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Civil Rights Movement

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A national effort made by African-Americans and their supporters between 1955 and 1968 to eliminate segregation and racial discrimination and gain equal rights and suffrage. This period is marked by famous events such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the March on Washington, the Freedom Rides and the Birmingham campaign in Alabama. Famous figures involved include Martin Luther King, Jr., James L. Farmer, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X.
Mother: Alberta Williams King Father: Martin Luther King, Sr.
The protestant church
He was a Supreme Court judge that is better known for the Nuremburg Trials- and was played by Spencer Tracy in the movie Judgement at Nuremburg.
He helped African American with not having to be arrested and he accomplished his dream
Her birthday is June 28
He was Baptist. But only he and God can know for certain wether he was "Born-again"
After the bus boycott (when African Americans decided not to get the busses because of the racial inequality which blacks gave up there seats for white people) the Jim Crow laws (segregation and inequality) where outlawed across America in the 60's and blacks where treated right
She refused to move to the back of the bus.
1) When his grandmother passed away in may 1941, he tried commiting  suicide by jumping from the second story window of his house.    2)He smoked regularly    3) While on a book tour for his book Stride Toward Freedom,  a woman approached Martin Luther King Jr. and stabbed him in the ...
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He was not a king that was his last name.
Martin Luther King makes reference to "the true ekklesia". The word 'ekklesia', means 'church', so by invoking "the true ekklesia", he is invoking the real church. This is in reference to "the church within the church", or the part of church beyond organized. Martin Luther King expresses...
The U.S. Civil War ended in 1865. By January 1865, both houses of  Congress had passed the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. The  amendment was ratified by the end of the year. In response,  Southern states began passing discriminatory laws known as "Black  Codes". These laws significantly...
She died of complications from pneumonia on January 17, 1996.
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Iam pretty shure she didnt...
  No, her mother got ill and she was unable.
Martin Luther King Jr. was born at a time where racism was a big issue in our world. There were the white people and the colored people. White people were treated better than blacks by a milestone. Nobody would ever speak up when they were told to go to the back of the public bus or told to go to...
No, she was decent!
its important because is ways why we celebrate history of the holiday itself "freedom" he had das and dreams to make the world a better place
where is fannie Lou hamer buriedIn Ruleville, MS in a memorial park constructed in her honor.
the impact on life would be different, resulting in people standing up for more of what they believe and always think of how much Malcolm X inspired them .
Rosa Parks volunteered as the secretary to Edgar Nixon, President of the Montgomery, Alabama, chapter of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) from 1943 until 1956 or 57. She also held a variety of paying jobs during this time.
MLK birthday was January 15th it is always celebrated on tha t weekend closest to the day.
Who says she walked to school ? she is famous for not giving up a seat
He worked at the baptist minister at his church in atlanta, georgia
Fought for soemthing that was considere the right thing and true
He was a good speller and good at writing
My opinion--- For one, I think Nelson Mandela's speech was a lot more motivating than Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke about HIS dreams. He talked about what he saw in his dreams and how he wanted the people to dream about the same thing. Nelson Mandela on the other hand...
Yes, see the link below.
Grandson of the cellist Friedrich Buxbaum (1969-1948)
There were US citizens who were discouraged from voting and not  allowed to use public facilities in some parts of the country.  Constitutional principles were not being met. The civil rights act  made it a federal crime for owners of public accommodations with  any connection to "interstate...
  * No  * Non-violent protest led to very rapid change in the USA including voting, educational, economic and social rights for blacks. The main reason for the success was the principal of non-violence. Because of non-violent protest, whites who benefited from Segregation but who were not overt...
Lincoln was the president who was antislavery. He believd all slaves should be free so he passed the endoclamation proclaimation thing and declared slaves free.
== Martin Luther King, Jr's Role in Human Rights ==   I'm a 5th grader and I know that he fought for desegragation and to help all African- Americans. He also fought for the right of sitting in the front of buses and for the schools, so basically everything would be in the order that God wanted...
Two of the major events that happened in Cesar Chavez's life is the Great Depression, 1929-1940, and the Dust bowl, 1931-1937
President Lyndon B. Johnson.
At the age of 15 , Daisy Bates married L.C Bates in 1942 , living in Little Rock
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he was 14 years old when he was murdered and he was murdered because he was whistled at a white woman
In late August of 1990, Reverend Jesse Jackson was allowed to visit Kuwait as a journalist, reporting conditions in the city. He and his camera crew stayed in the Kuwait International Hotel across the street from the US Embassy compound. At the time, the hotel was heavily occupied by the Iraqi...
The Freedom Riders inspired other people to take a stand and  realize that segregation is bad. It caused a spiral of events to  happen (for example, Jackie Robinson becoming the first African  American baseball player) that led to the dismantling of  segregation.
from what i read the impact drking had on our lives is hope,he had hope for us to become one equal familt one day. he inspired many African American people to always fught for what they want and never give up. he preyed for us and preached for us and now today everyone is equal. he let us know to...
She lived for 92 years. She died in her Detroit house.
In that time black people did not really have much to do that was fun
Children really didn't have a role in the civil rights movement. Some marched with parents, but it was an adult event. In the 1960's a person wasn't considered an adult until 21 so that was also a factor. Today, people are an adult at 18 and can vote this makes a difference in "movements." I was 6...
He was a pervert and sex addict
The Montgomery Bus Boycott occurred in Montgomery, Alabama. It occurred from December 1, 1955 until December 20, 1956.
Martin Luther King was an important figure in history. He helped  the Civil Rights movement, he encouraged peace in a time of chaos,  and he showed the world that a person can obtain what they want  through peaceful means. He changed lives by changing outlooks and  proving stereotypes wrong.
he was known for his loving n caring heart n he didnt enjoy war so he was easy to get along with
  The Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC.
The bus boycott showed that black people could wield power which was one of the thing racists feared the most. One of the purposes of segregation was to ensure that black Americans did not have equal access to power.
Yes he had three sons answered by
because she stood up for whats right
She cares about Sylvester (brother), James (father), Raymond (husband, and Leona (mother).
  He used his "I have a Dream" speech.
She attended Alabama State Teacher's College.
The two most important people in the civil rights movement is Theodore Roosevelt and Martin Luther king !!!!!!!!!
I'm not saying this just because I'm black but I don't think any white are better than black people or black people are better than white people. I really never understood why white people didn't like black people just because they are different colors.
I believe somebody shot him
They wanted the right to vote and to be seen as an equal to men.
He went to a school called GB Armstrong school
In Memphis,Tennessee April 4 1968 by assassination with rifle
Every one was very sad and mopped around for days and days and days.
By 1860 the lower south became known as the antebellum south
Rosa parks was a very contreversal athlete, her deep african american roots gave her the quickness and adgility to overcome any sport she tried. she specailized in the game of ping pong.
Martin Luther King did not fight FOR racism, he fought AGAINST it by boy-cots and sit ins
he lived from 1929 to 1968. (39 years)
No he was born with his parents previous slaves names.
Martin Luther King Jr. or MLK, went to Memphis, Tennessee in April 1968. He went there to support a strike of sanitation workers. But, that was the last of him. Some days later he was shot dead on the baconly of his hotel room. King went to Memphis to support a strike of sanitation workers but was...
  == no he was a civil rights leader and wanted everyone to be equale ==