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Values are based on the actual condition of the firearm and whether any modifications have been done to it, such as re-bluing or drilling and tapping for scope mounts, etc. Condition depends on how much of the original finish (stock and metal) is remaining and if there are any dings, dents, scratches, etc on it. It's really best to take the firearm to someone local or to a gun show for an estimate of worth.
  == Answer ==     Go to "e-gunparts.com" This is Numrich Arms in upstate NY. They maintain a parts inventory for old firearms of every make. They depend on cannibalizing old guns, so they don't always have the parts in stock, but they have a surprizing amount available.
Your field king was made from 1954-1957,with that serial number.Those models are referred to the third model,and are running for between 175 dollars in 60% of original condition up to 475 dollars for one in 95% condition.
I believe you mean a Crosman V-350. In good looking and working condition it is worth between $55 - $75 add 200% for a gold plated version, Add 300%-500% for a V350M military version. It was made between 1961-69. See the link below for Crosman owners manuals
100-1000 and up depending on specifics
Your second year production BAR (1968) is going for 300 dollars in 60%original condition up to 600 dollars for one in mint 98% original condition.
While it may look snazzy, it is really not a good practice. The 8 round en block clip holds 2 rows of 4 cartridges each. The sling is pressed into the center of the two rows. When grabbing the clip in a hurry, it is possible to snatch the cartridges out of the clip, where they will go flying.
Yes, there is. There are several gun price guides, ONE of which is published under the trade name Blue Book. It is a price GUIDE.
Gun shop, pawn shop. Values for starter pistols are typically very low.
  == Answer ==     Greetings! The value of any fire arm can vary significantly based on several factors. First and most important is the condition. A Stevens C S R in excelent condition can be worth up to $450.00. On the other hand the same gun on poor condition could fetch as little as ...
Try gun shows, gun shops, pawn shops, garage sales, want ads, for sale ads, estate sales, ShotGun News.
No: break barrel rifles are designed to use a "Spring or Nito Gas" piston. C02 doesn't require a break barrel design. BUT Spring designed are much stronger than C02 systems
Sometime in 1979. You can request a letter from S&W for it.
  == Answer ==   Raise the bolt to the unlocked position, then pull the trigger while removing the bolt.   == Answer ==     That makes no sense. The Model 60 is a semiautomatic firearm, not a bolt-action.     The old style Model 60 used the operating handle as a bolt hold...
700 - 900 rounds per minute (cyclic), just like the M16A1, Diemaco C7 and C8, M4A1, etc.
You will have to call S&W with the serial number to find out.
stinger p40 is larger and has a fps of 325 ruger 345 is co2 depends on what you want
depending on age and condition, you can expect to get between $65 and $130 for it
Machine guns were in use BEFORE WW 1. They were around for the entire war.
Not in most states. I think it's always a good idea, though. And even if you don't ask for, or can't get a "bill of sale" you can at least write a note as a reminder for yourself later, with the name of the person you got the gun from, the date you first got it, and any other key details of the...
$150-$250, depending on condition, barrel, sights, etc.
You will have to call S&W with the serial number and ask.
If you are looking for a metaphor, that is one thing. If you are looking for real life advice- no. That is a good way to shoot yourself. A weapon should be drawn and reholstered deliberately and with care.
Keep pointing the gun at the target for at least 10 full seconds.If the round does not go off, try re-cocking the gun and attempt to fire it again.If you have to open the action to re-cock the gun or if it still doesn't go off after a second strike at the primer by the firing pin, carefully open the...
Dealers and collectors. Start with the yellow pages under gun shops.
  == Answer ==     I would say it's around 75-65 used.
The Crescent Gun Company made guns which were sold under assorted brand names back around the turn of the last century. "Essex", "Knickerbocker", "Lakeside", "American Gun Co."; an on-line search will turn up an amazing list of over a hundred names under which these low cost guns were marketed. In...
turn it on and tap the back. if it does not spin something is wrong.
No, from wounds received from a cannon loaded with grapeshot. Grapeshot is a package of large lead balls fired from a cannon. The cloth package of round lead shot, wrapped with string, looks a bit like a bunch of grapes.
You need a lawyer that practices in Florida. If you are pending final outcome of the case, no.
I think this all depends on the Individual school district. In down town L.A. or San Francisco I would think not, but in the more rural communities it may be possible. I think you would have to go before the individual school board. But keep this in mind. Schools are cutting back on outside...
    The only type of gun that I can think of that you could buy a blueprint for would be a black powder gun that you will make.     Years ago, I bought a blueprint for a Pennsylvania Rifle (aka Kentucky Rifle). The B/P was the pattern from Bedford County. The B/P was about 95% of...
My Dad gave me one, new, when I was 12 years old. Just found it again in a closet in the old house in PA while I was visiting. This one is 57 years old!
For a transferrable, select fire, NFA tax stamped rifle, 21. For a semi auto military styled rifle, 18. This law pertains to the US, and laws will vary in other countries.
value depends on overall condition. you will also have to i.d. the model, caliber and serial number. colt made a number of different revolvers in 1886
No one answer. The Tanod (watchman) performs policing functions in the village. The answer would depend on the individual Tanod- skills, training, need, and the laws that govern that Barangay.
  == Answer ==   You won't find history of any particular Crescent double barrel model. They basically made one or two models and marked them with whatever name the retailer wanted. Well over 100 different trade names have been found on Crescents. The company was formed in Norwich, Ct, in...
Just as powerful or more powerful than what??
