This category is for questions related to the personal requirements of Astronautical missions. The training, living accommodations, and working conditions both on the Earth and in space are discussed here. For further information on a particular astronaut, please see the name in question.
On the Moon there is no atmosphere, so there is nothing to breathe.In addition we need the pressure of the air on our bodies. We alsoneed protection from the extremes of temperature found there.
Yes. Mass and weight are different quantities. The mass of the astronaut is always the same everywhere. The weight of the astronaut is the force on it due to gravity, which depends on the mass and the strength of gravity at the point on the planet, moon or space station the astronaut is standing...
Buzz Aldrin earned his Doctorate of Science in Astronautics at theMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and wrote his thesis onManned Orbital Rendezvous in 1963.
Buzz Aldrin earned a doctorate of science in Astronautics at MITCambridge, Mass.
That depends on what type of astronaut your talking about such aspilot: which would need a bachelors degree in engineering
Almost all of the early astronauts were military (and some civilian) test pilots.
Yes, Neil Armstrong graduated from Purdue University inAeronautical Engineering. He also completed graduate studies at theUniversity of Southern California.
The Astronaut Class of 1978, otherwise known as the "Thirty-FiveNew Guys," was NASA's first new group of astronauts since 1969.This class was notable for many reasons, including having the firstAfrican-American and first Asian-American astronauts. DuringWomen's History Month in March, NASA...
Niel Armstrong said "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
Little Joe II Saturn I Saturn IB Saturn V
To take core samples of the lunar surface.
None. Neil Armstrong earned Eagle Scout in 1947, but the leadershipproject was not added to the requirements until 1959.
If you don't work towards it, yes, but if you work hard and payattention, then it is easier, but it will be hard.
It is very hard you have to train these this things listed belowfor years: How to float in the spacesuit How to contact the team in earth from space How to control the heaviness and weight of the suit How to control the rocket and know what to do if something badhappens Getting used to space food...
his challenges are he was a slave .  
Neil Armstrong was the first, Edwin Aldrin was the second. In total so far, 12 NASA astronauts have walked on the moon.
Mae Jemison went on the Endeavour on September 12, 1992
now people now about space and they let sientist know about the moon,sun,and other planets
Yes, they carry a finite supply of breathable oxygen in oxygen tanks that they wear on their backs during spacewalks
Ms. Ride was on two Challenger expeditions - June 18-24, 1983, and October 5-13, 1984.
John Glenn was on "Name That Tune" with a young contestant named Eddie Hodges. Coincidentally the date was October 4th, 1957--the day the USSR launched Sputnik.
Ms. Ride was a paid astronaut selected by, and paid by, NASA. By today's standards, as a highly educated physicist in the space program, she would earn about $100,000 per year as an astronaut, but I cannot say what the income level was at the time of her service in the 1980's.
Janice Aldrin (daughter), Andrew Aldrin (son), James Aldrin (son).
Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin - Apollo 11 Pete Conrad, Al Bean - Apollo 12 Alan Shepard, Ed Mitchell - Apollo 14 Dave Scott, Jim Irwin - Apollo 15 John Young, Charlie Duke - Apollo 16 Gene Cernan, Jack Schmitt - Apollo 17
The first man to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong , in July 1969.
Yes. But different value of gravity. It is nearly close to 0.
One of the most complete resources for the moon missions is
in the 1960's an austratia city turned lights off and on when who flew over
Mae Jemison's birthday October 17, 1956
of course , but it would not be the same weight as on earth
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She is a Docter and the first African American in space.
When the Apollo 11 astronauts landed on the moon, the president of the U.S.A was Richard Nixon.
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neil armstrong was the eldest of three in his family.
The Apollo 11 mission sent the lunar module "Eagle" to the moon.
Michael Collins, when he flew aboard Gemini 10 in 1966.
He put a American flag and said That's one step for man a giant leap for mankind.
That's a hard number to state with any real accuracy. The first three missions took place on foot, making the walked distance slightly easier to chart, but the final three had LRV's, so while they certainly did walk quite a bit, the distance was not captured or recorded. the following distances...
he wore a spacesuit, a space helmet and a oxygen tank.
First AA female in space
Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20 th 1969.
struggles that neil armstrong had?
He was 41 years old when he first orbited earth.
Because there's no air outside, basically no pressure at all. An unprotected human would die in seconds.
" That's one small step for (a) Man, One giant leap for mankind" There is considerable debate about whether or not he said "a". Armstrong freely admits that it is inaudible on the recordings, but maintains that is what he said.
No,he never went back to the moon
No Neil Armstrong never returned to the moon, after Apollo 11 actually he retired shortly as a astronaut.
Neil Armstrong helped his community by visiting the moon and making it back.
Ms. Ride, a US astronaut, was considered a mission specialist on the two space shuttle trips due, presumably, to her Doctorate degree in physics. She is also a pilot.
Neil was born in Wapakoneta, OH, and Buzz in Glen Ridge, NJ
They didn't. The moon has no water on it but they have found a few drops but nobody knows where it came from. They discovered this in 1985.
The Command module was named Columbia, and the lunar module was called Eagle after Jules Vernes novel From the earth to the moon.
On 20/7/1969 Edwin Aldrin became the second man to walk on the moon.
One Small step for man, One giant Leap for Mankind
People can walk on the moon wearing a specially designed space suit such as NASA used for the Apollo moon missions. The suit contains the environmental conditions necessary and also the weight to offset the weak gravity of the moon.
Rock, core, and soil samples, as well as many hundreds of pictures and many hours of video
On July 20, 1969 4:18 p.m EDT, Neil Armstrong was the first man tostep on the moon. There he spoke his famous words "That's one small step for man, onegiant leap for mankind."
They collected core, rock and soil samples, they took pictures, and they set up long term science experiments
losing oxygen and space ships crash and blowing up
Apollo 8, launched December 21, 1968, entering lunar orbit December 24, 1968.
No. The Moon has gravity, about 1/6 as much as the Earth does. This means that things weigh less and fall more slowly than on Earth. If they didn't have to wear space suits, they could jump higher and run faster than on Earth. One astronaut tried to see how high he could jump in his bulky spacesuit....
No professional teachers have been to the moon. Only 11 military test pilots and 1 geologist.
the day in 1969 the actual event that happened
Space suits pump air through the suit, creating an inhabitable environment for the wearer. It also regulates temperatures to room temperature for hot and cold environments.
Guion Bluford nick name was Guy
On February 20, 1962, NASA astronaut John Glenn flew the Friendship7 mission becoming the third American in space and the firstAmerican to orbit the Earth circling the earth three times.
Sally Ride went aloft in the space shuttle Challenger in 1983.
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If by "they" you mean Apollo 11, they landed on Mare Tranquillitatis.
The first U.S. unmanned lunar soft landing was performed by Surveyor 1 in May, 1966 The first manned lunar landing was performed by the Apollo 11 Lunar Module, call sign Eagle.
Apollo 11 Lunar Module, call sign Eagle.
Janet Shearon was Neil Armstrong's first wife. They had twochildren, one of whom died of a brain tumor. Janet and Neileventually divorced in 1994.
she was 92 when she died, and average peo. usually die around their 60s and 70s, therefore, yes she was old
They met in Moscow, Russia at the local International Space Association Service, or the "ISAS."
There is an absence of gravity within the space capsule.