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Is George Orwell a British author?

He was born in India but grew up in Britain. Despite this, he can be considered a British author. Orwell's, whose real name was Eric Arthur Blair, father worked for the Indi (MORE)

What is the spike by George Orwell about?

  The Spike was written when Orwell was living intentionally as a tramp in London. It is about the unfairness that these people must go through and the way that people bel (MORE)

What are facts about George Orwell?

His birth name was Eric Blair. He changed it because he was concerned about his parents reputation.He was shot in the neck during the Spanish Civil War and survived.He spoke: (MORE)

Lessons from George Orwells 1984?

One of the main points to Orwell's novel is the danger of language being manipulated to the point that words no longer have the meanings they once had thus enabling the state/ (MORE)

Who was George Orwell?

"George Orwell" was the pen name used by Eric Arthur Blair, an English author who lived from 25 June 1903 - 21 January 1950. He wrote several books, several of which were/ (MORE)

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