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What is cannibalization?

Cannibalization has many definitions, but one of the simplest is to define it as taking serviceable parts from a thing that does not work to use them on another thing that doe (MORE)

What are cannibals?

Cannibals are humans who eat other humans. Or: Species that consume for food their same species: MANY animals have been known to exhibit cannibalistic behaviors. 1)a person (MORE)

Were the Samoans cannibals?

Yes, it is safe to affirm that ritualistic cannibalism was practiced in Samoa during pre-colonial times, especially in war time between hostile factions. There are accounts of (MORE)

Is a cannibal a vampire?

it depends. a classic vampire only drinks the blood of the victims. Now the new ones in the movies seem to eat the guts and other yummy things. so yes and no. The defining t (MORE)

Are dogs cannibal?

i dont know try to fit your dog in a can on my opion { this is the computer answering} u can fit a dog in a can just find the rite size can for it

What movies have cannibals in them?

Africa Screams . Aimez-Vous Les Femmes . Alive . American Cannibal . American Cannibals . American Cyborg . Amin: The Rise and Fall . Andre the Butcher . Auntie Lee's (MORE)
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Are zombies cannibals?

Zombie's are known for eating human flesh, so in a way, yes. But also no because "zombies" are no longer human.

Where the Arawak's cannibals?

The arawaks were not noted to be cannibals because they were easily overpowered by the europeans, however the caribs were aggressive and when the europeans had difficulties th (MORE)