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50 Hertz Residential Electricity

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All of Europe and most of mainland Asia and Africa use 50Hz frequency for their residential electrical needs. Some countries use 50Hz, as they found it economical to maintain and operate power-generating equipment at this frequency.
Three phase voltage will transfer higher power than single phase P1-ph = Vp x Ip cosφ P3-ph = _/3 x VL X IL x cosφ = 3 x Vp x Ip cosφ
Answer for UK and European electrical system. Guide to connecting a new socket outlet to the power cables of aring main, and fixing it to the back box or pattress in the wall.Depending upon where in the circuit you are fitting the socket youmay have one, two or three sets of conductors. This...
Australia uses 240V, while North America uses 110V, so in order foryour appliances to work you will need to get an adapter.
You don't. It is the responsibility of the utility company that you purchase the power from. Request that they come out and check the voltage fluctuations. If you are on the end of a power line they can adjust the taps on the transformer. If not at least you are notifying them that there might be a...
For 120/208v systems the colors are black - red - blue with a white neutral. For 277/480v and higher systems the colors are brown - orange - yellow with a grey neutral. Countries outside of North America generally use different colors.
With the volt meter on the voltage scale apply the two leads fromthe meter across the supply voltage and read the applied circuitvoltage from the meters display.
The fixture construction has nothing to do with the amount ofenergy that the fixture uses. It is the lamp in the fixture thatdraws the amperage. This amperage times the fixtures voltage iswhat gives you the fixtures wattage. W = A x V. Watts = Amps xVolts.
It is called an universal motor.
because of the choke,as a result of eddy currents in the choke whick has lost its lamination
Easy: make sure both ends of the cable are completely disconnected. Go to one end of the cable, twist 2 cores together for instance brown and blue. Now go to the other end of you cable and test the continuity between the brown and the blue cables. This will verify both of these cables are continuous...
AC stands for Alternating Current and DC stands for Direct Current.
You will have to use a step down transformer to do this. Voltage to earth measures 277 vac on a 480 vac wye system.
That probably is decided by the carrier.
The answer depends on the electrical wiring standards of the country you are asking about. Answer for USA, Canada and countries using similar 60Hz household electricity supplies: the ground or "earth" cable is just bare wire or has green insulation. Answer for countries in Europe and in other...
The cable expands, so the lines may be observed to droop on excessively hot days. Conversly, the line tension has to be designed so they don't get too taught on cold days
MW is megawatts which is a million watts. KW is 1000 watts. Can you do the math or should I tell you it is 1000KW
Depending on the circumstance and the type of fan either voltage could be used. In a computer DC is used. Home cooling fan AC is used.
Electric heating is widely used; evidently it is feasible.
yes, but not directly for example you can use fire for generating steam and use the steam for propelling a turbine or reversed compressor air pump which then drives an electric generator.
In normal residential use it is 20 Amps. That depends on alot of things such as the wire insulation, ambient temperature, etc. Standard NM 12/2 (Romex or equivalent, which is likely what you are asking as it is the primary type used to wire residential) is rated for 20 amps, 14 gauge is 15 amps,...
By law only licensed electricians are allowed to install switches in bathrooms in the UK. For more information see: . the answer to the Related Question . the Related Link shown below.
That depends on the voltage you use. If there are 120 volts, the power equals voltage times amperage. 120 volts times 15 amps = 1800 watts.. Cheers ebs
It is difficult to specify an average without sound statistical data, but you can make a few reasonable assumptions, resulting in a usable estimate. First, a little background: Any electrical unit consumes electrical power, measured in watt (W). Consume electrical power over time means to 'consume'...
Answer . \nFor the USA its 240V (120V on each line/phase).
If this is a residential system there are likely two hot wires, black and red. White is neutral and there will be 115 volts between white and either hot. Ground is typically green or a bare wire. If this question is really asking about a 50 Hz service - as its Category has been set to - the...
Involve an electrician in calculating the total service required dependant on how many sites you tend to electrify. You could also involve an engineer at three times the price.
I have no idea what a normal household battery is. Generally you would have to match the current and voltage of the car battery and then you have the issue of how long the battery can sustain the current, or ampere hours.
