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What are bacteria?

Bacteria (plural of bacterium) are microscopicsingle-celled organisms (prokaryotes) that reproduce by binary fission, i.e. one cell splits into two, the two cells split into f (MORE)

Can bacteria get a virus?

Yes- Bacterial viruses are called bacteriophages. Some examples are T4 and T7 phages. They are complex DNA viruses that attach themselves to the cell surface and then inject t (MORE)

Which bacteria have a capsule?

strep. pneumoniae Klebsiella H influenzae Neisseria mennigitidis strep. pyogenes bacillus anthracis Psuedomonas S agalactiae Staph. epidermidis E coli Kleb (MORE)

What attracts bacteria?

sweat attracts bacteria especially in the feet where it has over  250,000 sweat glands, they are attracted to warm places.

Does bacteria eat bacteria?

Some do, yes.   Its not exactly "eating" but a process known as "phagocytosis."
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What is an example of bacteria?

Tetanus, whooping cough, TB, syphilis, cholera, bubonic plague and leprosy are all caused by bacteria. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is the name of the bacteria that causes TB,
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If fungus is not a bacteria then what is it?

It seems that there isn't a clear definition about what is a fungus yet. When on the form of yeast it is a microorganism. Formerly it was considered a plant, but nowadays it i (MORE)

Do bacteria kill other bacteria?

yes, it depends on the species of the bacteria. Some bacteria can produce toxin to inhibit the growth or kill the other bacteria if the bacteria doesn't have the specific anti (MORE)

What are spirilla bacteria?

Spirilla bacteria is a group of bacteria characterized by their spiral or corkscrew type shape. Spirilla are gram-negative aerobic heterotrophic bacteria. They usually prefer (MORE)

Can bacteria get you sick?

Bacteria can eat your cells from the inside out or outside in or attach themselves to cells by their pili
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