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This category is for questions related to the personal requirements of Astronautical missions. The training, living accommodations, and working conditions both on the Earth and in space are discussed here. For further information on a particular astronaut, please see the name in question.
Buzz Aldrin earned his Doctorate of Science in Astronautics at the  Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and wrote his thesis on  Manned Orbital Rendezvous in 1963.
Buzz Aldrin earned a doctorate of science in Astronautics at MIT  Cambridge, Mass.
That depends on what type of astronaut your talking about such as  pilot: which would need a bachelors degree in engineering
Yes, Neil Armstrong graduated from Purdue University in  Aeronautical Engineering. He also completed graduate studies at the  University of Southern California.
The Astronaut Class of 1978, otherwise known as the "Thirty-Five  New Guys," was NASA's first new group of astronauts since 1969.  This class was notable for many reasons, including having the first  African-American and first Asian-American astronauts. During  Women's History Month in March,...
Little Joe II   Saturn I   Saturn IB   Saturn V
None. Neil Armstrong earned Eagle Scout in 1947, but the leadership  project was not added to the requirements until 1959.
If you don't work towards it, yes, but if you work hard and pay  attention, then it is easier, but it will be hard.
It is very hard you have to train these this things listed below  for years:   How to float in the spacesuit   How to contact the team in earth from space   How to control the heaviness and weight of the suit   How to control the rocket and know what to do if something bad  happens  ...
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now people now about space and they let sientist know about the moon,sun,and other planets
John Glenn was on "Name That Tune" with a young contestant named Eddie Hodges. Coincidentally the date was October 4th, 1957--the day the USSR launched Sputnik.
Janice Aldrin (daughter), Andrew Aldrin (son), James Aldrin (son).
Yes. But different value of gravity. It is nearly close to 0.
in the 1960's an austratia city turned lights off and on when who flew over
Mae Jemison's birthday October 17, 1956
of course , but it would not be the same weight as on earth
She is a Docter and the first African American in space.
Michael Collins, when he flew aboard Gemini 10 in 1966.
That's a hard number to state with any real accuracy. The first three missions took place on foot, making the walked distance slightly easier to chart, but the final three had LRV's, so while they certainly did walk quite a bit, the distance was not captured or recorded. the following distances...
he wore a spacesuit, a space helmet and a oxygen tank.
First AA female in space
He was 41 years old when he first orbited earth.
No Neil Armstrong never returned to the moon, after Apollo 11 actually he retired shortly as a astronaut.
Neil was born in Wapakoneta, OH, and Buzz in Glen Ridge, NJ
On July 20, 1969 4:18 p.m EDT, Neil Armstrong was the first man to  step on the moon.   There he spoke his famous words "That's one small step for man, one  giant leap for mankind."
Space suits pump air through the suit, creating an inhabitable environment for the wearer. It also regulates temperatures to room temperature for hot and cold environments.
Guion Bluford nick name was Guy
On February 20, 1962, NASA astronaut John Glenn flew the Friendship7 mission becoming the third American in space and the firstAmerican to orbit the Earth circling the earth three times.
Sally Ride went aloft in the space shuttle Challenger in 1983.
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They met in Moscow, Russia at the local International Space Association Service, or the "ISAS."
Mae Jemison is the first African American to travel through space.
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Janet comes from the USA.
She was the first African-American woman in space.
Neil armstrong took one small step in the sea of Tran quality.
She helped a lot of people and she was the first african american astronaut.
Three crews went to the moon in 1969, Apollos 10, 11, and 12. Apollo 10 was a "test run" for the moon landing and took place in May, 1969, but did not actually land. Apollo 11 was the first lunar landing (July, 1969), followed by Apollo 12 (November, 1969). Apollo 10 crew: Tom Stafford, John...
Because the moon has no atmosphere there is no wind or rain to erode the footprints.
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You get aching muscules when coming back to Earth. You experience the outer world. Those ate the disadvantages and advantages.
She was a dancer. She was also a doctor in the Peace Corps.
All astronauts enter the Shuttle at the 195-foot-level of the launch tower.
Sunita Williams is the female with the most time spent in space.
Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud
that is why she is a space scientist now i think she works on all kinds of space things like that but it is just that i donnt know what she wanted to be when she wanted to be when she was growing up it seemed that she wanted to be a scientist because that is what she is today i know how old she is...
This depends on where the astronauts were headed to, If going tothe moon, then no they do not leave earth's orbit. But ifastronauts were to go to Mars, then yes. To go to other planets andto travel through space, Astronauts will leave Earth's orbit. Whentraveling to space from earth, Astronauts...
The International Space Station normally has a crew of three or four, and while they rotate, most astronauts do not get to live on the space station. As of Feb. 2010 the number is now up to 6.
Without oxygen you will pass out after a few seconds and then suffocate after two minutes or so while sustaining massive tissue damage from freezing/solar radiation and your blood boiling inside your body. However the rapid decompression will most likely rupture your lungs, so the short answer is:...
The first time man landed on the moon was in 1969.
To be a asronaut you must be a jet pilot and spend over 100 hours in the cockpit, and you should be very very healthy and clever.
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Mae Jemison had one brother named Charlie Jemison.
He went to collage in 1947
Typically an astronaut wouldn't fear a wormhole because it is only a theory of quantum mechanics and was only developed to explain the supposed phenomena to prove how Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity was only in effect locally.
Most likely because in space there are no reference points. On Earth, when you are driving, there are many things that you can see that give you a frame of reference as to your speed--buildings, signs, other cars, etc... In space there are none of these things when you look out of a spacecraft...
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Neil A. Armstrong, commander; David R. Scott, pilot
Morgan Park High School in Chicago. Stanford for undergraduate. Cornell for Medical school
John Glenn attended New Concord Elementary School and New ConcordHigh School in New Concord, Ohio.
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There's no set requirement - it depends entirely on the mission requirements (EVA, satellite deployment or recovery, ISS docking, etc.) as to what they'll do an how many they'll perform. However, it's not unusual for them to train for hundreds or thousands of hours prior to their missions. Remember...
John Glenn died in Columbus, Ohio onDecember 8, 2016 at age 95. He is buried in Arlington NationalCemetery.
Gagarin made one orbit of the earth in 108 minutes before coming back home.
Neil was about 35 when he stepped onto the moon on July 20, 1969.
Dr. Sally Kristen Ride was the first female astronaut to fly to space, on board the space shuttle Challenger during the STS-7 mission on June 18, 1983. She was born on May 26, 1951 and is now retired from NASA.   Selected in 1978 as the first group* of female astronauts were: Sally Ride, Rhea...
The Apollo 11 lsnded on the moon called tranquility Base.
Cosmonaut Gherman Titov.
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As there is very little dust in spacecraft, they will clean it when they return to earth.