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Plays are forms of literature written by playwrights for theatrical performances. These are written with dialogs between characters in a variety of genres – tragedy, historical, satire, comedy or farce. Among the famous plays is William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.”
Claudius, feeling guilty at the parallels between the play and his  murder of King Hamlet, stops the show by crying, "Light! More  light!"
Heat Lightning is a lightning strike that is so far away that the  sound does not travel to the person watching it. The playwright is  using the title as a metaphor for the characters.
The real Macbeth was well liked. Shakespeare's Macbeth was dreaded  and feared.
Macbeth puts Banquo's empty chair in the place of honor, only to  have it filled by Banquo's ghost, whom only Macbeth can see.
Claudius sends Rozencrantz and Guildensten to accompany Hamlet to  England bearing his death warrent.
When the Sentinals catch up with him after the Ghost speaks to him,  Ophelia describes a scene in which he behaves incoherently with  her. The scene where he greets Rozencrantz and Guildenstern, in the  lobby with Polonius and, later, with Ophelia; when h jumps into  Ophelia's grave, and many...
He gives her until his own wedding, in four days. He wants  everything settled so he can enjoy his nuptuals.
Romeo's infatuation with Rosaline causes him to crash the Capulet's  feast where he first encounters Juliet. That's the best answer I  can make from the vague question.
Well, I don't know who wee Ken is, but the infatuation with  Rosaline is there to motivate Romeo crashing the party so he can  meet Juliet. It points to his immaturity.
He is in conflict with his society.
The sign of the Globe Playhouse was Atlas holding up the earth. If  you meant Reign, he wrote under the reigns of Elizabeth I and James  I.
He know she has been accused. He goes to the house to test her: to  see if she fits the sorceress profile.
The play takes place over the course of 14 years [historically]. It  covers more than one season.
She encourages Macbeth to commit the murders and she plants the  bloody daggers on the sleeping guards.
Claudius. He calls the play "The Mousetrap" because he sees it as a way to manipulate Claudius into showing guilt for his murder. We might be more specific and say it's Claudius's conscience he wants to catch.
He liked to get involved and do work he should more properly have delegated to others.
It depends on what production you saw. There is no specific song  included in Shakespeare's script.
"To thine own self be true / And it must follow like the night the  day / Thou canst not then be false to any man."
In order to arrange the marriage of his younger daughter, Bianca,  to one of a number of wealthy suitors, Baptista must first find a  husband for his shrewish elder daughter, Katherina. In need of  money, Petruchio is looking to marry a wealthy bride. Hilarity  ensues.
Every good play is really two plays: one we follow from beginning  to end , and one we see from the end to the beginning. The forward  play is about Antonio repaying the debt. The retrospective play is  about showing mercy.
The Doll's House is a beautiful short story written by Katherine  Mansfield. Mansfield is the best artist in portraying the trivial  activities of men. In this story she reveals the cruelty of grownup  people in the society.          Katherine Mansfield        She...
Mercutio, the first to go, dies within minutes of his stabbing by  Tybalt. Tybalt dies almost immediately upon Romeo stabbing him.  Paris dies soon after Romeo stabs him in the churchyard. Lady  Montague dies offstage; how long she lingers is not reported. Romeo  dies within seconds of drinking...
He tells her the story of his life, all of the advantures and close  calls in battle.
To get close to Macbeth's Kingdom. With respect,..........What doesthis question have to do with pandas?
The Capulets are Juliet's family, the rivals of the Montigues,  Romeo's family. The name has no special meaning other than that,  any more than Montigue has any special meaning.
The function of "Pyramis and Thysbe is to entertain at the wedding.  The function of "The Mousetrap" is to force a confession from  Claudius.
Tybalt challenges Romeo to a sword fight, which Romeo declines, but  Mercutio accepts in Romeo's place. Tybalt wounds Mercutio when  Romeo attempts to break up their fight. Mercutio dies and, in a  rage, Romeo kills Tybalt. This results in the Prince banishing  Romeo for life, only hours after...
