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Canada Provinces and Territories

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This category is for the 10 provinces and three territories that make up the second largest country in the world: Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Nunavut, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.
For the Grey Cup they played against the Saskatchewan Roughriders,which they won.
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The natural resources of Quebec are silver, gold, copper, and iron.They can be found in eastern part of Quebec.
Victoria was not the first city colonized by Europeans.
  I'm a home care worker in Newfoundland and I averaged $16,900 last year.
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many dinosaurs lived there in prehistoric times.
The CN tower is a very beautiful piece of architecture. It's Toronto's highest building to my knowledge at a height of 553+ metres.
Here are some answers from our community:    Victoria, British Columbia  San Diego, California, US  Las Vegas, Nevada, US  
Wine capital of Canada.
All the islands in Hudson bay, James bay and Ungava bay are  belonging to nunavut.
111194  Equivalent Codes:  11-11-94  11 11 94 Halifax  HORSFORTH TOWN STREET  Payment Clearing Services, PO Box 101, W.Yorks., HX3 0TA,  Halifax  England
That is arguable. Vancouver is a popular tourist destination, so  there are things going on throughout the year. As well, it has a  very mild climate so there isn't one ideal season. Many people  enjoy visiting in the summer though, when there is not as much rain  and there are many summer...
seek ye first the kingdom of God, ... Sayin' 'seek ye first thekingdom within.'" This verse is also the Latin motto of theCanadian province Newfoundland and ...
The official gemstone for the province of British Columbia is Nephrite jade
Shortest is air travel and it is 10,794 miles.
Yeah, he was traded to Toronto.Basically, the trade was Calgary traded Phaneuf, Sjostrom and Holly, and Toronto traded White, Stajan, Mayers and Begin in return.
Whatever everyone else does for fun. Use the Internet, Watch TV,  Read, play outside, etc. Just because they're further up North  doesn't mean that they're in the middle of nowhere. The people who  live in Nunavut are regular people too you know.
No...... he only playes for the Pittsburgh penguins and is the youngest captin to ever win a Stanley cup
we export stuff like metals and other stuff like that i know this answer isn't very helpful but that's all i know and im trying to find the other stuff too
It is 312.88 miles according to MapQuest.
Well, the first Y is because every Canadian airport starts with a Y. The obvious YTO is already taken for Toronto as a City, for bookings to Toronto (All Airports), like London (LON), has loads of different airports (LHR, LGW, LCY, STN, LTN, LSO). The YZ is just random. Some people say its the code...
Nunavut is a territory in Canada and has a Commissioner appointedby a federal minster. Nunavut elects a member to the Canadian Houseof Commons. There is a Premier elected to be the head of governmentfor Nunavut. Currently this is Paul Aarulaaq Quassa as of 2017.
CN tower is in the continent of North America. Specifically, it is within the nation of Canada.
At the age of 23, Prince Rupert of the Rhine (1619-1682) was named  commander of the Royalist cavalry during the First English Civil  War (1642-1646). Near the war's end, he and his brother were  banished from England. He later returned, in 1660.
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The distance between Vancover and the equator is 5482 km or 3407miles.
Struggling for survival. Other jobs: fishing, hunting, helpingothers. Its Alaska
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Google Maps estimates the driiving time as 8 hours and 41 minutes.
The biggest city on Vancouver island is Victoria.
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada.
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In Nunavut you can find muskoxen, beavers, arctic foxes, wolves and hares, badgers, cougars, deer, seals, caribou, moose etc.
Only Winnipeg can be classfied as a major city in Manitoba.
the most popular sports is baseball and basketball
Yes, there are 10 provinces and 3 territories.
Alberta's oil sands has proven reserves of about 168 billion  barrels; the third-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world,  after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.
Workers were discontent with the poor working conditions.  Newspapers called strike a "Revolution". The Strikers demonstrated  in the streets and attacked a streetcar. The mayor read about the  riot act - ordered RNWMP (Royal North Western Mountie Police) to  enact upon it - RNWMP fired shots at...