WARNING: It is never ever safe to assume that the color of any wire means that it cannot be "hot" or live". Do not assume you know which wire is which until you have actually tested it with a proper electrician's test meter or other approved electrical voltage testing device. To be able...
Red - active, (commonly known as your live cable) Black - Neutral Green - Earth
As obvious as it may seem, so that they connect power stations to load centres which might be hundreds of kilometres away!
Elecb is voltage operated device where as RCCB is current operateddevice. RCCB is the preferred one. ELCB is outdated.
Electricity is usually off peak when less people are using it so there is less demand on the power grid. This is typically the middle of the night, and in some cases the middle of the day. As long as you don't mind using your electricity at these times then off-peak electricity is fine, but most...
You can use a voltage meter. A fully charged battery of 12v should read 12.6v with negative cable disconnected, and all accessories off. It should not fall below 12.4v when fully charged. This is the easiest way to check.
This information should be in the documentation that came with your light but... Since most of the energy used in an LED is given out as light (as opposed to an incandescent bulb, which uses most of it's energy as heat) it is probably OK to insulate above it. However the transformer pack may still...
Read the motor's wiring diagram to see what colors the motor maker has designated for the 3 connections: "common", "start" and "run".
Would that be the smallest pin. To answer this question the specifications of the plug will be needed.
m means milli, as in 1/1000 A means Amps 50mA is = 0.050 Amps Amps is the amount of current passing through a device.
All test equipment has to be calibrated. It is calibrated when it comes from the manufacturer but depending on how much the test equipment is used recalibration is usually recommended.
3.5C X 50 Sq.mm Copper PVC Armoured Cable - 145 A on Ground, 135 A in Air 3.5C X 50 Sq.mm Copper XLPE Armoured Cable - 174 A on Ground, 162 A in Air
Let me want to know 60Hz with how much voltage is available
Current depends on the Wattage and the voltage rating of thedevice.
Basic Answer Good question!. In US residential wiring, you have 3 wires feeding your home off the transformer: two hots and neutral. The transformer is a 240V center tapped transformer. The neutral is the center tap.. Well, that's all fine and good, but your probably asking "what does that ...
VCB (Vacuum circuit breaker) is generally used for higher voltageand higher current systems. MCCB is used for lower and lowercurrent ranges.
most places about 120 a month for electric, 50 to 70 for gas
240 mm conductor can carry 425 Amp. current in each core
For the electricity companies the advantages are : - Transformers dont damage (Transformers are most efficient at full load) - Constant use of electricity meaning that theres no need for storing electricity (even though its near impossible to store AC) For the customer the advantages are: ...
By knowing only voltage the capacity of a transformer can not bedetermined. Need to provide rated current also.
f=P*N/120 f=Frequency in Hz P= No. of Poles N=Rotor Speed in Revolution per minute(rpm) for P=4 and N=3600, f comes out to be 120 Hz. So frequency of voltage produced is 120 Hz. But this is not practical. Generally 4-Pole generator has N=1500rpm(for 50 Hz) or 1800rpm for 60 Hz. Two pole...
Ideally, zero. The point of the earth (ground) circuit is to protect you from electrocution when/if an appliance fails or when there is some other type of anomalous condition.
A fuse in any application is to prevent an over current condition from harming the wiring and components in a circuit.
if the appliance is manufactured after 1920 it will have a nameplate somewhere near the power connection. this nameplate SHALL have the amperage and voltage required. the fuses in a house are sized so as to not set the house wiring on fire. that being said water heater nameplate 28A 240V...
This is hard to say as it is up to the manufacture as to whether it is compatible. on the specification plate it should state the operating frequencies. if i had to say yes or no and the appliance is the latest model i would say yes it is compatible as these days manufactures allow for those...
Because plastic is a good insulator from heat & electricity.
To figure service sizing requirements you must follow the directions below. If you do not know how to size a dwelling then you should probably be getting in touch with a licensed master electrician. Electricity is dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Some locations however do allow you...
Appliance suitable for 240 volts, can not be converted to 110volts. Rather use a step up transformer to convert 110 volts to 240vac and use the appliance.
1 terrawatt is equal to 1 000 000 000 000 watts this is given by terra being x10 to the power of 12 and if your familiar with computers: 1 terrabyte = 1 000 gigabytes = 1 000 000 megabytes = 1 000 000 000 kilobytes = 1 000 000 000 000 bytes so the same goes for watts.
