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How did Benjamin Harrison die?

Harrison died from pneumonia which was a complication fromthe flu. He died at age 67 on March 13, 1901 at his home in Indianapolis. In bed with your mom
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What pets did Benjamin Harrison have?

Harrison had a collie named Dash and another dog named Jack.   He had a goat named Old Whiskers who was trained to pull a cart for  his grandchildren. They had a harness (MORE)

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What was the nickname of President Benjamin Harrison?

Young Tippecanoe He was the grandson of "Old Tippecanoe"  * Grandfather's Hat From the 1888 election campaign song, "Grandfather's Hat Fits Ben", which suggested that he was (MORE)

What did Benjamin Harrison accomplish?

Benjamin Harrison accomplished his electorial votes winning against Grover im 1885. He also lost the next turn against Grover G. he went to war and got hurt, therefore, transf (MORE)

How many siblings did Benjamin Harrison have?

He had five siblings who lived to adulthood- three brothers and  two sisters. He had three other brothers and one sister who died as  babies. He also had two half-sisters wh (MORE)