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What is bacteria?

Can serve as decomposers One-celled organisms that can be spherical, spiral, or rod-shaped and appearing singly or in chains, comprising the Schizomycota, a phylum of the king (MORE)
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What does bacteria do?

Bacteria is a decomposer that will break down dead or decayinganimal and plant matter. Bacteria can also cause infection inhumans. Bacteria is a single celled organisms, class (MORE)

Where do you get bacteria?

Harmful bacteria that cause infections can come from many sources including soil, freshwater, seawater, animals, other people or fomites. They can gain access to our bodies in (MORE)

Who is bacteria?

WHAT IS BACTERIA? . bacteria is a simple organism, . bacteria is single-celled organism=unicellular organism . bacteria was called as prokaryotes because it genetic mate (MORE)

How can you get bacteria?

by being next to an infected person or drinking or eating something else infected like garbage, sea water, and basically anything nasty. :p
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What bacteria does?

Bacteria can do many things. there are many types of bacteria...1 type of bacteria can make you vomet, some can make you die. I would ask your doctor about this question.

What does bacteria not have?

Bacteria comes from a group of orgamisms made up of prokaryotic cells which are much simpler and reproduce faster than eukaryotic cells, what the lack is a membrane enclosed n (MORE)

How does bacteria get into you?

Bacteria are able to enter us in several ways. The most common way that bacteria get within us is either through breathing or eating. Millions of bacterial cells live in our n (MORE)

What can bacteria can be?

bacteria can be bad depending on what kind it is. there are some that trys to prevent illnesses amd some that causes it. that's why its always good to lysoal down and wash you (MORE)