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Movie and TV Memorabilia

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Movie and TV memorabilia are souvenirs of movie or television personalities and items associated with them. These could be posters, tickets, clothing, and even properties owned by actors.
Johnny Depp's father is John Christopher Depp who is a civil engineer.
  Authentically signed George Reeves material is very rare and very collectable.   There are dealers in the USA offering basic signed album pages for as much as $3000, though I would suggest that they are being very, very greedy at this level!   In the UK a beautiful 8" x 10" portrait (not...
$80-$150 usually depending on weather its for sale or auction.
Bob Hope autograph goes for $600 up. Mickey Mantle goes for $400+.  It really just depends on what its signed on.
Are you talking about like props they used in the movie or art that  was in it? Either way Amazon or Ebay.
yes it's worth about 600 dollars depending it's condition  Without autograph vintage postcard as little child 8-10 Euro's each, 10-12 US $, that's the right price.As a adult much less 4-6 Euro's.
About two bob or half a crown in old money.
It was the Cook in the kitchen, in the Movie 'The Wedding Singer'. 'Prime Rib, always the Prime Rib, make them eat the Fish' The above answer is incorrect. I don't know who it was that said it but it was someone talking on the radio in the kitchen behind the cook.
Either "The Bride of Frankenstein" - estimated at $700,000, or  Metropolis which sold for $800,000+.
It was a Robin Hood mug. The original movie prop was stolen in the 1990's and never recovered. The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum sells replica's of it.
At least $10 million for the video rights. And it could also be released to art houses.
what is a rengen abbott and costello from the 1950 worth 8mm tape
In his book -  Star Trek The  Collectibles  By Steve Kelley    Kelley actually shows photos of 3 package versions all from 1975.   The first is a blue box with actual photos of Kirk Spock and  Enterprise.   The second is a black box, again with actual photo artwork.   The third is...
History For Sale has it at $550, which is the high end/retail price
if you want to be in movies start in town or city plays. try to be in a few, and build your way up and try to get known as a good actor then you might be recognized and put put in small parts in movies. that's how a lot of famous actors started such as Nicolas cage. Or you could join a children's...
The original ruby slippers used in The Wizard of Oz are on permanent exhibition at the National Museum of American History at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
Dean, who was born Feb. 8, 1931, was 24 when he was killed on Sept. 30, 1955.
1. Mudkip 2. Treeko 3. Torchic Remember, try to find a Pokemon that will best suit you throughout your journey. I just looked at their stats to make this chart. In my opinion, it is: 1. Torchic 2. Treeko 3. Mudkip Hope I helped! :)
Your poster would probably be on a light weight newsprint paper stock, probably be folded, and show signs of the image fading through to the backside. If you can, provide a photo to this question and most movie poster collectors will probably be able to answer your question.
If they have been autographed or signed by the celebrity.
  == Answer ==   I'm not sure but I know how to. The best thing to do is to get permission. Do this by phoning the director or someone who is involved in the movie somehow. Or you can write a letter.
That depends on the condition, the movie itself, if its an original, and sometimes just how willing someone would be to buy an old movie reel. Theres no set prices on old stuff. Hence auctions, ebay, etc.
Guard Dogs bit him when he was putting snakes in the construction site.
Not much. He's fairly accessible. His autograph would be worth more as part of a 'cast signed' item as there's really not a lot of demand for his signature. Individually sold, you might get $10 -
probably the shadow stormtrooper. its the only figure that's partially see-through.
Its worth somewhere between $100-$300 depending on the condition!!
You might try eBay to see what an autographed poster is selling for - see related link below .
i am not kidding about this but, 100,000,000,000 i am serious! look it up on google if you dont believe me, or even ask.com or somewhere else......but if they give you a different answer they are liars! i actually know jimmy he is my uncle in law.........i know you wont believe me but i have blonde...
