In the time of Jesus what percentage of the world's population was Jewish?

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Answer 1
In 63 BC, the Romans invaded and conquered Jerusalem. At that time, there was a civil war among the Jews. For the Romans to keep control over the Galileans and Judean peoples, Julius Caesar and the senate installed Herod as king. The same Herod the king who ordered the infant Jesus to be killed.
Jesus was alive during the Roman Empire in the age of Caesar Augustus; and in that time only 10% of the entire Roman Empire were Jewish. The estimated population of the entire Roman Empire at that time was 45 million. The majority of the population practiced Hellenistic religion (Roman/Greek mythology). Jews were tolerated in the Roman Empire by diplomatic treaty. After Jesus Christ's death, those people who were brave to follow Jesus' teachings were thought of as pagans by the Roman Empire and were heavily persecuted, be it imprisoned or martyred.

Answer 2
However, even if the Jews were 10% of the Roman Empire (and that seems absurdly large to me) this does not take into account other civilizations such as the Parthians, Aryan States, and Imperial China and other tribes scattered across the world. The Jews were likely around 2-3% of the world population at the time.
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