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How to bleed 2002 Saturn vue clutch Master Cylinder?

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you have a common problem and will need another persons foot to push the pedal while you turn the bleeder. step 1 check the fluid and top off to the line. step 2 step on the pedal and hold it down. step 3 turn the bleeder and let the fluid come out and you should be getting some air. tighten then remove foot and repeat from 2. one person tell the other person when your done. if done three or four times check the fluid to make sure your not adding more air in which case you will have to repeat 2 alot more
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How do you change a master cylinder in the clutch on a 93 Saturn LS?

you must replace the entire assembly, clutch master cylinder, hydralic line, and slave cylinder. the clutch system was designed to be replaced as a unit, they came from the fa

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Have someone sit in the truck and pump the pedal 4-5 times slowly ( pushing the pedal all the way down and up each time ) and on the last pump have your buddy hold the pedal t

How do you bleed a clutch master cylinder?

You can do it a few ways. One is called BENCH BLEEDING in which you would put the master cylinder in a vise and run a bleeding kit into the reservoir and pump the piston with

How do you gravity bleed clutch master cylinder?

This is goo video that demonstrates gravity bleeding very well it is very stait forward and easy, just imagine the bell housing around the clutch to get a feel of were the ble

How do you bleed the master cylinder of a 2002 Saturn SL1?

I have attached the Technical Service Bulletin on bleeding. Bulletin No.: 01-07-31-002B Date: November 01, 2006 INFORMATION Subject: Improved Bleeding Procedure

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I bought a bleeder vacumm pump at Oreilly auto parts for 47.99. Bench bleeding with the new hydraulic clutch master cylinder out of the jeep did not seem possible as there is