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What is collective democracy?

Collective Democracy is where a nation's laws are decided by the majority vote. If there's a proposition to ban breathing and 51% of the voter's vote for it, then you have jus (MORE)

Is constitutional democracy the same as democracy?

A (pure) Democracy, often called a direct democracy, is where the  people decide for everything directly. This was only possible in  ancient cities where the population is c (MORE)

What is a democracy?

Democracy Is a form of government In which thesupreme power Is held completely by the people via freeelections. In a pure democracy the majority always wins and canpersec (MORE)

What makes a democracy a democracy?

A democracy can only be a true democracy if all citizens can vote for a leader or government officials to act on behalf of the wishes of the citizens of the nation. Free elect (MORE)
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Does France have a democracy?

France has a republic, which is a form of democracy. The leader of the country usually takes on the title as President. One example of a republic is the United States of Ameri (MORE)

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What is democracy?

Democracy is a regime that is organised by the rule of the people. Is a rule of people by the people
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What is a constitutional democracy?

A constitutional democracy is a government under law in which coalition and majority rule is balanced by minority and individual rights, and in which most rights are balanced (MORE)

What it a democracy?

Democracy is a political government, carried out by a) directly by the peole, or b) by a representitive of the people. 2 Importan features of democracy: 1) Equality before the (MORE)

What is democracy and why democracy?

Democracy is a political form of government in which people choose the representatives through elections and runs the administration of the country. Democracy is important bec (MORE)

What is a stable democracy?

A democracy may be better thought of as a one party system of social development where intelligence and wealth clash with social characteristics in culture for a poor intellec (MORE)