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What is a herrenvolk democracy?

  A Herrenvolk democracy is a political system in which citizen rights are only granted to the dominant group in a society; the US Jim Crow South and Apartheid South Afric (MORE)

What is a democracy?

Democracy Is a form of government In which thesupreme power Is held completely by the people via freeelections. In a pure democracy the majority always wins and canpersec (MORE)

What is a flawed democracy?

According to Economist Intelligence Unit's Democracy Index ("EIUDI") which is not an academic source, These countries also have free and fair elections and even if there are p (MORE)

How is democracy ran?

Democracy is a government that's run by the people of the country, the people of the democratic vote in elections to choose the representative of their country.
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What is a consolidated democracy?

  A democracy is considered "consolidated" when, as scholar Juan Linz suggests, it is the only game in town. What this means is that a large majority of the countries' pop (MORE)

Why is democracy good?

Voters chose representatives to make decisions and policies.Individual rights are protected.Citizens work together to improve their communities (promote the common good)People (MORE)

What it a democracy?

Democracy is a political government, carried out by a) directly by the peole, or b) by a representitive of the people. 2 Importan features of democracy: 1) Equality before the (MORE)

What is democracy and why democracy?

Democracy is a political form of government in which people choose the representatives through elections and runs the administration of the country. Democracy is important bec (MORE)

How does democracy effect you?

Democracy effects me by giving me a voice and allowing me to choose what I feel is needed or not. Democracy gives people the equal opportunity to express themselves about the (MORE)