Why did 19th century European countries establish colonies in Africa?

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The goals of 19th and 20th century Imperialism were very often related to the European belief that Europeans were both racially and morally superior to others, particularly Africans. Europeans invaded Africa with the purpose of instilling Christianity into natives as well as introducing western ideas in education, medicine, hygiene, and monogamous marriage. The colonization of Africa was also of commercial interest (which was greatly expanded due to the Industrial Revolution during this time period). Africa provided European manufacturers with cheap labor, raw materials, and a ready market to purchase their products.
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Why did the British establish colonies in Africa?

Answer . The oldest reason in the world: land equals power.. I guess you are right but colonizations was mainly due to greed.When gold or diamonds was discovered imperial powers was already half way there.South Africa is a good example,2 x wars were fought over gold in South Africa.Lesser causes (MORE)

Why did European Nations establish colonies?

While all had different reasons the main cause was economic. Spain was after gold, religious converts, outpost for adventurers. sugar cane and more gold. French wanted to compete with Brits and Spanish . Had been fishing off North America since before Columbus but then found fur trade profitab (MORE)

Why did many europeans countries want colonies in Asia and Africa?

because when the europeans had the soviet union split Germany into south and east. The south portion of Germany colionies was very rich and more colonies we being and causing them to trade and move in to Asia and or Africa opposed to the oppsing side witch created less colonies due to its econamy

How many colonies did Britain have in the 19th century?

- Nigeria. - Togo. - Benin. - South Africa. - Orange Free State. - Swaziland. - Transvaal. - Ireland. - British North America ( Canada). - Australia. - New Zealand. - Fiji. - Egypt. - Madagascar. - Iraq. - Falkland Is.. - Gibraltar, Spain. - India ( India, Pakistan, Bangladesh). - (MORE)

Why did European countries start colonies in Africa?

Many reasons! . Important resources (gems, metals, ivory, etc) . good farming land . Spreading Christianity . Trying to control more land than other nations . end slavery (Slavery had long been abolished in Europe, but itstill existed in the African tribal societies. Europeans wanted toend it). (MORE)

What countries were the strongest in the 19th century?

The century spanned a lot of changes in the balance of power among nations, however the best overall rankings for the most powerful nations of the 19th century are as follows: 1) Great Britain; for it is inarguable with their navy (best in the world at the time), their vast global colonial holdin (MORE)

Why did European Colonies establish colonies?

Economic Growth . Resources . Competition . Overpopulation All these are tru but in detail: Spain wanted gold, converts for Chritianity, land and power. Later developed sugar plantations on a large scale. English wanted a place where dissidents and later many others could immigrate to (overpop (MORE)

How many European countries had colonies in Africa?

Belgium (1880's-1960's) Denmark (1650's-1850's) Great Britain (1660's-1980's) France (1560's-1970's) Germany (1680's-1910's) Netherlands (1650's-1800's) Italy (1880's-1960's) Spain (-1970's) Portugal (1470's-1970's)

Why would European countries seek to establish new colonies overseas?

A few reasons. Overcrowding, strategic military positions, dwindling resources, rumours of gold, running out of useable farmland and to escape religious persecution are some of the reasons. First, individual colonists came over mainly to escape religious intolerance with charters from their count (MORE)

What were the colonies established by France and Africa?

Here's a list of French Possessions in Africa, as well as the dates they were officially taken over by France: . French Morocco (1912) . French Algeria (1830) . Egypt (1798) . French Tunisia (1881) . Fezzan-Ghadames (1943) . Ivory Coast (1843) . French Dahomey (1883) . French Sudan (1883) (MORE)

Why europeans established colonies in Africa?

There were many reasons: . Extensive lands that could be used for farming and settlement . Large amounts of raw materials (metals, gems, ivory, etc) . Help spread Christianity/modern European ways of life . Competition with other Colonial Empires

What two countries were first to establish colonies in the European union?

There are no colonies in the European Union. All members are independent countries. The current 27 members are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland (MORE)

What colonies did the british establish in Africa?

Anglo-Egyptian Sudan Gold Coast British Somaliland British Nigeria Sierra Leone South Africa Uganda Protectorate Kenya Colony Nyasaland North Rhodesia Gambia Bechuana Protectorate Lesotho Swaziland Southern Rhodesia Please note: The UK controlled other colonies that they took over from other natio (MORE)