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Values are based on the actual condition of the firearm and whether any modifications have been done to it, such as re-bluing or drilling and tapping for scope mounts, etc. Condition depends on how much of the original finish (stock and metal) is remaining and if there are any dings, dents, scratches, etc on it. It's really best to take the firearm to someone local or to a gun show for an estimate of worth.
fair condition approx $100. USD.........very good condition approx $175. USD
  Whatever the market will bear.
I believe you are asking about a Sears JC Higgins air rifle model 126.19310. Both Daisy and Crosman air gun company made Air Rifles & guns for Sears under the JC Higgins name. Model 126.19310 is a Crosman Model 180: 22, Cal C02 wood stock 4 lbs. first made 1956-59 Second Variant had a die cast...
I believe you are asking about a Sears JC Higgins air rifle model 126.19310. Both Daisy and Crosman air gun company made Air Rifles & guns for Sears under the JC Higgins name. Model 126.19310 is a Crosman Model 180 22. Cal C02 wood stock 4 lbs. first made 1956-59 Second Variant had a die cast...
Answer . The Remington Model 6 was a boys' rifle version of the rolling block. Nearly half a million were manufactured from 1902 to 1933. The Blue Book suggests a value of $75 as a worn-out parts gun and $600 if it retains 98% of the original finish. They are much more likely to be found well...
  About $50 to $100. Also known as the RG63. Made by Röhm in Germany, pre-1968. I've seen in .38 caliber and need a cylinder for one in .32.
100-1000 or more depending on specifics
  == Answer ==   The serial dates the pistol to the first year of production which will increase value. At the Reno gun show in August prices for the pre-World War II Colt Supers ranged from $3000 to $5000 depending on condiition and whether the original box was present.   Randy Bessler...
From 1940 to 1946 production of the Auto-5 was turned over to Remington. Serial number is on the side of receiver. "ABC" for American made Version. (A=16 gauge, B-12 gauge, C=20 gauge).
no, Mattel making military rifles is an urban legend, and comes from two sources - the first being a replica M16 they made, and the second being that they were contracted to manufacture plastic furniture for the M16 rifles, and this furniture bore the name of the manufacturer.
  I bought my S/W revolver M# 36 in 1977, N finish, 2 barrel, 5 shot. Never been used. Still in original box.   I bought my S/W revolver M# 36 in 1977, N finish, 2 barrel, 5 shot. Never been used. Still in original box.
Gun shows, you can ask your local gun stores if they can order it, you can try Gun Broker, Auction Arms, and Guns America, or you can see if E-Gunparts has them in stock.<><><>If the above does not work, check havlinsales.com. Vic Havlin heads up the Mossberg Collectors Association...
Riverside Arms Company in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts made and  sold guns and ammunition to customers. The US Pat Feb 10, 1914  refers to a firearm that was produced by the company.
Without a detailed description of all markings, features, box, papers, accessories, etc.. the question can not be answered.
Electro-magnetic field. You can read about the process in much more detail in theAdventures from the Technology Underground: Catapults, Pulsejets, Rail Guns, Flamethrowers, Tesla Coils, Air Cannons, and the Garage Warriors Who Love Them which can be read or bought at any Borders Book Store (thats...
if it's in good condition up to 200 dollars, but the market on it is down right now, i have one with the scabbord and i dont intend on selling it anytime soon because its worth alot more to me then anyone would pay for it right now.I also have a original 1917 bayonet marked UMC 1917,with its...
if you're asking how to refill the tank you take it to a local paintball shop or sporting goods store, they can fill them
$895.00I don't know how that could be answered without knowing condition.  Has it been used for a tomato stake or it's like new.... BIG difference in value.
I believe that you can buy the cheapest ones at Wal-mart for around  15 dollars for 2. these pistols only hold 5 shots and are about the  size of your hand. They are a joke really.
  It doesn't exist. Now a RUGER, Mark 1 you can get a manual for from the company website.
If it meant the difference between life and death, yes. Otherwise, GET IT TO A GUNSMITH AND GET IT REPAIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
No, there is not an infinite ammo cheat in GTA IV. There is a way to get full ammo with any weapon cheat (Weak, Strong, Health & Weapons) by just activating the cheat until there is full ammo capacity.
See the link below for "UK airgun law"It looks to me like under 12ft pounds is the limit. I've been told it 495 FPS (feet per second) is the max. Anything over that requires a special license.
Be trained, be safe, be polite, have a lawyer
  277707 is your serial number so what does your car look like? Are you serious? The question can't be answered in its present form.
Not for commercial sales.
Given the right set of circumstances, which I will not go into, yes.
I assume you mean .35 Remington rifle ammunition vs. standard 30-30 rifle ammo. If so then they are not the same and although they look similar they are not interchangable. I hope this answers your question.
I got mine a year ago for $50 in functional but worn and beginning to rust condition. I have seen some on the internet go as high as $225 In 1962 they sold for 12 dollars. I will pay 150 dollars for one in real good shape. ljones60_77_80@hot mail.com what model 22? 49 or 72 49s are junk Ithaca...
  == Answer ==   No, you cannot purchase a firearm if you have a felony conviction.
Depends on the Model . A Spooky arms 1 25mm gun 1 40mm Bofors And 1 105mm Howitser
  It is a shotgun shell.
