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Who are french folk music performers?

Originally they were usually uneducated (French) working people, generally unknown outside their own immediate district. Quite often a semi-professional musician, who played t (MORE)

What does folk music mean?

Folk music can be defined several ways, as music transmitted by word of mouth, music of the lower classes, music with no known composer. However it most commonly refers to as (MORE)

Compare folk music with country music?

first off country music isnt real country music anymore. the new country music is old rock with some country instruments. plus the new country music is written by other people (MORE)

Folk music in Philippines?

    leron leron sinta,paruparong bukid,lupang hinirang,happy birthday,anf pasko ay sumapit,matud nila,usahay etc........     leron leron sinta,paruparong bukid, (MORE)

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