiss kiss, take you down, with you, picture perfect, hold up
There is no listing of "The Philanthropist" in the moviesassociated with Chris Vance on his imdb.com page.
1. his birthday his May 5, 1989 2. his first single was 'Run It' 3. a name he is also known by is 'Chris Breezy 4. He has been compared to Michael Jackson and Usher 5. He was one of the main characters in 'This Christmas'
know one knows how tall Chris young is exactly except Chris himself but all we know right now is that he is between 5 feet & 6 feet Chris answered this questions when interviewed by FROG radio, He's 6'4.
At the house of blues 11/26/2009
Yes. Everyone dies.
Chris Brown is an American singer, known for his single "With You".He is not currently dating anyone as far as it's known.
she maybe did more than 10 but i think she did 20 of them
Chris Brown was 6 years old when is parents got a divorce.
he have one boy
yes, he does.. actually his profanity is quite colorful and has garnered the attention of many other promominant profanity connesiuers
Of course he didn't idiot.
people say he still loves rihanna but we are really not sure who he is dating now
not after what happened
Yes. Rihanna was hit in the face by Chris Brown on the way to an award ceremony in 2009. If you type in Google Images 'Rihanna beat up' then you can access pictures of what Chris Brown did to Rihanna's face. WARNING: Some are a little horrible so don't look at them if you are squirmish! ...
Different types of dance. Michael Jackson is a legend and wins with the moonwalk however.
rihanna most people like her more than chris brown
No. They were going out and then Rihanna found out that Chris Browncheated on her and then they had a fight.
yes he loves all his fans especially me because im his biggest fan
Answer . http://www.ohiobar.org/pub/lycu/index.asp?articleid=300\n. \nThe above link to the Ohio State Bar Association contains information about minor emancipation. It states: "A person who wishes to “become emancipated” cannot do so by petitioning the court, as there is no provision for such...
He is in a relationship with Ciara.
you didnt where a condom
His first album was "Daughtry" which was released in 2006 , and his second album is "Leave this town" which was released in 2009 .
yes her name is Kae and they are no longer together because she cheated on him with his friend
Brown has not announced any plans to marry in the near future.
He can be what he did was wrong but some people and i agree that people should get a second chance..lol
well chris and rihanna were at the Grammy awards together as boyfriend and girlfriend so everyone would think they are a cute couple at the Grammy awards so she saw him texting and she said who are you texting and he said my other fionce so then she kept on slapping him and she cursed him and then...
Answer . If you join his club at thechrisbrownfanclub.com you would have a chance at meeting him. IN the club you get signed baseball caps and maybbe even a call form him. It in 29.55 per mo.
CJ is JC Chris Judd is Jesus Christ
well it was good she singed alot and she thought she was cool that she could sing
Chris Brown does not currently live in a mountain, as far as it isknown. He is believed to reside in or around Hollywood.
Chris Brown was 9 years old when he started to sing.
I think that chris brown is the second hottest guy on earth,I would'nt say that he is handsome though,he's too cool to be handsome.
dis is his cuz again.and he LOVES scratch dat is in love with straw berry cheese cake
Chris Marquette is currently single.
Yes Chris Brown has one older sister.
Answer . no he started school late
mj is chris browns idol
He doesn't have aids,but Rihanna does. chris brown do not have aids
It sounds better than domestic abuser. Why would you listen to that no-talent hack?
Chris brown look 50x better than drake!!!!!!!
Chris Rock's annual salary varies greatly depending on what he'sworking on, however his net worth is estimated to be $70 million.He earned $2,000,000 for appearing in the film Lethal Weapon 4.
It is Chris Browns little friend and dance buddy.
Networth 16 million a year.
she started the fight because she saw the the text so yes
respiratory failure.
20th of February 1951
If you have his fan email address than yes but if you dont then no
Chris Brown's new is called and the song back to the crib is Julez Santana's singles so it is not on Chris Brown's new
No Chris Brown isn't going out with Tina Davis
No he does not care if you are black or white.
Answer . Well that depends on a few things. . 1. Is anyone going to help you such as a mother, grandmother or is the father or his family going to help?. 2. Are you willing to take hand me down stuff for your baby and buy stuff used or does everything have to be brand new?. 3. You have to buy...
No, Chris Brown is an only child.
Yes because it will help him feel tired and go to sleep 😂lol
chris brown has 3 or 4 tattoos 17 to 18 tattoos
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Chris Brown never said when his dad left him or if his dad even left him, but Chris Brown's parents did get a divorce when he was 6 years old.
Chris Brown is 21 years old as of May 5, 2010 born in May 5, 1989
Yes Chris Brown likes Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson is Chris Brown's idol.
tweet him at ChrisBrownNation
Tony, Kenny, and Charles
Yes Chris Brown loves his mom.
Jump Smokers and the real name is "my flow so tight "
No, they are not brothers.
he attacked Riahnna, that is all I'm saying.....................
Tim Coleman & Tony Jordan (aka T & T)
i think he is still the cutest thing that sings but that herpes thing has made me like him less than i did but he cool!
the answer to that is chris brown is goin on tour this year holla at ur girl deysha145 holla !!! tham mad i got colors that even noe the rainbow foreal holla!!!
He wears 36 regularly and 38 for the baggy look