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Singing is the use of your voice inflections to create melodious sounds. Ask questions here about singing techniques and methods here.


The singer of this song is Tommy McLain
trash can at a pawn shop my friend did anyways 
Musicians receive income for their music from multiple sources.  Some as royalties from individual plays of individuals songs,  "pay-per-play". Performance tours create income from vendors,  advertisers, and ticket sales. A smaller portion of their income  comes from CD sales in traditional...
Mash up of "its my life " and "confessions"
Most instruments are pianos, drums, bass, &  viola.
Tom Bright-Davies is a famous gospel singer from Ghana (MY UNCLE)
Yeah! Look how Hannah Montana started.
I'm not sure who is who, but there are 3 actors; Joseph Julian  Soria, Kevin Grasmann, and Richard Chiu
this century has more types of music like pop and um..umrocker rock?
That's not up to anyone to decide other than yourself. You can chose to believe in fate or chose not to believe in it. Your life revolves around choices, no one can make them for you, only you can chose what to believe in.
Boys II Men   Dru Hill   Silk   Jodeci   Guy   Mint Condition   112   BBD   Tony Toni Tone   New Edition
In 1971 Daisuke Inoue, a Japanese musician, took a car stereo, a  coin box and a small amplifier and created the first karaoke  machine. Karaoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese, and the term  was already in use to describe the house bands that would accompany  singing patrons at popular...
For this question i would say probably because some karaoke for  adults have bars but if for kids then no
Rihanna started singing when she was seven.
Laughing Cow commercial song Track Info: Artist Name: Patrick &  Eugene Song Name: Don't Stop.
I think Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are both sixteen.
    go on youtube and findout
check my videos on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/HusseinEzzeddine1i posted them 4 fun.I could do a lot better,but i didn't take things srsly,and the mic was bad...i could do a lot better if i took things srsly!
Yes there is I have a audition next week
I think he was 12 when he started singing x
In 2009, Bruce Springsteen.Latoya Jackson   Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
It used to be a gospel song called 'O sinnerman'.
Ebey, with the right amount of research
I Wanna Love Somebody Like You by Keith Urban is a country song about not taking your life for granted and feeling the love
Thomas Woodward and Freda Jones
first see if you could do low notes with the rhythm then go higher and practice that i will give you the songs that will helpyou please sing the songs in order so you will be great singer   Forget You    Jar of Hearts    Firework    hardest one because it is so high it  ...
actually you mean in english. thats the italian name. it means my love.-by the way please send a message on my board cuz i just joined.
Tim wilson sings the song NASCAR love
The names of the six singing chipmunks are Alvin, Simon, Theodore,  Brittney, Jeanette, and Eleanor.
  Singing emerged when cave men found they could communicate when they grunted and this turned into words.   Singing emerged when cave men found they could communicate when they grunted and this turned into words.
yes shannon Christina Emily bateson can sing
The song is simply called "Doop Doop" by a techno, mix group from the Netherlands called, simply, Doop. It can still be found on the History of Dance: 10 (The Eurodance Edition) compilation. Catchy tune! Here's a copy on YouTube... www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YemTldO04E
Choir is typically originated from Ancient Greece and the Medieval  Era.
  Dream Girl   Well I married my dream girl   I married my dream girl   But she didn't tell me her credit was bad   so now instead of living in a pleasant suburb   we're living in the basement at her mom and dad's   no we can't get a loan   for a respectable home   just...
The best singers are reputed to be the mockingbird, veery, nightingale, rose-breasted grosbeak, and the robin. But your opinion may vary...
1. You can start by warming up. Alway warm up before doing any  exercise, singing easy scales in the middle of your vocal range.   2. Go from the scale that is easiest for you to sing, and start  going up or down. Doing this will gradually strengthen your current  vocal range and its...
Most likely with Indians
Daisuke Inoue of Japan invented the first karaoke machine but  failed to patent it. Karaoke means "empty orchestra" in Japanese,  coming from "kara" meaning "empty" and "oke", a shortening of  "okesutora" the Japanese word for "orchestra".    Since Inoue failed to patent the machine, however...
You might be able to find some at The gallery of West Indian Art, they have works from 22 Jamaican Painters. The link is below.
  'Beautiful' from his most recent album relapse
  your right it is really hard to be discovered i am a singer and im about to become a singer im already a model so yeah it really is hard to be discovered but i think that it helps to be in a church choir because it helps with your notes you sing and other stuff like that   your right it is...
You can probably ask the choir director or try out
Yeah,There's a party going on,Clap your hands, sing a song,Cause' there's a great big party going on!(I think)
As Long As You Love Me - Backstreet Boys
the worst thing i could do
most DVD players (95%) will play audio discs but to be sure check the user manual that came with your DVD player
Contact her booking office, The Clark Sisters, Karen Clark Sheard, Kierra 'KiKi' Sheard KAREW Records 19161 Schaefer Hwy Suite 202 Detroit, MI 48235 PH 313.342.7496 Ask to leave a message for an inquiry on voice lessons. Their booking manager will get back with you. If you live in Detroit, you...
Many colleges in the UK teach singing. In London there are loads of  performing arts colleges that take in Dancers, singers and young  actors. Some of the best well known colleges are: Tiffany's  performing arts college, West Thames College. And there are many in  areas like: Liverpool, Preston,...
  The Dragonettes and it's called called "Get Lucky."
Yes, it means a singing group, as in a church or school.
Im not sure if he played at the super bowl, but in my opinion just ask a guy that watched the game.
Strange FruitI love you PorgySoon I Will Be DoneFreedom
of course not i mean her voice is too the same for lip sync
SoundChoice has a version of this song...the only collection I saw it in was a 70's & 80's spotlight collection Catalog #: SCG8153
Singing 20 minutes a day can bring down snoring. Also, if your good enough, you could star a band. Some people like Britney Spears or Micheal Jackson, are so good you can become famous which can earn you fame and fans. Remember, Fame is a bee. It's sweet at first, but some people might not like you...
A Whole New World- two part harmony is really nice for a small group! Also, any Journey song such as Don't Stop Believing, Faithfully are nice! Somewhere Over The Rainbow is beautiful !
i get on the singing bee on the tv at channel 2 every sa2rday..
Disharmony or cacophony.
poomaname oru raga karoke
you can...many karaoke shows are now run off a computer...you do need the correct software to read a .cdg file (RoxBox karaoke software is one player)
Because she has to do all that dancing and stuff
There are two people who sing, one is Lady Gaga, and the other is LMFAO:D
Yes she is really good singing live
you can...many karaoke shows are now run off a computer...you do need the correct software to read a .cdg file (RoxBox karaoke software is one player)
Careless whispers and girls just wanna have fun...I think there might be another but I'm not sure
It depends on your tone of voice. If your voice is soft go with a song sung by Katie Perry, or even Colbie Caillat. If you have a raspy voice go with pink, and josh turner.
Napoleon basically says that there is no longer a need for the song  because the rebellion is over. Really though, Napoleon no longer  favors the words to the song. The song speaks to animal freedom and  equality, Napoleon wants none of that. Napoleon wants absolute  power.
Can´t tell if he did but there are some trace of evidence connecting another notorious Slim ( Wilf Carter aka Montana Slim ) to this song, since different sources has it that he wrote it, though it was first recorded with carson Robison and his pioneers in 1936
Soprano voices but I'm not sure.PS I have this question in my theory book one.