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World Currencies

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A currency is a kind of money and medium of exchange. It includes metal coins and paper or polymer banknotes. Each country generally has a monopoly on the issuing of its own currency, although some countries use the same currency. Most members of the European Union, for example, use the Euro as their basic currency.
These bills are retired, try taking them to an exchange bank to  convert it to a modern denomination.
approach a commercial bank or exchange company;
just before payment option you will get that option
It would roughly be £43.08
£25,000,000 * 2.03 = $ 50,750,000 assuming an exchange rate of 2.03 $ to the £
$29.96 US as of 11/07/2014    However exchange rates change every day. While it's not Answers.com  policy to say "use the Internet", to get an up to date figure,  that's the best approach in this case. You can check a site such as  www . xe.com, CNNMoney, etc. for the latest conversion...
A majority of nations throughout the world accept U. S. Dollars.  Some do not do this publicly but their is always a market for  Dollars. Often countries currency is devaluing on the open market  due to inflation running wild and in these cases a hard currency  such as dollars, pounds, etc are...
1 Pound = 1.56 US Dollars as of today. However, exchange rates  change every day.
$905.04 as of 01/26/2015 @ 5:30 PM eastern time
Partly it was issued on paper with no real way to convert it to  coin, partly it was easy to counterfeit.
1 buck    Not exactly   Exchange rates change every day so any specific answer posted here  becomes out of date almost immediately. As of 04 Feb 2015, 100  Jamaican dollars is only worth about 86 US cents.    While it's not Answers.com policy to say "use the Internet", that's  the...
Depends on the buyer?   But you can find these on eBay for a mere £10, so wouldn't bother  myself.
1 Euro is about 1.2343(1.23) US Dollars.   For Every Euro you have, you would multiply by 1.2343.   Examples:   5 Euros = 6.1715 US Dollars   Hi, the exchange rate varies daily, so you need a online converter  to get the updated rate. For instace, Today, 2014-10-17, 1 Euro is  worth 1...
Assumption is that the base currency is USD.24-2-2015 the exchange  rate from USD to BP is 1:0,65   299,95 USD then becomes 194,20 BP
At 24-2-2015 the exchange rate USD:BP was 1:0,65. 299,95 BP thus is  463,30 USD.
408.23  US Dollar  
Peru's currency is the Sol. One Sol is worth 37 dollar-cents at this moment.
60,000 Australian Pounds in 1966 had the purchasing power of about $1,248,138.25 AUD today.NOTE - This historical conversion is the result of many calculations and considerations for which I cannot take credit. The resulting answer should only be regarded as an approximation.
twenty two million, three hundred twenty five thousand rupees
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In 1951, the geographical region shillingreplaced the rupee within the urban center colony and territorialdominion, which became the South Arabian Federation in 1963. In1965, the geographical region Currency Board was ending, and alsothe South Arabian dinar replaced the shilling within the...
That would be 6.27 Pounds.
A Halfcrown (Two Shillings and Sixpence) GBP in 1966 had the purchasing power of about £3.12 GBP today.NOTE - This historical conversion is the result of many calculations and considerations for which I cannot take credit. The resulting answer should only be regarded as an approximation.
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Vietnamese Dong, and every note has a picture of Ho Chi Minh on
Today it is worth 283 Canadian Dollars
The exchange rate of Ren Min Bi (RMB, 人民币) to US dollar (USD, 美元) now is: 1 RMB = 0.146460 USD.
There are so many countries that do not use dollar as their national currency. Ex: India, Pakistan, Spain, UAE, Saudi Arabia, England, France etc.
Today, 1 Canadian dollar is worth 2.828 Brazilian Reals
Konvertibilna Marka (KM) - "Convertible Mark", which is tied to the value of the German mark.
It is the currency of Papua New Guinea.
cost of 630kVA transformer
It depends on how much you spend on postage.
The Danish Krone is the currency of Greenland.
The euro is the current Italian currency. Italy is a member of the European Union. Use of the euro isn't a requirement of EU membership. For example, Sweden is an EU member that doesn't use the euro. Italy is an example of an EU member that does.
