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Art Museums and Galleries

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Art Museums and Galleries are local and world wide businesses and cultural institutions that are dedicated to the collecting, cataloging, appraisal, showcasing, and sometimes the sale of objects of fine art, and artistry from ancient to modern creation. Questions here have to do with art museums and galleries throughout the world.
The Lee Reynolds painting is worth between 185 and 740 pounds.
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York was designed by  architect Frank Lloyd Wright.   The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao is located in Bilbao, Spain and was  designed by architect Frank Gehry.   The Guggenheim Abu Dhabi, which will be built in Abu Dhabi in the  United Arab Emirates, is...
Absolutely nothing! The Smithsonian museums are free to every one.
Check with a local gunshop to see if you can hire an appraiser. These were very common firearms, so may not be what the Smithsonian would have on its wishlist.
The Museo Picasso Malaga is located at Palacio de Buenavista, Calle  San Augustin, 8, 29015 Malaga, Spain.
The President of USA when Smithsonian Institution was establishedwas James K. Polk.
No, t is fictitious painting made up for the sake of a novel
it is in a place called the huntington gallery and its a lovely painting. Its in the usa though.
If you have a private collection of art to sell to a museum, you need to get in touch with the director. Find a museum that collects pieces that have things in common with the pieces you want to sell. Unless the collection is very obviously valuable to the museum, you may want to consider displaying...
If you are a guy and your friends are mostly guys, tell them all the cool chicks from all the elite schools come there. And say some more sentences about how cool they look and how rare they are. You friends will visit the art exhibition.
The Tate Modern is free apart some major exhibits
Well, museums have importance for people who enjoy history, or who are very interested in one particular subject. There are Art museums, Railroad museums, dollhouse museums, and museums devoted to history, or the history of a certain area. There are many, many other types as well. For people who...
Geneva Switzerland has 12 museums listed on their website. There could be more. There are 12 museums affiliated to the Art and Natural History Museum Network. There are a dozen more not affiliated to the Municipal system that operate independently: The Cité du Temps, the Phillip Patek, etc.
Well, museums have importance for people who enjoy history, or who  are very interested in one particular subject. There are Art  museums, Railroad museums, dollhouse museums, and museums devoted  to history, or the history of a certain area. There are many, many  other types as well.   ...
  The MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City.
Yes! Menorahs, Havdalah Sets, Circumcision Sets, Torah Yads, Kiddush Cups, and even books!
Approximately $11 Canadian for an adult.
Leslie Cope was a prolific artist dedicated to his work and committed to the simple virtues of rural life, seascapes and landscapes in the United States and in his native England. He has been selling his art since the 1930's. Popular among his works are subjects that deal with the common work horse...
  == Answer ==     There are 5 powerful families Mafia families in the New York area:     Gambino, Genovese, Colombo, Bananno, and Luchese. These names come from Joe Valachi. He was a low ranking soldier who was the first man to break the omerta, or code of silence. The family...
The main building contains 1.5 million square feet of space overall and 325,000 square feet of exhibition and public space; altogether the Museum is the size of 18 football fields.
  Yes, there is a Lunar Module at the Smithsonian, which never flew. No lunar modules which landed on the moon ever made it back to earth.
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The Musée d'Orsay, a museum in Paris housed in the converted Paris-Orleans train station, Gare d'Orsay, collects and exhibits art of all kinds, mainly of French origin, from the period 1848-1915. The museum is located in the Rue de Lille, in the French capital. For further information on the Mus...
Yes. Smithsonian Channel is currently available on Comcast in Washington DC and Philadelphia and will be rolling out to other markets across the country during 2011 and 2012.
Original art in museums can provide an experience that images of that art cannot. People can walk around a large sculpture, while an image of it is only experienced from one side. And image of a painting may be scaled down to 4x6 inches to fit in a text book, but the real piece could be 20 times as...
The current building is a classical Beaux-Arts building, by Shepley, Rutan and Coolidge of Boston, Massachusetts.
The National Air and Space Museum of the Smithsonian Institute was created by an act passed by the United States Congress on August 12, 1946.
If you're talking about the Alexandria Museum of Art in Louisiana - which I think you are! - you can check out the contact information here, on the Museum's official website: http://www.themuseum.org/contact.aspx Richard Gwartney is the Executive Director.
1846 James Smithson, a British subject, who died in 1829 willed his family fortune for the establishment of an organization in the United States dedicated to education and learning. James smithson had never visited the united States before his death. Congress spent Smithson's money on general...
Charles Guggenheim, though of the same surname, does not appear to be connected to the famous art museums. He was however a famous filmmaker in the mid part of the 20th century. For more information on this University of Iowa graduate
  the first airplane to fly: Wright Brothers Flyer   The first to cross the Atlantic: Spirit of St. Louis   The first woman to fly the Atlantic: Amelia Earhart's Lockheed Vega   The first to fly around the world: the Douglas World Cruiser   The first truly modern aircraft the...
what is the value of canadian voyageurs
Florence, Italy.   Florence, Italy. It's a wonderful art gallery.
