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When did aretha Franklin become famous?

She released her first single for Columbia in September 1960. It reached #10 on Billboard's r&b chart. She followed that with 2 more top 10 hits but further success trailed of (MORE)

What was aretha franklins first hit?

Her first top 40 hit (which no one remembers) was "Rock a Bye your baby with a Dixie melody" which peaked at number 37 in late 1961. Her first hit that anyone remembers was (MORE)

Did Aretha Franklin die?

No. This is circulating because of the recent passing of Teena Marie who has been called the "Ivory Queen of Soul". Aretha, The Queen of Soul is alive and well.
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Was Aretha Franklin poor?

Aretha was not poor by a long shot. She grow up around gospel and soul music royality and keep in mind that her father was a baptist [peacher early in his career. Baptist folk (MORE)

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What are facts about Aretha Franklin?

Aretha Franklin was born on March 25,1942 in Memphis Tenn. She is still alive. She was the queen of soul. She even sang the song "Respect". Remember that she did not write the (MORE)

Did aretha franklin have children?

Yes, in 1956, at age 14, a son named Clarence. In 1957, another son named Edward. They were raised by their grandmother, while their mother pursed her singing career. In 1964 (MORE)

How much money does Aretha Franklin have?

Many years ago a snippet of Ree's worth was made public and now that she's been in the spotlight for ova 50yrs her net worth would be close to half a billion, thats not saying (MORE)