United States Dollar: USD $1 = 1.19 YTL Australian Dollar: AUD $1 = 1.05 YTL Euro: EUR €1 = 1.77 YTL
The United States Dollar.
yes still possible via www.euromoney24.com - you get your money transfered via paypal - exchange or donation is possible you can even put all former european currencies (Guilders, Schilling, Marks, Peseta, etc.) together and send in one shipment (becomes cheaper, the more you send)...
30 thousands core = 30 billion
Two Pence GBP in 1860 had the purchasing power of about £0.52 GBP today.NOTE - This historical conversion is the result of many calculations and considerations by a purpose designed program for which I can take no credit. The resulting answer should only be regarded as an approximation.
There are 2 currencies in use currently in United Kingdom 1. GBP - Great Britain Pound 2. Euro
The Shilling as used by Britain and many of the British Empire/Commonwealth countries was abbreviated to "S".It was a subunit of the currency. There were 12 Pence in a Shilling and 20 Shillings in a Pound.These Shillings are part of a long redundant or obsolete currency and are no longer used.The...
The now redundant British Shilling, and the redundant Shillings of most other Commonwealth countries, was abbreviated to an "S", sometimes upper case, but usually lower case.A value of Two Shillings may have written on the price tag as "2s" or "2/-", or if there were Pennies involved "2/6" or "2/6d"...
If you mean British pounds, today (14. February 2013) 8,000 GBP equals 12,403 USD. Because the currency varies from day to day, you have to convert it the same day that you need it. This answer may be be different tomorrow, or next week.I would recommend to use a currency-converter. See the related...
Norway don't use the EURO. They still use the Norwegian krone. (NOK) Norway is not a part of the European Union.
The only 1876 gold peseta coins from Spain are denominated "25 Pesetas" and contain 0.23335 Troy ounce of gold worth about $400 as of February 2012. The original coin, of which 1,281,000 were minted, have the numbers "18" and "76" incused into the stars on either side of the date. They are worth...
Most peoples earnings are not a matter of public record and in most countries tax information is confidential. Therefore until a person dies (when their the size of their estate is a matter of public record) any speculation as to their daily or annual income is just that, speculation. It would...
The rate of exchange changes continually. As at 5-Feb-2010, $1 Canadian is worth £0.59.
how much is 100 baisa's in united states money
To use money in England, if traveling, you will want to first  exchange your currency to the English Pound. You can exchange money  in many different places. The English Pound can then be used for  purchases anywhere.
6.65 USD = 4.1277 GBP
Tahiti is known for its lush tropical vegetation and ideal climate. It is the largest and most popular island in French Polynesia. It has a great variety of foods.
As of 12/6/12 (fluctuates daily): 1,800.00 EUR = 2,351.70 USD 1 EUR = 1.3065 USD1 USD = 0.7654 EUR
350,000.00 JPY = 4,261.30 USD 1 JPY = 0.012175 USD1 USD = 82.135 JPY
the newest type of currency is the euro
Swansea is in Wales and Wales is in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom does not use the euro. It uses the pound sterling. Only 17 of the 27 \ncountries that are members of the organisation called the European Union\nuse the Euro. The other 10 countries, the United Kingdom being one of them,...
1/100th of a war horse, rough condition, includes regimental pendant
It is 660.94 in Mexican pesos.
how much was 20pounds worth in the 1400's ad
25000 / 100 x 15 = 3,750 pesos.
The Reserve Bank of India is the governing body that issues currency notes and coins in India. the currency is India Rupee (INR)
The Norwegian currency is Kroner. "1 Krone" can be split into "100 øre". There is both coins and notes. The coins are 50 øre, 1 krone, 5 kroner, 10 kroner and 20 kroner. The notes are 50 kroner, 100 kroner, 200 kroner, 500 kroner and 1 000 kroner.
The exchange rate changes daily, as at 6th Feb 2010 - 125 British pounds = 143.05 Euros
0.732 Euro is equal to 1 dollar so the Euro is worth more than a dollar.
convert 20 cent into indian rupees
i think its called rand