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Where is Arkansas?

Arkansas is located in the southern region of the United States and it borders Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and the Mississippi River. The US State of Arkansas is located no (MORE)

What can you do in Arkansas?

Well there are many fun things to do in Arkansas like camping, hiking, trout fishing, birding and many more.Arkansas is a natural state of America.

What can you get from Arkansas?

There are lots of things you can get from Arkansas. Food, clothes, entertainment supplies, diamonds (fresh from the ground), eduction, alcohol, jobs, anything WalMart sells. T (MORE)

How Arkansas get its name?

Arkansas got it's name after the native american tribe Quapaw whenEuropean explorers met them. their nickname was Arkansaw so that'swhen they named Arkansas,Arkansas.

When did Arkansas get its flag?

Arkansas adopted its flag in 1913 by putting a contest to whatshould their state flag should be and the winning flag was a redbackground with a blue diamond in the middle and (MORE)

What are Arkansas borders?

The state of Arkansas borders the following states (Clockwise from north): ~ Missouri ~ Tennessee ~ Mississippi ~ Louisiana ~ Texas ~ Oklahoma

How did get Arkansas its nickname?

Well there were a group of Indians named Arkansaw,Arkansaws,or some other names.None is not really sure how it was spelled but there you got it:) Go Razorbacks!

Are there scorpions in Arkansas?

Yes there absolutely are scorpions in Arkansas. The only species found in AR is the striped bark scorpion, and they tend to come out in April, May, and June. My wife and I cou (MORE)

Does Arkansas have a battlefield?

There were three major battles in Arkansas during the Civil War. These were at Pea Ridge, Prairie Grove, and Arkansas Post. There was also numerous skirmishes which have no sp (MORE)

Are there groundhogs in Arkansas?

Yes! I just saw one in my front yard. I wasn't sure what it was - I had to call around and ask. It was as big as my cat - kinda freaked me out!