Transpose the following formula HP = I x E x 1.73 x %Eff x pf/746 to obtain the values for the following formula KVA = I x E x 1.73/1000.
A meter box is the metal box mounted to the external wall of a homethat houses the meters, circuit breakers etc.
yes,because its a primary color
No, fuse box fuses are of the screw in type. Plug in fuses are of a cartridge style that plug into the fuse holder which supports the fuse on either end of the cartridge.
A rough guide is to divide kVA by the supply voltage then multiply by 1000 to get current in Amps. E.g. 20kVA divided by 120V is 0.167; times 1000 is 167 Amps. But kVA is not the same as kW, so more information is needed before equipment is used.
The rule of thumb is 1mm square=6Amp so 10mm square will,for safety reasons and for a copper conductor, carry 50Amps.
by the radiation in the filament it throw out heat . this way the bulb demonstrates the heating effect. :D
AS PER THUMB RULE THE CURRENT CARRYING CAPACITY OF WIRE IS 4 TIMES OF ITS CROSSECTIONAL AREA OF WIRE i.e. 10 sq.mm wire carrying maximum current 40 amp , 16 sq.mm carrying maximum current 64 amp , now amp convert in watt by multiplying by volt i.e. 240 16 sq.mm carrying max load 64x240= 15360...
Take a look at the units: 1 Watt = 1 Joule/Second A joule is a unit of energy. For example, 1 Joule = .239 calories = Therefore 60 Watts=60 Joules/Second So that means for every second, the light consumes 60 Joules. You must know for how long the light will be on to know how much energy...
The ground earth wire serves two purposes: To trip the protection as quickly as possible if theres an out of balanced current or a fault to earth. and to bring the user to the same potential to the earth if there is a fault and the protection doesnt trip. that way because you are at the same...
Work or energy is power times time.. Scroll down to related links and look at "Kilowatt hour - Wikipedia".
How earthing is made in dry soil and rocky area using copper spike.
The ground/earth pin is longer because: It needs to be the first wire connected when connecting to a socket outlet and it needs to be the last one to break the outlets connection if that makes any sense. The ground/earth pin is larger in its diameter because: it needs to be able to...
Copper cable with PVC insulation
Weak choke makes the noise
I've never heard of a 16 amp fuse. -I guess it depends where you are. In north America, 15, 20 and 30 amp fuses are common, 40 are also used less commonly. A typical north American water heater uses 2 x 30 amp fuses or breakers. Please write in with detail of WHERE you are in questions like this.
10000 = 415 * i i = 10000/415 = 24 a The formula you are looking for when KVA is known is I = KVA x 1000/1.73 x E = 10000/1.73 x 415 = 10000/240 = 41.6 amps.
The amount of electricity fairy lights uses depends on how many arein use. They generally use about a watt a light, which means that alot of lights will take quite a bit of electricity.
It makes a great difference what the machine is as to whether is can work on a different frequency.
First let's get the units of measurement correct. Power and energy are two different things. kVA (or more commonly kW) is a measure of power. Use per annum would be a measure of energy, kilowatt-hours (kWh). Energy is calculated multiplying power (kW) times the number of hours (h) to get kWh. It...
Answer for USA, Canada and countries running a 60 Hertz supply service. It sounds like the hair dryer wiring is in series with the microwave circuit. This can be very serious in some situations as the current for one device will be flowing through the second device. This could be caused by an open...
A volt is zero MHz. These are two different values. The only thing in common is that they both are electrical terms. MHz is a reference to voltage at radio frequencies.
You can wire the refrigerator on a dedicated 15 amp circuit usingAWG #14 wire but, know that as of 2014 the refrigerator must be ona GFCI protected circuit that is readily accessible. As you willnormally mount the outlet behind the refrigerator you would have tomove the unit to reset the breaker if...
Because the neutral is simply the return path in a complete circuit. It doesn't carry any power - that's only found in the live wire.
No. I believe the insulation is made of a ceramic material. A permanent magnet will lose it's effectiveness if exposed to heat.
All of the Philippines uses 220 V at 50 Hz.