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Was Fred MacMurray Anti-Semitic?

Probably no more so than Billy Wilder (the Jew from Vienna who directed him in two of the best movies either of them ever did). Fred MacMurray was never noted for any particul (MORE)

Why was Hitler so anti semitic?

Hitler as a young man has aspirations of being a painter. Sadly, for him, this did not result. Along with the death of his parents, this had fueled an anger in young Adolf. Bu (MORE)

What is anti-anti-semitism?

It's exactly what it sounds like: Opposition to those who harbor anti-Jewish views and opposition the anti-Jewish views themselves. The difference between anti-anti-Semitism (MORE)

What is an example of anti-semitism?

Anti-semitism means discrimination or action against people specifically because they are of the Jewish religion and race. This included setting up ghettos specifically for Je (MORE)

What happened during anti-semitism?

Anti-Semitism is an ideology, not a time period, so things did not  happen "during it".    Anti-Semitism has existed for over 2000 years and continues to  exist to th (MORE)

Why was Adolf Hitler Anti-Semitic?

He was brought up by two parents that despised Jews, who then passed on that loathing to their son Adolf. While he did not originally set his life on exterminating the Jewish (MORE)

Did emancipation diminish Anti Semitism?

This is not an easy question to answer. Emancipation led to more contact between Jews and Gentiles, and for many this led to a reduction in prejudice. If one is treated by a J (MORE)

What is a misogynist and an anti-semite?

An anti-semite is someone who dislikes Jewish people. (The Jews are said by some to be 'Semites', that is members of a 'Semitic' race).   * An antisemite is a Jew-hater and (MORE)