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Bill Clinton

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This category is for questions about the 42nd President United States, William Jefferson Clinton.
Bill Clinton's wife is Hillary Clinton. He was known to have an  affair with his intern, Monica Lewinsky.
When Bill Clinton was president, he was in the middle of a scandal.  This scandal was about the fact that he had an affair with Monica  Lewinsky. Some of this affair supposedly happened in the oval  office of the White House.
He received a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree in law there.
yes, he did resign.
About 7 hours and twenty minutes depending on the route you take.
The 42nd President of the United States was Bill Clinton from January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001
Chelsea Clinton does live with Hillary and Bill Clinton because Chelsea is their daughter.
A rock, A river, A tree.It's on google just go to the search bar and type. "At the pulse of morning"The whole poem will come up.
Bill Clinton has one daughter. Chelsea Clinton was born in 1980.
The Oval Office is the official office of the President of the  United States. It is where he traditionally signs bill into law,  reviews budget proposals, examines treaties, reads and answers  letters, and receives guests, among other things.
No that's a sily question.
The 2nd president of the United States was Thomas Jefferson. Hewent on to become to the 3rd president of the U.S.
This president is Ulysses S. Grant!!!
yes for taking a poo in front of the queen
Answer . Roger Clinton, x president Bill's stepbrother cut two albums in 1994. They were "Nothing God Comes Easy" and "Fantasy of Love" on a Rhino label. Napster has a download but noting one can buy.
John F Kennedy graduate high school in 1935.
Some people do and some people don't it just depends on that person
Several foreign issues and policies occurred during the Clinton  Administration's time in power. One notable issue was the U.S.'s  involvement in the Kosovo crises. Much of his foreign policy also  focused on the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina during his first term.
  Bill Clinton didnt fight in any battles or wars he was born one year after World war 2.
distributuion of wealth, the role of women, need to conform, and  the trestment of minorities.
He created the Giant Sequoia National Monument i belive ... K.
Bill Clinton was a president in the 90's. He got rid of the  countries debt. Americans were prospering during this time. The  economy was booming.
I believe that Clinton was a president of good fortune rather than someone who promoted great policies. Economically speaking, Clinton's era was immense. He took office in the midst of a slight recession, and ended up with the greatest budget surplus ever recorded. His years were coined the "golden...
Presidents are elected to 4 year terms, with a maximum serving timeof 10 years. Clinton's 2 terms have ended, and new presidents havesince been elected.
Impeachment just means that the House of Representatives thoughtthat Clinton had committed a crime, and that he should be put ontrial. It's basically the same as an indictment. Once a president has been impeached by the House, the Senate holdsa special court trial to try to convict the president of...
In the US, the grounds for impeachment of the president are  enumerated in Article Two, Section Four of the Constitution:   The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of  the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for,  and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or...
Hilary Clinton is important to U.S. History for being First Lady to President Bill Clinton, and for serving as Secretary of State to President Barack Obama.
Bill Clinton plays the saxophone.
Three recent US Presidents had adoptive parents, at least unofficially, after separation or loss of a parent. None to date have had foster parents outside their families.Gerald Ford (38th President) was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr. but raised by his stepfather, Gerald Rudolff Ford, from the age of 2...
  Monica Lewinsky was 21 years old. Bill Clinton's age was 49 years old when the affair began.
some important decisions made by Clinton was that he wanted to send bombs over to Yugoslavia to help them , and also he wanted to salute the military
If you mean Clinton's inauguration, it was Maya Angelou.
Healhcare reform Welfare ReformMonica Lewinski AFFAIR
It means that he wasn't a hardcore liberal, yet, he wasn't a hardcore conservative either. He was a mix of the two- one for some issues, and the other for others.
Yes! Yes he was Baptist!
yes he did go to Yale law school.
After he was impeached the senate held a trial to see if he was guilty of the charges and he was found innocent so he was acquitted of the charges and remained in office.