The Mechanicals use a rough prosaic English. The lovers use a  refined level of English, and the Fairies use a highly poeticized  English.
Yes, Shakespeare uses several asides in Romeo & Juliet.  Reade the play to see specifically when and where.
It means that Capulet is angry. He wants to hit Juliet! He is becoming violent.
-Romeo attend the Capulet party -Romeo kills Tybalt out of anger and without thinking-Juliet lies to her father about agreeing to marry Paris
They married after knowing each other for one day.
The stage directions do not specify a carpet, much less its color.
It establishes Iago as a master manipulatior, Roderigo as his  foolish pawn, that Otherllo has eloped with Desdimona against her  father's wishes, and that Barbantio will try to prevent the  marriage of his daughter to The Moor.
We need people to read this text and post the plot. Ok?
1. "… your daughter and the Moor are making the beast with two  backs. …"   2. "Keep up your bright swords for the dew will rust them."   3. "She loved me for the dangers I had passed / And I loved her  that she did pity them. / That was the only witchcraft that I  used."   4. "I am...
He threatens to disown her and throw her out on the street.
It is an absurdist play about the nature of death: comic-ironic.
Hamlet is making comparisons between the emotions which the actors  portray and real emotions as they are felt by people. Just prior,  the lead actor had given a very moving speech and had managed to  make tears run down his face, now Hamlet, who has every cause for  an emotional tirade, must...
That the turks's want to attack Cyprus, but they see that the turks' are trying to confuse them by attacking Rhode first, making them believe that they won't attack Cyprus, but they will because that's just a distraction.DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW THIS RELATES TO WHAT HAPPENS LATER IN THE STORY?? THANKS!!...
They question him. Eventually he is condemned to hang, but not inthe scene.
Lady Macbeth is way bossy and Macbeth is rattled. Is this different from the way they were before? Not much.
Hamlet's will s not his own because he has obligation to the state.
Ferdinand is the son of Alonso, King of Naples. He is separated from his father and companions following the shipwreck and stumbles upon Prospero and Miranda. He falls in love with Miranda and later becomes her husband.
the king of the cats in the past is the sabre-toothed tigers and now it is the great lion. Though the Tiger is the biggest and most agile of the big cats, the Lion is still the king. Up until the '60's, Lions and Tigers were fought in India for sport. Statistically 60-70% of the Lions would win the...
Before the play begins he has an inappropriate sexual relationship  with his wife's under-aged house servant, Abigail. When his wife  discovers this, she throws Abigail out of the house. In the play,  when Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft in the hopes of  reuniting with Proctor, John goes...
As with all good plays, Proctor is involved with more than one kind  of conflict. He is in a Character versus Character Conflict with  Abagail who is using the trials to punish those who have slighted  her, and to eliminate Elizabeth, so she can have John. He is in a  Character versus Society...
Friar Laurence in Romeo and Juliet, appears to play a small role, because of his mere seven scenes. However, closer examination reveals that the Friar plays a fundamental role in the development of the story. He is a confidant to Romeo, moves the plot, and is instrumental to the tragedy at the end...
Iago offers the handkerchief as the supposed proof of Desdemona's  infidelity.
The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens is a good one.
Queen Elizabeth the first reined when romeo and juliet was written   William Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet in 1595, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the First.
Where? At Capulet's house. Why? It is an old accustomed feast, basically a tradition. When? In Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet.
Like Shylock and the Merchant of Venice, it has overtones that are  anti-Semitic.   1) It mocks Jews (as well as Christianity and Islam).   2) It portrays Jews as controlling all the money.   3) It portrays a Jew as immoral and murderous. Hitler would approve  of this.
The story of West Side Story was based on Romeo and Juliet, a play  by William Shakespeare. The Jets and the Sharks correspond to the  Capulets and the Montagues and Verona is changed to New York City.
They live in Verona; they have an "ancient grudge"; they have recently started open warfare again; the leaders of the two households each have children.
