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Questions and information about the structure and history of legislative systems and ruling empires of countries other than the United States
I have been interested in civics since I could read. I have been aconsultant for international companies and also peace talks betweencountries.
Today there are a Total of 2,475,967 soldiers in the Military.There is 507,158 soldiers in the army, 347,693 soldiers in thenavy, 347,352 soldiers in the air force, 179,762 marines, and atotal of 1,381,965 DODs
The Infantry Division did not exist in 1812. Instead there was a45th regiment, mainly from Massachusetts and what would becomeMaine.
It's getting down to this deadline. Personally I would not expect Iran to keep to the agreements as arranged. We can sign all the treaties we want they will not keep to it. Now we have Iran and Russia working together. We see these alliances. One day they will try to take over the USA. They may...
No, Sir Charles did not WIN a majority government when he waselected as Prime Minister but because the Conservatives had won amajority at the 1891 general election, when he became PrimeMinister he inherited that majority
It depends based on what you like more if you prefer College go toit. But if you like ROTC, or the military go to either one youlike.[I would prefer college because you can make money and havewealthy life.
Answer . It established the US Government.
when one thing/person has or gains more power than it/they should have. For example, the three branched of government, if one branch has more power than the other two that is an imbalance of power.
The constitution of the United States
The USS Clytie (AS-26) was an Aegir-class submarine tender that entered the Pacific Theatre late in the war. Stationed in Australia, she tended submarines of the 7th Fleet from April - September 1945, then was ordered home after the war ended.
what have you done to the answers.com site? You have totallydestroyed and made useless a site that at one time was better thanwikipedia.
William Windom (May 10, 1827 - January 29, 1891) was anAmerican politician from Minnesota. He served as US Representativefrom 1859 to 1869, and as U.S Senator from 1870 to January 1871,from March 1871 to March 1881, and from November 1881 to 1883. Healso served as Secretary of the Treasury from...
Army Snipers have a better reputation in recent years as they have had much more experience fighting in the urban terrain of Iraq and mountain terrain of Afghanistan.
Tarja Halonen was born on December 24, 1943.
The 3 is the rank of the sailor, indicating that they are an E-4 or 3rd Class Petty Officer. SB is their specialty and it stands for Navy Special Boat Operators (SB). They are also known as SWCC, which is Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen. They operate the special boats used by SEAL teams...
Answer . depends on ur state domicile and rank. all the best.still 19 is a good rank. u should be able to get a good branch in agood nit.
Winston Churchill helped make the world a better place because he helped to give us freedom and he helped us win the second world war.
Sergeant of arms keeps the peace in a meeting. A mace is used to hit people so if needed he would hit people. A mace was mainly used in war and not to keep the peace.
The people have less choice and the fate of the country and people is left with the wisdom of one person.
There were many bases where the WWII US Army trained. With the beginning of the draft in 1940 the Army cranked up its division creating process. Initially the army reckoned it would take 200 divisions to fight the war, but in the end wound up creating about 90. Some of these were National Guard...
It was first called Naval Station Honolulu and 1899 it became Naval Station, Hawaii, In 1908 the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard was added and in 1917 Ford Island became an Army and Navy Air Station. As of 31 January 2010 the entire complex has been renamed Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam.
Enemies and their equipment.
You have a total commitment of eight years - any time you spend not on active duty or in a reserve component, you'll spend in what's known as the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). You're basically subject to recall during that time if you're needed. The shortest enlistment period I'm aware of for...
what is Take up the White Man's burden-- Send forth the best yebreed-- Go bind your sons to exile To serve your captives' need;Answer
One is always left out in case an incident happens. It rotates each time.
1. There would be no market established price mechanism so worth and value would be set by a committee. This would disconnect value and consumer choices so the people would be powerless to choose. 2. Power would be created by political connection. Managers and leaders would be chosen by an elite...
Liberals are all for individual rights. The Patriot Act involves phone tapping, invasion into personal emails and records. Thus, Liberals are very anti-Patriot Act.
The closest Air Force base would be the Niagara Falls base. It is aprimarily-reserve base meaning most of the personnel arereservists, rather than active duty.
No can only answer this question with an oppinion nobody really knows but he did give us the white house starting with just a stone cornor peice so if you think of all the great things he did for our country it makes you wonder he must have liked being president somewhat to do all the great things...
For power, total control, and totalitarian rule.
In the US, there is no mandatory service requirement. You are, however, required to sign for the Selective Service Act when you turn 18, which makes you eligible for mandatory service, should the draft be reinstated. Some countries do have a mandatory military service requirement. See related link...
I think they have a system where you only pay for 5%, I'm not sure if this applies to all colleges or just military funded ones for ex servicemen.
