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What is geophysics?

A branch of geology that uses physical principles to study the properties of the earth
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What is an anomaly in geophysical exploration?

In geophysical exploration, an "anomaly" is simply a deviation from an expected geophysical background measurement.. "Anomalies" can result either from a real, physical chang ( Full Answer )
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Use geophysical in a sentence?

Geophysics in the vicinity has revealed other buildings and the excavation has started on the main villa building.
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Why is geophysics important?

because without it we would never have any warning about earthquakes, hurricane's, Any natural disaster, which would cause many deaths and dangers
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What are some examples of geophysical instruments?

Geophysical instruments are used to investigate the Earth, near its surface. Examples of such instruments include magnetometers and the Richter scale.
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What is stacking in geophysics?

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