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What is democracy?

Democracy is a regime that is organised by the rule of the people. Is a rule of people by the people Democracy refers to the system of government whereby the subjectsare eligi (MORE)

What is a democracy?

Democracy Is a form of government In which thesupreme power Is held completely by the people via freeelections. In a pure democracy the majority always wins and canpersec (MORE)

What it a democracy?

Democracy is a political government, carried out by a) directly by the peole, or b) by a representitive of the people. 2 Importan features of democracy: 1) Equality before the (MORE)

Why do we have democracy?

We have a 'representative democracy' because people banded together and agreed to form a government for the benefit of all. Eventually it was decided that the best way to run (MORE)

Was Roman democracy true democracy?

No, the rich people wanted to get rid of the kings so they decided to get rid of them, but they couldn't do it on their own, so they decided to get the poor men to do it for t (MORE)

What is democracy and why democracy?

Democracy is a political form of government in which people choose the representatives through elections and runs the administration of the country. Democracy is important bec (MORE)

Why is a democracy a democracy?

Though democracy has no commonly-accepted definition, it is understood to be a type of regime that bases its legitimacy (or right to power) with the people. The people oversee (MORE)

What is direct democracy and representative democracy?

In Direct Democracy, the people vote on every issue. In Representative Democracy, the people vote for representatives, who then vote on every issue. Nearly all democracies (MORE)

How is parliamentary democracy different from democracy?

A parliamentary democracy simply means there is a legislature , that is a legal law-making body, that is filled with delegates or members who are subject to popular election. (MORE)