How long is a tape measure? (My favorite mother-in-law question). Point is, much more information is required, and likely only a rough estimate will be found on-line due to the lack of opportunity to visually inspect the pistol. Rough estimates of market value can be found by surfing sites on the...
casual clothes are fine, safety gear included (gloves, safety glasses, etc.) and no loose clothing.
  Made by Remington in 1985 &1986; 28" or 30" vented rib barrel with various chokes; basicly same gun as the 870 Express model; most if not all 870 parts are interchangable. Should probably hold value comparable to the Remington 870 Express model which retails close to $400.00 after taxes.
It was designed originally around a single stack 10 round magazine. Chambered in 7.62x39s. Made by romarm in romania. Recently century arms started importing them and installing the tapco g2 trigger system to reduce "trigger slap". They are great rifles if you have some jb weld and some cold brew.
Its not illegal, it is a left wing WalMart policy.depending on the state, I'm sure at time of purchase you would be required to verify your age. If underaged, you could not buy it.......................
"Browning" The best there is for extreme hunting
    By the serial number
Without a detailed description of all markings, features, box, papers, accessories, etc.. you can be in the <100 USD to >10000 USD range.
Mikael Kalishnikov (i think spelling is right?? lol) designed the AK-47 in 1947 in russia.
It's a high end setup for a Browning shotgun. You can find the serial number under the tang.
well if you wat to take the chance buy one out of state and bring  it back or you could just move out of state
Answer . According to the Blue Book of Gun Values, assuming that is in working condition and has not been altered from its factory configuration, the Model 49 Saddlegun is valued at $40 if it retains 60% or less of the original finish and $145 in 100% original condition. Add 20% to the value for...
  Go to the club's web site or call and ask.
FM 3-22.9 - Rifle Marksmanship, M16-/M4- series weapons FM 3-22.10 - Sniper Training and Operations TM 9-1005-319-23&P - Unit and Direct Support maintenance Manual. M16-/M4- series weapons
Need more info to shoot a figure...condition, gauge, barrel length/choke/ribbing... Answer The Remington Model 11 was produced from 1905-1947. It was the first autoloading shotgun produced in the US. You can call Remington direct at 1-800-243-9700 and they can assist you with values. You can look...
It does not exist (yet). The rail gun is a concept, not an active weapon system. Still being created. It depends on the aircraft. Fighters have a gun mount above and slightly outboard of the intakes. Actually the rail gun does exist. Many are kept around the U.S. at various locations. They are most...
You will have to call Colt since you did not provid the serial number.
Yes they did, i have one sporterised. It is marked M1917 Remington on the top of the reciever.
Always depends on condition. $50-$100 if it needs work or has a lot of wear to $250 if in excellent condition. Last one I bought was for $25 but it needed an extractor & barrel.
The SCAR-S is a 5.56mm and the SCAR-H is 7.62mm
Check gunbroker. There's an info packet for sale telling all about 219, 219B, 219L The 219B was made after WWll until 1963. In ex. cond. it's worth 7-8 hundred. In poor cond., $125 - 250.
NO, a 38 Special is actually .357 caliber.NO, a 38 Special is actually .357 caliber.A 38 special is NOT a 357 magnum. Both bullet heads are about .357 in diameter. The difference between the 38 and 357 is the length of the brass case. The 357 brass case is a bit longer then the 38 special case, and...
The model 107 was manufactured from 1912 until 1945, but Stevenswas not associated with Savage until 1920, and even though a partof the Savage Arms Company, the guns were marked as "J. StevensArms Co" until the mid 1940's, so most likely yours was one of thelast model 107's made in 1945. Stevens...
  == Answer ==   There's a whole shelf of books on firearms in your library. Or you may find information on www.savagearms.com
  Sporting goods stores. Cabela's, Dicks, etc.
  == Answer ==     your shotgun is a mossberg model 500. you can buy replacement plastic safety buttons from almost any hunting\\outdoor catalog or cheaper-than-dirt. try www.e-gunparts.com they have replacement metal ones that won't break in the cold weather. good luck
No. Glocks have a a 6 digit serial number. The first 3 digits of the glock serial number are letters and the last 3 are numbers.
They both have their strong and weak points. The AK is generally more durable, and forgiving of mishandling, as it was intended for conscript troops, and thus, is suitable for conscript militaries, hastily composed militias, and the like, who would probably not take too well to the M16 (though it...
<http://www.socalairsoft.com/2010/04/airsoft-fields-in-socal-map/> here is a map of many airsoft fields in Southern California. You can call or email any of these places to ask if you can have a party there. Many airsoft places will host private events like parties, so you just have to figure...
it is a 410 ga pump shotgun
You have to get to a level in story mode when you use the machine gun then you get it in online.
Not for their intended purpose, airsoft legally arent distinguished from their 'real' counterparts, so if you want to own a Tokyo Maui Glock 19 you need a license and follow the procedures for a real glock 19...
Want ad, gun show, gun shop, pawn shop, garage sale, on line auctions
I have the same shotgun, only a 20 gauge, left to me by my Grandfather. It was the first firearm I ever shot. My Dad caught me in his arms as it blew me 4 feet backwards. Loved it and hit the oil can on the fence post too!I am researching the shotgun as a hobby now. If I find anything on these...
100-1000 or more depending on specifics
100-400 depending on specifics
  Yes, as long as the mag matches the caliber of the gun.
  Depends on your ability to shoot and the game you are hunting.
Upgrade the bushings and the gear box shell. then make sure you piston can withstand the strength of the spring.