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Where is Algeria?

Answer Algeria is located in the far north of Africa. TheMediterrannean Sea forms its northern border with Morocco to thewest and Tunisia and Libya to the east. Mauritania, Ma (MORE)

Why was Algeria imperialized?

Algeria became a colony of France after a conquest that started in1830 with the capture of Algiers by the French forces. It wasoriginally intended to boost public opinion of f (MORE)
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Are there rainforests in Algeria?

Algeria does have some forested land but it does not have enoughrain to have a rainforest.
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Who is the pope of Algeria?

There is no such thing as "the pope of Algeria." The pope is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. The currentpope is Pope Francis. The president of Algeria is AbdelazizBo (MORE)
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Is there a stereotype for Algeria?

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How did Algeria become Algeria?

After the war of independence, Algeria gained its independenceafter 130 years of French colonialism and became officially anindependent country in July 05, 1962.