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What is the population of Bristol?

HOW BIG IS BRISTOL AS A CITY? Bristol has a population of over half a million. Bristol has been one of the most important trading center in the United Kingdom since the 12th (MORE)

What do you know about Bristol?

Bristol is a port city in the South West of England. It's an amazing mix of old and new - beautiful Georgian buildings mixed with brilliant nightlife (Bristol is particularly (MORE)

What can you do in Bristol?

You can do a lot in Bristol. There's Bristol zoo, the suspension bridge in Clifton Village, plenty of bars and restaurants, including Jamie's Italian which just opened on Park (MORE)

Is Bristol zoo in Bristol?

Yes. Bristol Zoo is located in the city of Bristol itself, with in the Clifton area of the city alongside the Bristol Downs. Is is a great Zoo well worth a visit, but get the (MORE)

How do you get into Bristol university?

Depending on the course you must obviously get the required grades. But even if you don't get in, a strongly worded letter after rejection has been enough to change the mind o (MORE)
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How was Bristol discovered?

Bristol did exist before it was an individual city, it was firstly part of Gloucestershire as an area but after fighting for independence because during this period it was a m (MORE)

How do you get to Bristol parkway from Bristol airport?

Bristol Parkway is about 15 miles from the Airport, the best way toget there is to take a taxi. An alternative is to take the AiportFlyer Express, which is a bus service from (MORE)