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To the best of my knowledge FE stands for further education, so an FE curriculum would constitute the things you learn at university.
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What is curriculum reform?

Reform regards progressive changes to a system, laws and  regulations. Curricular reform involves changes, updates and  improvements to the course of study by an institution

What is Abeka Curriculum?

abeka curriculum is a christian curriculum for homeschoolers and nonhomeschoolers. it holds high standards. in other words.. its hard. abeka.org. Abeka is a home school curri

What is curriculum design?

curriculum design is a design which many approaches can be done...

What is recommended curriculum?

recommended curriculum - proposed by scholars and professional organizations

What is curriculum?

  In formal education or schooling (cf. education), a curriculum is the set of courses, course work, and content offered at a school or university. A curriculum may be par

What is a curriculum?

it is a professional experience and persons education.

What is the core curriculum?

chawal agar hum ko pata hota to tum se pochty bata mamo?

What is broadfield curriculum?

  A curriculum is the term used to describe a set of courses or programmes that are provided by an educational institution for the purpose of formal education. A vital p

What is progressive curriculum?

Progressive points of view of curriculum are listing of subjects, syllabi, course of study and list of courses or specific discipline can only be called curriculum if these wr

Why curriculum change?

Because of exams dummy

Do you say that a subject is 'on' the curriculum or 'in' the curriculum?

In standard British English you would generally say that a subject is "on" the curriculum. However, it should be noted that prepositions are one of the most changeable aspects

What is formal curriculum?

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What is Fe?


What is deficient curriculum?

Deficient curriculum is a curriculum that doesn't meet acceptable  standards. It is lacking in some way, perhaps causing pupils to  fall behind the students in other compara