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What does anti-Semitic mean?

The term 'antisemitism' was coined by Wilhelm Marr in Germany in  1879, in a pamphlet entitled 'The Victory of Judaism Over  Germanism'.    Marr introduced the term a (MORE)

Did emancipation diminish Anti Semitism?

This is not an easy question to answer. Emancipation led to more contact between Jews and Gentiles, and for many this led to a reduction in prejudice. If one is treated by a J (MORE)

Why is anti-Semitism bad?

  Opinion   Hatred of, or prejudice against, people because of their ethnic background or religious beliefs is one of the most important causes of wars and suffering (MORE)

Who started Anti-semitism?

Answer 1   Early European people and kings in as early as about the 1300s.    Answer 2   The above is incorrect. Anti-Semitism has existed for at least 2500  y (MORE)

Was Bess Truman anti-semitic?

Bess Truman refused to let Jews into her house, even those on good terms with Harry Truman. You're free to label that behavior in any way that seems appropriate to you.
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Was Richard Wagner an Anti-Semite?

Yes. Richard Wagner was very proud of his Anti-Semitism. Some quotes of his to this effect include: It is necessary for us to explain the involuntary repugnance we possess (MORE)

What is anti-anti-semitism?

It's exactly what it sounds like: Opposition to those who harbor anti-Jewish views and opposition the anti-Jewish views themselves. The difference between anti-anti-Semitism (MORE)

Was Fred MacMurray Anti-Semitic?

Probably no more so than Billy Wilder (the Jew from Vienna who directed him in two of the best movies either of them ever did). Fred MacMurray was never noted for any particul (MORE)

What are Fascism and Anti-Semitism?

Fascism is a far-right political ideology that emphasizes the power of the state. It tends to emphasize militarism and downplay individualism. Fascists believe in a very autho (MORE)