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James K. Polk

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James K. Polk was the 11th President of the United States. He served as president from March 4, 1845 to March 4, 1849
where was james k. polk born
Polk never served in the US military.
he always wanted to be president, and his friends told him ( you can beat him )
 James K. Polk added the Oregon Territory and Texas to the  United States  
He was from Tennessee.
Yes he did. Though I am not sure what the name of it is called, the  black thing around his neck in portraits is his tie. Sorry I don't  know the name.
Actually, his horse wasn't named "Dark Horse." Polk was considered to be the first presidential dark horse, meaning that he was elected as president despite not being considered a forerunner for the position.
As a result of winning the Mexican War, California, New Mexico and Arizona,as well as parts North, were added to the union and the border between Texas and Mexico was firmed up and secured. He also settled with a treaty with Britain, a dispute over the Northern border of the Oregon territory.
First, American troops would drive Mexican forces out of the disputed border region in Texas and make the border secure. Second, the United States would seize New Mexico and California. Finally, American forces would take Mexico City, the capital of Mexico
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He suffered Cholera.
gaining 1oo million square miles of land in the west oregon territory, california... and on
It is located in the southern part of Yalobusha County, several miles from the original county seat of Coffeeville.
The coin is just a 2009 Presidential dollar. The dual date 1849-1850 is the term of office he served. Value is $1- it's made of brass, not gold.
Polk said we had to go to war because U.S. forces had been attacked on the Rio Grande. Some said we provoked Mexico into war.
President Polk bought California to have more land.
yes indeed positively absolutely he did...
James K. Polk was 49 when he became president.
A few dates in his life: 1795- born on November 2 1824-marries Sarah Childress 1845- becomes the 11th president of the United States 1846-starts the Mexican-American War 1848-Zachary Taylor elected 1849-leaves the White House 1849-dies on June 15
It's a presidential dollar from 2009, and it's worth exactly one USdollar.
James Knox Polk had 9 siblings! ! ! !
He was the only US president to get stuck in a bathtub.
President Polk told General Taylor to march to the Rio Grande, which meant he was to enter the disputed Neuches Strip South of the Neuches River.
Texas, Iowa and Wisconsin joined the union while Polk was President.
He was a Lawyer, The Governor of Tennessee, and a Congressman.
President Polk believed the Mexican War was an essential part of the future for America's destiny. It was also a way to relieve the crippling debt that Mexico owed and could provide the cash needed to bring Mexico into the World economy.
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James Polk and his wife Sarah Childress Polk did not have any children . Nobody can claim to be direct descendant of President James Polk.
There were 27 states when Polk took office as president. (Florida became a state the day before Polk took office but after he was elected.) Texas, Iowa and Wisconsin joined the union while Polk was President, so there were 30 states when he left office,
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Yes. the Non -Circulated Presidential $1 Coin : they went on sale in August 2009 . In 2005, President Bush signed the Presidential $1 Coin Act authorizing the United States Mint to strike $1 coins honoring America's Presidents in the order in which they served.
Yes. George Polk, a famous CBS reporter who was murdered in Greece at the start of the Cold War and Leonidas Polk, one of the more controversial Generals of the Civil War (he was also an Episcobal bishop). There are also more.
  He was born on November 2, 1795 and died on June 15, 1849.
No, electricity existed before mankind.
President Polk was the front man for Stone-wall Jackson and his aggressive expansionist tendencies. Both those territories were taken as prizes of war. A War that President Polk provoked in the name of Manifest Destiny. won and never got to enjoy since he died early in his retirement.
No, he never did because the white house was burned down in the war of 1812 by the british. The white house was rebuilt and enlargened, but that process was completed in 1901, almost a hundred years after it was burned down.
Its probably the Mexican American war
Polk added over 800,000 square miles to western territory and extended the boundary of the country to the Pacific Ocean. He also lowered tariffs and created an independent federal treasury. He only served one term as promised.
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As Commander in Chief, he sent armed forced into territory claimed by both the U.S and Mexico.
1. James K. Polk is a much underrated president who fulfilled all of his campaign promises to an extent. He was a major benefactor to the nation, especially in land gain. This includes the Annexation of Texas, lands gained from the Mexican-American War, Oregon Territory and even tried to buy Cuba...
By about 33% adding the current US States of Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico,
James Knox Polk was born on November 2, 1795 and died on June 15, 1849.
He had 9 brother and sisters.his family was loving careful and nice. They got taken care of very well.
He was born in North Carolina, but then later lived in Tennessee
James Knox Polk was president for 4 years or 1 term. Polk was the 11th President of the United States from March 4, 1845to March 4, 1849.
He did not seek a second term because he was out voted.
He didnt have any children,but he did have a wife. Her name was Sarah Childres.
He had only five campaign promises: to acquire California from Mexico, settle the Oregon dispute, lower the tariff, to create a sub-treasury, and to not run for a second term.
The area that had its border set at the 49th parallel by President  Polk and Britain in 1849 is Oregon.
The area that had its border set at the 49th parallel by President  Polk and Britain in 1849 is Oregon.
He lived in Tennessee, in Nashville, I think.
Sarah polkthey got married in 1790
The "k" in James K. Polk stands for "Knox."
yes he does he has 5 brother and 4 sister
No, but he had a killer mullet. Despite his lack of chest hair, Polk would often sit shirtless on the White House lawn chugging down Keystone Lights in the summer heat.
The manifest destiny was the United States should stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific. This was realized during the Polk administration when the US annexed California and the Mexican territory in between.
Polk was born in Mecklenburg County, NC and lived there with his family until he was 10. At that time, the family made a difficult move to uncleared land in middle Tennessee. where he lived until he left for college at the University of NC.
Senator Silas Wright from NY was nominated , but he declined.
Polk took office on March 4, 1845.
Polk believed that war would bring not only Texas but also New  Mexico & California into the Union (he urges war with Mexico).
Yes. Slavery was legal in the southern states when Polk was president.
Polk justified his war message saying that Mexico had attacked American troops and invaded the United States and that the Mexican government had not been cooperative in negotiations over the Texas boundary issue.
James K. Polk was married in Murfreesboro, Tennessee at the bride's home Sarah Childress.
Polk got 1,337,243 popular votes.
Polk did not have any hobbies or indicate that he was interested in anything outside of politics.
He wanted to be a president a since he was a little boy
He started the California Gold Rush by telling everybody that there was gold in California.
From California to Texas, and the Oregon territory up the the 49th parallel.
The big event when Polk was president was the Mexican War , The Oregon boundary dispute was also settled by diplomacy without a war.
In 1844, the Democrats were split The three nominees for the presidential candidate Were Martin Van Buren, a former president and an abolitionist James Buchanan, a moderate Louis Cass, a general and expansionist From Nashville came a dark horse riding up He was James K. Polk, Napoleon of the...