Al Gore served under Bill Clinton
  No he did not while he was impeached he was not removed from office and finished out his 2nd term
Getting head in the white house
He is still alive
he had 8 wives and more.....
In 1996, Rosa Parks was presented, by President Bill Clinton, with the Presidential Medal of Freedom.
If Hilary were to become president that means that bill may be the 'first man'.   Because it has never happened before there is not a word for the husband of the President. He has joked that some of his Scottish friends said he should be called the first laddie.   They'd follow the example of...
  Al gores middle name is Arnold
All Bill Clinton ever did is what people wanted him to do. When the Republicans were in Congress, he would vote Republican. He did what sounded good at the time, and the Democrats hated him for it. In my margin of intelligence, the economy was spiraling downward when he left, but then again I just...
A large girl, big through the hips, roomy.
we need a change ! with the economy being as bad as it is we all need to work together to change it and i wanna lead you through it
He ran against Republican nominee Bob Dole, and Reform Party nominee Ross Perot.
Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were the two presidents to be impeached. Neither was convicted.
The poem is called: "In and Out of Time"
The 42nd President of the United States was Bill Clinton. PresidentClinton was in office from January 20, 1993 to January 20, 2001, aperiod of eight years .
Georgetown University (Bachelor of Science) (Foreign Service)   Oxford (no degree)   Yale Law School (Juris Doctor (J.D.))(Law)
  == Answer ==   If the old bills are at least 10 years old they are probably not on your credit. I'm not positive but I think debts can only stay on your credit for the same amount of time that a bankruptcy can.
It was never recorded that President Lincoln had a cat named'Socks.' He had two primary pet cats named 'Tabby' and 'Dixie,'which were given to him by Secretary of State William Seward. Healso had a number of strays that he cared for. President WilliamClinton had a cat named 'Socks.' Socks joined the...
Bill Clinton is NOT dead
Bill Clinton is married to Hillary Rodham Clinton, the US Secretary of State under Obama.
The bill is then taken back to congress and a veto is determined.
According to the Anti Nepotism Act of 1967, she would not be able to make Bill part of her cabinet. The act prohibits a public employee from employing a relative in the same dept as himself/herself.   No. Doing so would violate the Anti-Nepotism Act of 1967.
No They use blanks because it would be to dangerous around people if there's a misfire
Three presidents of the US have visited Ghana up till this year 2010 and they are;1.Bill Clinton 2.George Walker Bush and 3.Barack Hussan Obama.
1980: Frank D. White (R) ran against Bill Clinton forArkansas Governor, ousting Clinton after his first term. 1982: Frank D. White (R) again ran against BIll Clinton forArkansas Governor, losing the governorship back to Clinton whowould then serve his 2nd term. 1984: Woody Freeman (R) ran...
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she had a sad childhoodborn in the jungle and allshe lived in the wilderness until the age of 10she was raised by apes and she was taught their waysthis is how she gets along in congressshe knows the culture from past experienceshe was found by explorer joesph reno who adopted hershe eventually...
No ive been researching and there is no information about bill clinton inventing something
DeWitt Clinton thought of the Eire Canal and got 1,000 men to build the Eire Canal
Clinton attended St. John's Catholic Elementary School, Ramble Elementary School, and http://wiki.answers.com/wiki/Hot_Springs_High_School_(Arkansas ) Springs High School in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Clinton attended St. John's Catholic Elementary School, Ramble Elementary School, and Hot Springs...
George H. W. Bush, who was President at the time. Ross Perot also ran. George H. W. Bush, who was President at the time. Ross Perot also ran. George HW Bush, who was president at the time.
Bill is a sleeper from Russia. His original name was Ivan Bitertityoff. Banal and stupid.....Bills original name was William Jefferson Blythe III, he became Bill Clinton when his mother remarried.
  he created 6 million new jobs in his first 2 yrs and he signed a few acts
Yes. He served two full terms. From 1993-2001.