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A flight from Dallas to Jamaica is about 4 hours.
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Halifax is spelt the same in both English and French.
The flight from Calgary to Dublin is 9 hours long.
It is a territory in the country of Canada.
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it was formed in the year 1739
Xuzhou, 徐州, in northern Jiangsu Province, is pronounced like "shoe - Joe" in English. For the tones, say "Xu" like a question with a rising (second) tone. For "zhou," just say it naturally since it is first tone. So, you could approximate the Chinese Mandarin (Putonghua) pronunciation by saying ...
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saskatchewans nickname is the bread basket of canada.it has no natural boarders like mountains or oceans. its in the interior plains.
=== Snow capped mountains, thick glaciers and chunks of ice floating around the islands in the Arctic Ocean. Nunavut also has many frozen or very cold lakes and rivers. ===
The MacKay Bridge is in the north end of the Halifax Penninsula.  The Halifax end passes over what used to be the Africville site, but this had been demolished well before the bridge was built.
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From Canada (Which I am also) costs roughly $3000 ONE way. So you're looking at $6000 there and back.    How do I know? I asked my exchange student friend how much it costs to fly here. He's from Tokyo.    Hope this helped xD
New Jersey to Connecticut takes 7 hours.
One would be that because Quebec had very good farmland, they would be able to give good crops.
Quebec has the most lakes of any size at over 1 million, followed by Ontario, then ManitobaAlthough Manitoba Has more lakes and water per kilometre than any other province. That statistic is why the province is referred to as the "Lake Province" in various circles. 
== Answer ==   In the US, you have to be 125% above the current poverty line. Look at uscis.govhomepage and you will find all the answers to all your immigration questions.   In Canada, there is no income requirement. Even if there is no income requirement for you to sponsor your partner...
Nunavut imports and exports:Honey,metal,diamonds, and natural gas.
it will take about 3 hours to travel via plane
Watson Lake Yukon is known for its 1300 signposts
The shortest time is 4 hours and 3 minutes.
trans Canada hwy ============= No single highway will take you from Vancouver to Toronto. The Trans-Canada Highway does not enter Toronto.
Yes, they fall under City of Edmonton By-Law Officers, as well there are also Animal Protection Officers who are employed by the Edmonton Humane Society.
  Quebec was the land of the French back when the English hadn't even started to consider commisioning an expedition to the new land, technically, Quebec started Canada, so therefore, Canada became part of Quebec.
According to some, Nova  Scotians wanted a railway built across Canada so they could  transport their goods across the whole country as well as across  the seas. They needed union because if they didn't, they were  afraid the United States would take over and they would have to  become a...
P.E.I:- Prince edward island
West Edmonton mall is a land mark because it is the biggest mall in Edmonton and in the center of the citi almost EDIT: West Edmonton Mall, or West Ed, is actually NOT close to the city center. As the name suggests, it is in West Edmonton. Here's the real facts: It's the largest shopping mall in...
Itmis 46.6 miles according to Google Maps.
 The province's territory was expanded to take over part of the Indian Reserve, including much of what is now southern Ontario, plus Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and parts of Minnesota.  The oath of allegiance was replaced with one that no longer made reference to the Protestant...
It's about 2300 miles and almost two days of worth of driving.
Travel from Toronto to Kitchener by bus?   Very uncomfortably. :-)Seriously, there are local bus carrier's such as Greyhound bus lines, among others which will provide scheduled travel from Toronto to Kitchener.A normal 1 hour travel time by car is extended to a 3 hour bus ride however. Which is...
Google Maps estimates the driiving time as 22 hours and 54 miutes.
It is 525 kilometers according to Google Maps.
A person who has achieved (and still obtains) British Citizenship.
Lester Bowles Pearson's wifes name is Maryon Pearson (Moody).