How to bleed 2002 Saturn vue clutch Master Cylinder?

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you have a common problem and will need another persons foot to push the pedal while you turn the bleeder. step 1 check the fluid and top off to the line. step 2 step on the pedal and hold it down. step 3 turn the bleeder and let the fluid come out and you should be getting some air. tighten then remove foot and repeat from 2. one person tell the other person when your done. if done three or four times check the fluid to make sure your not adding more air in which case you will have to repeat 2 alot more
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How replace clutch slave and master cylinders on 1997 Saturn Station Wagon?

  Answer   its accually easy, from inside the car, you need to squeeze under the dashboard. at the top of your clutch pedal there is a small metal clip holding the r (MORE)

Where can you get additional keys for your Saturn vue 2002?

    You should go to a Saturn dealership. They will cut the keys on site and program the chip with your VIN #. Replacement keys cut at a hardware store, Walmart, etc (MORE)
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Why isn't my clutch master bleeding?

you will need a clean piece off hose to fit over bleeder screw on slave cylinder.stick other end of hose in a clean jar of brake fluid.fill bleeder screw and hav (MORE)

How do you reset security on 2002 Saturn vue?

you can't do it yourself you need a spaecial comp program- go to  craigs, look for auto lockmith (mobile) under services. Anyone that  does newer chipped keys can do a reset (MORE)

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