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How did the dictionary influence the English language?

The 'invention' of the dictionary has had two main influences:    1.   The Dictionary has standardized spellings. Before dictionaries,  some people kept lists of w (MORE)

Is English the hardest language to learn?

English is extremely difficult to speak fluently, but you can speak  it very badly and still be understood.    The Language has a lot of traps for foreigners due to it (MORE)

How is English language learned?

There are many ways to learn the English! Here a number of ways which can help a person who is trying to learn the language: Consulting books which are based upon the knowled (MORE)

Is the English language a language of destruction?

Yes, agree. English, is a world international language and that's  great. But it's having too much of a dangerous effect on other  languages. Malaysians, Filipinos, Mexicans (MORE)

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How is the Chinese language different from the English language?

It differs in many ways. Here are a few. One: Traditional Chinese uses completely different written characters. Two: Chinese spoken language makes use of different intonations (MORE)

Why english language will continue as universal language?

There are more people in the world who speak English as either a first or second language, than any other language. English is extremely well established. Whether it can truly (MORE)

What language is the parent language of English?

English is commonly referred to as a mongrel language, in that it doesn't have on specific parent language, but has evolved over the years from many different languages. In ge (MORE)

Why English language called the international language?

English has become an internationally spoken language largely  because of the size of the British Empire. The British explored the  globe, settled in numerous regions such a (MORE)