Immediately after abolition the former slaves joined the unionarmy, fleeing form the south. So 1863? I am not an american so I amfuzzy on your history, the very short US history :)
I'm not entirely sure what you mean. Germany was most opposed by the final result, France was most opposed by Wilsons Fourteen Points which was greatly modified to become the treaty of Paris.
Federal emergency marinatenance agency
Following are the various three strategic objectives of departmentof homeland security such as: security, resilience and customs andexchange.
The department of commerce was created to create jobs, promoteeconomic growth, encourage sustainable development and improvestandards of living for all Americans.
Wikipedia has it at 1846 kg/ 1.846 tonnes
Five Stars indicates the rank of the French soldier and near as I could determine the number 5 is either the force or infantry unit they serve in.
You bring yourself. What I mean is - they( the drill instructors) take everything you own and put it in a paper bag. You get the bag back after you graduate. When I went through they told us that you could bring items like shoes, toiletries, letter writing gear,so on and soforth but when we got...
There is no branch called marines. They are called the United State Marine Corps and they are a ground assault force for the United States Navy. A Marine is the name of the man who serves in the USMC. A sailor is the name of the man who serves in the USN. A soldier serves in the United States Army...
To continue training Iraqi forces to combat Isis
A court of appeals is a court of appellate jurisdiction. This is in contrast to a court of original jurisdiction. If I get in a car wreck and want to sue, I would file my lawsuit in the trial court (whether state or federal), a court of original jurisdiction. Say I lose. I get one appeal as of right...
He never took part in a battle. He was managing the war in London.
Brigadier General James Dozier was kidnapped by the Italian Red Brigades in December 1981.
I understand from my veteran spouse that you cannot try to reenlist because fraudulent enlistment is not legal. I suggest the person contact the local recruiter's office and double check.
My veteran husband said it can take between 8-10 years to become a Petty Officer first class in the USN. Anyone aiming for that rank must work hard, do good work, be obedient, keep very fit and study and do well on tests. It can also vary depending upon the rating. Some ratings are in higher...
The Continuity Irish Republican Army is an Irish republican paramilitary group that aims to bring about a united Ireland . It is an illegal organisation in the Republicof Ireland and is designated a terrorist organization in the UnitedStates.
It can heat the contents and expand until it burst.
0 three to amend the part of the Judges Act such as 2007, "social worker in (2007) in December and care worker method from large long-term care to nursing care in accordance with the mental and physical condition, but are promulgated, social workers and provision of care worker method has been...
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The Treaty of Versailles is peace treaty that ended war betweenGermany and Allied powers and the treaty was signed on 28 June1919,but it took six months of negotiations and at Paris PeaceConference the treaty was concluded and registered by theSecretariat of the League of Nations on 21 October 1919...
Nope, he was either in college or working on a television show throughout the vietnam and korean war. His supposed 150 confirmed kill count is higher than the actual highest confirmed sniper kill count in U.S. history. Also, there are videos of him swimming that do not show any tattoos.
the essential requirements for the automatic marine machinery
Force Recon Bravo Marines are part of the reconnaissance force of the Marine Corp and Bravo is the unit designation. They even have their own website for the Marines in that unit to meet together on the web. This is a description of the work of the recon men which I found on a site for military...
Conduct prompt and sustained combat operations at sea, including sea-based and land-based aviation, Provide detachments and organizations to serveon armed vessells of the navy and provide security detachments fornaval stations and bases. Organize, equip, and provide Marine Corps forces to conduct...
The 12th Ranger Infantry led by Lieutenant Ralph Puckett
Common people. Indian Citizen, 18 Years old or More, with a valid Voter ID proof.
Margaret Thatcher's biggest change was in attitude. BaronessThatcher took the U.K from a 'this will do attitude' to a 'can doforce'. I did not agree with all her politics. In fact I was on theMiners picket line at Didcot Power Station and took part inprotests. However, she was right to want to...
You're probably thinking of PATRIOT or TIA (Total Information Act).
In all states the highest court is called the Supreme Court.
1. "Great Man" Theories: Great man theories assume that the capacity for leadership is inherent - that great leaders are born, not made. These theories often portray great leaders as heroic, mythic and destined to rise to leadership when needed. The term "Great Man" was used because, at the time,...
Depends how many you would like to kill...
Civil Air Patrol ( CAP ) is a Congressionally chartered, federallysupported non-profit corporation that serves as the officialcivilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF). [5] CAP is a volunteer organization with an aviation-mindedmembership that includes people from all...
Yes, you have to be an American citizen.
Mapquest says about 650 miles (about 11 hour drive).
They designate multiple awards of the same ribbon. For example, if you see a ribbon (decoration) with two oak leaves, that means the soldier was awarded that decoration three times (one for the ribbon and one each for the leaves).
Executive branch, the commander in chief is the president who is inthis branch.
Gandhi is religious, he was a Hindu