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Where is Singapore?

  Singapore, also known as the Republic of Singapore, is located in Southeast Asia. It is an island state at the southern tip of the Malaysia Peninsula. It is one of the (MORE)

What is Singapore?

Singapore is a safe country.Other country thicks Singapore is small and cant do anythings but we build up tall buildings as fast as could . Even Sentosa has open new shops and (MORE)

Why do you have Singapore?

Singapore was founded by the british to be used as a trading port and stop-over for their ships.
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Population density of Singapore Singapore?

With a population of about 4,987,600 people excluding tourist in a small area of 710.2 km2 it is known to be the third most densely populated country. It's really not that c (MORE)

How did the Battle of Singapore impact Singapore?

It showed that Singapore is not invincible. The Natives view the British as weak and unworthy to lord over them. As a result, natives see that the British are not capable of g (MORE)

Why is Singapore?

Singapore is just like the United States. If Singapore crash, the entire South-East Asia will be in turmoil.
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How about Singapore?

singapore is known as clean and green garden city ,this small ,tropical island features a wide array of thing for one to eat \\ see and do singaporean is known as his quailty (MORE)