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Is Algeria powerful?

Algeria is not a strong power full country but either it isn't a weak country.  it have a strong Army and is much power full then Libya Morocco and Tunisia  btw I'm from Alg (MORE)
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What is the topography of Algeria?

The Tell, located on the coast, comprises fertile plains 50-100 miles wide, with a moderate climate and adequate rain. Two major chains of Atlas Mountains, running roughly eas (MORE)
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How did Algeria become Algeria?

After the war of independence, Algeria gained its independence  after 130 years of French colonialism and became officially an  independent country in July 05, 1962.
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How do they dress in Algeria?

they wear normal cloths in all the days but in some special days like parties or marriage or after Ramadan (Aid El fotar-Aid El Adha) they wear traditional dress like : The K (MORE)
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Who is the President of Algeria?

Abd al-Aziz botafliqa عبد العزيز بوتفليقة Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the President of Algeria, having taken the position i (MORE)
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Where is Algeria?

Answer Algeria is located in the far north of Africa. The  Mediterrannean Sea forms its northern border with Morocco to the  west and Tunisia and Libya to the east. Mauritan (MORE)
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What is good about Algeria?

There are many things :) for example the Weather, People, Attractions, beaches, markets and Café's, Standard of Education and Environment. and the fact that its a country ful (MORE)

Where did Algeria get its name?

The name in English, Algeria, traces back to the city of Algiers, the current capital of Algeria, which is called al-Jaza'er (الجزائر) in Arabic. The name of the city, (MORE)
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Is Algeria windy?

It depends on where and when. There are seasonal winds the blow  along the coast and between the Sahara Desert and the coast.  However, Algeria does not have windstorms in t (MORE)