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The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) is located at 11 West 53rd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue. Take the S shuttle train (color code grey) west across 42nd Street, from Grand Central Station (East 42nd) to Times Square (West 42nd). At the Times Square Station, transfer to the Uptown 1 train (of the...
The gallery was designed by Sir John W. Simpson and E.J. Milner Allen, and it opened in 1901 as the Palace of Fine Arts for the Glasgow International Exhibition.
I Have No Idea? I wasn't even alive when it was built.
The Uffizi Gallery is a very large two-wing art museum in Florence,  Italy, built between 1560 and 1581. It is located on the bank of  the Arno River. It was designed by Giogio Vasari. The museum was  partly flooded in 1966. One wing was damaged by a car bombing in  1993, which was attributed to...
Art is defined differently by different people and at different times. I understand your definition differs from that of some museum curators. This does not mean that your definition should be valid for everybody else.
The prints are very well done and supply has stopped but the demand is not there. I have had many of these prints for years and would sell if I could find a buyer. They do make great gifts as they are thought to be worth a lot more that they are due to lack of demand.
Kincade's work is considered by museums to be "mass produced kitch"rrather than unique works of art. Kincade began his career as an illustrator and he is considered by the art world to have remained one...albeit a very successful marketer of his homey images.
The Museum of Modern Art's collection has grown to include over 150,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, architectural models and drawings, and design objects.
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  The National Gallery of Australia opened on the 31st of April, 1942 by the Mayor of Melbourne of the time, R. Head.
professional artists
ieoh Ming Pei - an American architect of Chinese descent
Frederic Edwin Church (http://www.art.unt.edu/ntieva/download/teaching/Curr_resources/art_links/dallas_museum_of_art/The%20Icebergs_Frederic%20Edwin%20Church.pdf)
In 1961 Matisse's Le Bateau hung upside-down for 2 months.
The Museum Mile is a stretch of Fifth Avenue (about a mile long, from 82nd Street to 104th Street) that has a whole bunch of museums. There are 8 of them: Goethe House German Cultural Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art ("The Met"), The Guggenheim, National Academy Museum and School of Fine Arts,...
It is located 1000 5th ave NY 10028.The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses and displays what is generally recognized as some the worlds greatest collections of art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is located at 1000 5th ave. New York, New York.
It still is, it's just a shorter way to say it instead of the Museum of Modern Art.
During the impressionist period in the years around 1898 and 1900 but the building wasn't a museum until 1980. The building mostly consists of art from the impressionist period because it was established around that time.
The Musee D'orsay was originally a train station but was converted to a museum from 1980-1986. The original architects were Lucien Magne, Émile Bénard and Victor Laloux but Renaud Bardon, Pierre Colboc and Jean-Paul Philippon and Italian architect Gae Aulenti designed and oversaw the conversion.
I would assume a curior of some sort or an owner. But you could check the website and it could possibly have contact phone numbers.
Velazquez was court painter to King Philip IV of Spain. This means that most of his works became the property of the king. The royal collections are now the Prado Museum.
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art ("The Met")The GuggenheimThe Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)The Whitney Museum of American ArtThe Brooklyn Museum of ArtThe New Museum of Contemporary ArtThe Museum for African ArtThe Bronx Museum of the ArtsThe American Folk Art MuseumAmerican Museum of the Moving...
  Smithson was British (I don't know his full name) but he cared so much about education that he wanted to provide for it. He saw the U.S as an opprotunity for that education but sadly before he came to see the U.S he died , in his will Smithson gave all of his life savings for creating a place...
These famous paintings by Rothko are in the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.: AntigoneUntitled (Black and Gray)Untitled (Seagram Mural) The Phillips Collection also has the Rothko painting, The Ochre.
When was art institute built
Probably Watson jr. was guilty over the past when IBM supported Nazis with teachnology to help find Jewishs people around Europe.
Of course it is. In all major museums of modern art. For a list of such museums, click link below!
== Tel Aviv Museum of Art ==   The Tel Aviv Museum of Art houses many masterpieces including, but not limited to:   * Friedericke Maria Beer by the Austrian artist Gustav Klimt  * Untitled Improvisation V by the Russian master Wassily Kandinsky  * Apple Trees in Bloom by Claude Monet  *...
10,000 people who visit egypt 2/4 of those people visit the museum!
    YES! and actually it's the 3rd largest in the world!
an abscart painting,an installation,a portrait,a sculpture,a still life,photographs,vases
Rue de Furstenberg, Paris. Click link below about it!
well, my opinion is none! all art gallery's are popular (i think) because i actually like art my self. But to tell you the truth the most visited art gallery in the world is your heart