It depends on which version it is.The first one is the rarest, it had Hattie McDaniel on the back bottom right corner, and printing was halted due to southern views on 'coloreds' at the time. The next version had a blank back and the third and final version showed Alicia Rhett in place of McDaniel....
The old guy is supposed to be Saito. He dies in the dimension where they are getting shot at and travels into the next dimension. I'm not sure what you are asking for the airport. That movie was hard to understand at times for me. It was a bit like lost.
I think it only has the mask underneath. You could probably try to move the mouth yourself , but that probably won't work that well. I don't think it has the targeting lights.
Dinner for Schmucks is about a really stupid guy and his friend he meets somewhere who invites him to dinner. I'm not really sure all the details but i remember seeing the commercial. It's supposed to be a funny movie, you should see it.
As of May 10, 2014, the price of Gone With the Wind series  collector plates vary depending on age and condition. The plates  can cost upwards of 40.00 dollars.
60 i think 4 binders full I think that manage your collection is important, you can use Aimersoft dvd-library that can cataloge and organize your movies collection with ease
Only if Mork is prepared to pay over the odds to get it back
its on at 7 or 8 on cw
I'd say, the obi vs anakin in 3
No, many people have fond memories of old shows.
What you are looking for is the Kelvin Salt Shaker from Star Trek (2009). Nowhere. Paramount is apparently not only NOT offering the salt shaker, but is actively preventing people in the 3D printing community from sharing designs for it. There is some goofy ceramic enterprise/shuttle combo but it...
  An original 1992 Alien 3 movie poster featuring Sigourney Weaver is selling on line for $15.
The name of the series was BRANDED starring Chuck Connors.
On the original Little Mermaid poster, next to the seagull's right wing, it appears to be the KKK sign. I'm not really sure if that's the thing people keep talking about in the poster but it looks a lot like the sign. I hope that helped.
What is original program of Gone With The Wind at opening inAtlanta worth. This program is in great shape.
It depends on the condition of the trading card.
10 criminals from different parts of the world are all awaiting the death penalty. A tv producer named Breckel wants to create a show to be aired on the internet that will beat the amount of superbowl viewers from the year before which was 40 million viewers. So he ends up purchasing the 10...
Colt Single Action Army .45 revolver- and a derringer behind his belt buckle.
The favourite colour from jiaen guo is pink
Jiaen Guo is eleven years old. (05.03.1999)
Jiaen Guo is from Germany, but her parents arent. Her parents are from China.
I have seen this car on Foothill Blvd. in Monrovia CA. It has been slightly altered since the movie as it was used in a Bob Hope film later. Still a cool looking car. In great condition, runs and drives.
Princeton is actually African American and Hispanic!He is so cute! *_*
Joey Lawrence, who is only 18 years old.
  The Ullmann Manufacturing Co. were very prolific lithographers around the turn of the century. Because the work was popular and turned out in mass quantity, it is not particularly rare, although the great variety of subject matter makes them fun to collect. Many prints of their work are for...
Kg or Kilogram is a mass measurement and a Liter is a volume measurement therefore there is no straight conversion available as different materials have different densities. One constant you could use is that of liquid water where 1Kg = 1Ltr To get an exact conversion you would need to know the...
"I passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the sea of swirly twirly gum drops, and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel."
If you get a question wrong or your bored
The Historic Providence Mint is a private mint not associated withthe U.S. Mint and therefore its products are not within the scopeof this forum.
Yes it was a good movie! Everybody should see it.
sorry but i think colledge hill is over
After season 3 they don't date.
The value of the set you have described would depend upon thecondition of the coin in it.
you half to go to a concert of meet someone who is famous then asked them kindly may they sign your poster
No when you look at delivery it says US and you can't change it
There is no actual symbol. Generally people only put an 'x'
in scream 1:billy lumas was trying to get back at sydney and all er friends because he thought she had something to do with billys fathers death and sydeys mothers deathin scream 2:ms.lumas was gonna get back at sydney because of her sons death billy lumasin scream 3:torren prescott (sydneys long...