According to my edition of the play, Juliet does not say lines 137-138. Clearly your edition must have different line numbers. Juliet's lines which surround it, and especially those which follow, deal with the themes of love and death, and love and family strife found in the Prologue. But they do...
A war-hero is told that he will become the King of Scotland by Witches. He later plots with his wife to kill the King and his sons so that he will become the king. However, the sons escape and later lead an attack to kill Macbeth and retake the throne. They succeed, Macbeth is killed, and the throne...
Miller was looking for historical parallels for his own time. Falseaccusations by "Red-Baiters" testifying in front of the House onUn-American Activities Committee ruined lives without providing anyproof. The accusation alone was enough to kill a career. Millerfound his Historical Correlative in the...
Shakespeare took the plot form an Italian short story, "The Moorish  Captain," in the Gli Hecatommithi.
There is a film version out with Daniel Day-Lewis as Proctor.
Macbeth seems satisfied to let lady Macbeth handle the responsibility
because it is good, written by Shakespeare and highlights key themes in society at the time, such as racial concerns and the true meaning of honesty. There is a lot of undue focus on racial issue's, to the point that the role of Othello was often played by white actors, while Shakespeare even tells...
England fights Scotland because the prince ran away to England, and the English agreed to help the prince regain his throne. Macduff is a general who Macbeth fears and tries to kill.
The Nurse's daughter that died at birth.
She is afraid the other girls will turn on her
He and Abigail, through their illicit actions, set off a chain of events that get out hand. He eventually tries to resolve the problem by telling the truth, even though this leads to dire consequences, which he faces with great courage.
Hamlet wants to make people think he is crazy that way he can get close enough to Claudius to kill him to revenge his father's death.
I can only assume the composer wished to use the soft, gentle timbre of the Horns for this most peaceful of excerpts. Any other instrument may have been too harsh or not blended well with the attempts of subtle orchestration. Only a gander.
Romeo doesn't get recognized by Tybalt, Juliet get's recognized by the nurse.
First, it is not a book in the sense that it is intended to be  read. It is the script for a play that is intended to be performed.  Second, Lawrence and Lee were not as interested in proving or  disproving Darwinism as they were in exploring the idea of  intellectual freedom, even of unpopular...
It is difficult to understand why this is such a persistentquestion. Surely in a world where lawsuits can be brought againstanyone, blaming them for any misfortune, we can now understand thatblame is not an objective concept, nor a particularly useful one.It is quite possible to build a case that ...
Since the probable first performance was circa 1594, five years before The Globe opened, the play may have been performed at James Burbage's Theatre, or at Philip Henslowe's Curtain playhouse. There is some evidence that they may have used one or more of the inn-yard playhouses on occasion, most...
First they dance in the woods, and rather than accept punishmentfor their forbidden behavior, they accuse others of witchcraft,claiming witches forced them to dance.
Iago alludes to Machiavelli in some of his soliloquies, and  embodies Machiavelli's tenets in his behavior.
Margaret Hughes, playing Desdemona in Othello in 1660, is believed to be the first professional woman to perform on the public stage in England. In William Shakespeare's time all female roles were taken by boys whose voices had not yet broken, or by older men in the players' company. Only in private...
The causes and effects in the crucible are: Lust - leads to abigail and proctor's affair, then ultimately thedeaths of many Jealousy - Abigail is jealous of Elizabeth Proctor and wants tokill her "You drank a charm to kill Goody Proctor!" - then JohnProctor is killed Superstition - only a fool...
John realizes that he has already sinned by having an affair with Abigail Williams and decides that it would not be much of a stretch for him to commit another sin by lying.
La misma ropa que en la calma, ya que la ropa Prospero se adapta y se puede llevar en cualquier tipo de situación. (The same clothes he wore all the time, since the clothes he wore were designed for every situation.)The Tempest is a play which encourages the imagination of costume designers....
Lord Capulet's reaction of Juliet's death was that he was shocked and grieved over it but got over it. Lady Capulet's e'action was that she was shocked and also grieved over it but never got over the death of Juliet
The tempest's genre is romance/comedey/action