I would first try E-bay then I would check other site,s on the net under Charles daly.
Yes, but I believe NJ requires a Firearms ID card to possess firearms in the state. You should probably check with a local gun shop or police department to see what you need to do.
Willa Holland is 26 years old (birthdate: June 18, 1991).
That depends on the laws in YOUR country. Bear in mind that we field questions from a worldwide audience, and the laws which pertain to one country are subject to be different in others - especially pertaining to firearms ownership. In the US, a .45 ACP pistol is perfectly legal, although some...
The model 37 indicates an "air weight" aluminum frame. It is the aluminum frame version of the model 36. Generally the model 37 is not plus P rated unless so marked on the barrel. A model 637 is the stainless/aluminum version of the air weight and is plus P rated.
  about £50 - £100 depending on condition. Average examples go for about £80 if the original sights are present, the woodwork is in fair condition, the trigger hasn't been messed about with and 'lightened' and the barrel & bore are in good repair. That's asuming you can find someone who...
Only if you have a concealed carry permit either issued by the state of Ohio, or a concealed carry permit from a home state which shares reciprocity with Ohio - the exact same conditions under which a civilian would be able to carry a concealed handgun. Being active in the military does not grant...
No such sn in the Colt 25 range
No such sn in the Colt 25 series
Airsoft was created and marketed in Japan in the 1980s due to civilian ownership of firearms being banned. Airsoft was used to closely emulate real guns. Now Airsoft guns have been adapted with a purely recreational application in mind.
England respected America's right to neutrality.   England would ignore pre-Revolutionary debts owed to British merchants.
Yes and no. Firstly, according to FEDERAL firearms code the answer is "no." Beyond that, your state may have varying statute. In the state of Texas, according to penal code 46.04 a person convicted of a felony may, after FIVE YEARS of RELEASE FROM STATE SUPERVISION (ie, released from probation,...
Trying to put a value on anything with just the limited information provided is hard to do. Value depends on a combination of many factors. You have only provided the most generic description. Without a detailed description to include, finish, barrel length, stock material, sights, box, original...
Without knowing all markings, features, serial number and bbl length, it is almost impossible to answer.
Impossible to answer without knowing all the variables that mean "best" to you.
Don't attempt this. Using ammo other than what the firearm is designed for is extremely dangerous, and may result in injury or even death to the firer. Especially in this case, where you're talking about using an entirely separate class of ammo than what the pistol was designed for. The 9x17/.380...
Answer . It depends on what kind of information you are looking for. Is it a Browning? Is it an over/under or a side x side?. If you want value, try the Blue book of gun values. There are books on the market with information about all Browning models.
  Check this table for the answer: http://www.remingtonsociety.com/rsa/questions/barrelcodes
  == Answer ==     Depending on the condition,DOM,grade the gun could be worth from $280 to $4000 or more.
Matchlock "hand cannon", used in battle in the 1200s.
"Better" is a subjective term. Without more information, neither is "better"
Answer  depending on condition you can expect to top out at $400 for new condition safe bet between $350 to $375  I just bought one in 80%+ condition for $140.00 + shipping. Very well-built guns, and I shoot them well because they have more stock drop than most modern guns. However, they are not...
  == Answer ==   The serial number is not complete. There should be a letter or letter/number combo above or preceding this serial number. Search the Blue Book of Gun Values to find a value
  == Answer ==   Not enough information to answer this question. Based on model, and condition you can get a general idea of value from the Blue Book link below. A professional appraisal is always recommended.
You will have to contact SIG to find out.
It was manufactured in 1991. German manufactured Sigs have the two letter date code on the underside of the barrel. K = 9 and B = 1.A=0, B=1, C=2, D=3 etc...
  First off, firearm values are greatly affected by the condition of the piece, so without seeing your Savage and judging its condition, the best anyone can do is give you a viable price range. The Savage Sporter in 32-20 is not a highly desirable collector's piece, but there seems to always be...
Anschultz wasn't able to import their rifles so savage arms did it for them and stamped their name on it. Like wen a classy lady marrys a dousche and does th - with their 2 names
For any paintball markers that runs on batteries with electronics  (excluding mechanical markers that can be fitted with electronic  grips) it's recommended you use HPA tanks. Aluminum tanks are your  best bet. However, if you have a bit of extra cash and a stickler  for hauling that extra...
You need to find what fits well on your shoulder. I'd stick with Guerrilla air and Ninja for the companies however.
No. Because a Glock 26 is chambered in 9mm, as a Glock 23 is chambered in .40 s&w. For example you can use a Glock 22 (full size) in Glock 23 (compact) and in Glock 27 (sub-compact) But you cannot use Glock 27 mags in Glock 23 or Glock 22.
The Savage 99 series rifle has been made for a great many years, in varying models. If you contact Savage Arms at (413) 642-4260 with the exact model number and serial number, they can provide you with historical information on your rifle. They are in the Eastern US time zone.
At bare minimum: the Invert halo too. if you want a perfect fit: Empire prophecy. anything better then that is probably overkill.
Value depends on overall condition.
In mint (like new condition) $150, $100-120 for excellent, in anything less pretty much $50.
It all depends on when they get a shipment from the manufacture.
  The best way to determine actual value is to search the online auctions, such as www.gunbroker.com and www.auctionarms.com or even www.proxibid.com enter your details in the search and see what has SOLD and for how much. if there is nothing current try the archives of past sales of items sold....
A lot of paintball fields have proshops in them, as well as independent paintball stores, Army-Navy stores, and some sporting goods stores.