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Welcome in cantonese?

歡迎 the written form is actually the same as the one in Mandarin yet different pronunciation
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Thank you in cantonese?

If someone gives you something, you say "do ze" (sounds sorta like "dau je" if you can't read jyutping). If someone does something for you (like a waiter refills your water ( Full Answer )
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What is grandpa in cantonese?

The Jyutping for 'Grandpa from the Dad's side' in Cantonese is 'jeje', but if you can't read jyutping, it's pronounced as 'ye ye.'The grandpa for the mom's side is pronounced ( Full Answer )
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How do you speak cantonese?

you learn it at a Chinese school or a tutor that specializes in the genre
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How do i say how are you in cantonese?

You would say "nei hou ma?" but you would pronounce it "lay ho ma" ( i am part cantonese my family live in hong kong, hong kong mainland )
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Your cute in cantonese?

'You're Cute' in Cantonese is 'Nei hou dak ji' in jyutping, but if you can't read jyutping, then it's pronounced like 'Nei hou dak yi.'
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What is Cantonese Chicken?

Cantonese chicken is an American-Chinese recipe for baked, skillet or roasted chicken pieces cooked with a variety of flavors with ginger as the most common ingredient. It mig ( Full Answer )
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What is bye in cantonese?

it's sometimes awkward when asked this question becauseCantonese-speakers usually say 'bye' just as people who speakEnglish do--by saying 'bye' or 'byebye.' But since you're p ( Full Answer )
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Who made Cantonese?

Cantonese is a dialect of Chinese, spoken by the people from the region of Canton in China. There is no one person who is credited with forming the Cantonese language.
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What is Cantonese dishes?

Cantonese food comes from the native regiona of Guangdong China.Their traditional cooking composes of more meats from beef to duck.Fried and steamed are very popular here too ( Full Answer )