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Ocean Tides

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Affected by the gravitational pull of the moon and sun, sea levels rise and fall on a daily basis. Ask questions here about high tide, low tide, spring tide and neap tide.
Nope Tides are useful for low depth regions to bring vessel. Tide s  just rise and fall of seawater level. it wont be harmful
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No. The tides are a result of the gravitational pull of the moon as it rotates around the Earth. This rotation takes place over a period of 24 hours and 50 minutes. The Earth's rotation takes 24 hours and 0 minutes. Therefore, the two are not synchronized and the tide change will be different each...
Not much of an answer, but Its something to do with the moon and gravity.Hope that helps
I think it helps thinking of Earth as being "pulled apart" by the  difference in gravitation, by the Moon, on both sides of Earth (the  nearer side, and the farther side).
because it is low tide on the side of the earth closest to the moon causing a shift in the water level on the opposite side.
The greatest high tides are Spring tides where the Earth, Moon, and Sun are in a line . They are also the lowest low tides. The least high tides and low tides are called neap tides when the sun, moon and earth form a right angle
The intertidal zone is the area that is exposed to the air at low tide and submerged at high tide. (Also known as the "foreshore" or "littoral zone").The intertidal zone is the area of the shoreline which is covered the rising tide during high tide and exposed during low tide. After the Intertidal...
i think its the moon and its gravitational pull
Tides are a global phenomenon. Any place with an ocean shore all  over the world will see the same number of tides. The size of the  nearest ocean, and the shape of the coastline will determine the  height of the tides. Some places, it's hardly worth mentioning.
high tides occurs when the river climbs and heavy rain falls
At low tide the moon is more or less at 90 degrees to the point on the Earth where the low tide is. The Sun might be anywhere - it's not relevant.However, if the Sun happens to be in line with the Moon and the Earth then the high tide will be a spring tide and gretare than normal (because the Sun's...
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Usually two, in some places one, in some places four.
highest high tide is 1.76m or 5.8ft. lowest high tide is 0.1m or 0.03ft.
High tide on most days occurs twice per day. Once when the moon is directly overhead, and then when the moon is on the opposite side of the world.
Typically there are two high tides a day. Think of it as two giant waves going around the world constantly.
Spring tide is bigger. Neap Tide is when it is the lowest.
a 200 foo t wave in the west coast
HIGH TIDE:the highest level of the sea surface LOW TIDE:the lowest level of the sea surface
the distance of the moon from the earth the total gravity of the moonthe amount of water in the tide.....and ect by J.P.A
A Tidal Bulge is a high tide. It is a bulge of water on the side ofthe earth under the moon, and it is caused by the moon's gravityattracting the water. There is a similar bulge on the opposite side of the earth, awayfrom the moon, to counterbalance the moon bulge. The areas between the two bulges...
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Full moon and new moon. Full moon and new moon. Full moon and new moon. Full moon and new moon.
theres only 1 and that's lunar gravitational pull.
Gravitational forces from both the sun and the moon continuously pull on the earth.although the moon is much smaller than the sun , the moon's gravity is the dominant force behind earth's tides
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A very big tide around the new and full moons.
the gravitational pull of the moon
  This one had me for years. Start by assigning some simple values to the gravity of the moon on certain places around the earth. Assume that the pull of the moons gravity when directly above say England is at level 10. That causes a lump of water on that side of the ocean. You may remember that...
The Moon's gravitational pull creates the water effects we know of as 'tides'.
the gravitation of the moon is greater and the tides can either become bigger or smaller
Mangroves use a number of techniques to survive in intertidal zones. Many species excrete salt on their leaves or through glands on their trunks and roots. They also cope with low oxygen levels in the soil by using stilt roots or protrusions that extend out of the soil and into the air.
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  low tide is the correct name for it.
  == Answer ==   Tides ebb and flow twice a day.
Due to the gravitational pull on the earth from the moon and the sun. The moon pulls the water from the earth towards it and so does the sun.Low tides are called Neap tides and are low because the pull from the sun and the moon cancel each other out (it would be much easier to explain using a...
There are two high and two low tides, typically, during each 24 hour period.
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It changes slightly. Over a period of time of several months, it averages out to about 238,000 miles.
They consider high and low tides in their journey because if it is high tide the water level will be high but if it is low tides the water level is low.
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You only get high tides along ocean coastlines.
Very simply put. The tides are an effect of the moons gravity on our oceans and seas. The earth rotates. The gravitational affect of the moon affects different parts of the ocean at different times of the 'day'.Moon and Sun line up at New Moon and Full Moon to give especially high tides.
Gravitation is "universal" every particle of mass in the universe is attracted to every OTHER particle of mass. So, "everything".
Ocean tides are best described as predictable and cyclic
  == Answer ==   europha and castio
Tides are fond in waters most of the times.
  There is always the risk of grounding.
Semi diurnal tides occur twice a day (2 low tides, 2 high tides) and diurnal tides occur once (1 high tide one low tide) per day.
yes some of them do depending on there size
Over flow
  The times of high and low tide shift a little each day, so usually you'll get one high and one low tide in a day. Occasionally you can get high-low-high or low-high-low in one day, but this is quite rare.
During any 24 hour period, the moon nearly completes one revolution around earth [apparent motion, not true motion]. Combined tidal forces cause a bulge in the earth's water at the location roughly below the moon and also at the part of the earth opposite that location. A scarcity of water occurs in...
Tides are differences in gravitational pull between two points of a body. Tidal effects on earth are caused by lunar gravity and, to a much lesser extent, solar gravity. The greatest effect of tidal forces are on water levels along ocean coast lines. The ebb and flow of this water is also known as a...
The gravitational pull of the Moon has the greatest influence on the Earth's tides but the Sun also has some effect.
    you usually get high tides when the moon affects gravitational pull on the earth, which triggers the ocean of the gravitational pull.   low tides occur on the top of the earth, just the opposite of what i have stated!   (just in case you wanted to know!)
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Tides on the Earth are caused by the gravitational attraction of the Moon and to a lesser extent the Sun. The Sun is far more massive - but the Moon is way CLOSER, and in this case, distance is more important than mass.
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Low tideMore shells are exposedMore exposed beachSand flats & tide pools remain
Regarding how many:  There are basically two high tides each day.  Regarding how long:  Doesn't quite work like that. The tides are constantly changing.  It's either growing or shrinking. If you measure real closely,  it'll only be at its absolute highest for a couple of minutes.  If you're...
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